Chapter 21

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I sat up gingerly, assessing the way my body felt with every movement. It was sore, very sore, but what did I expect? I had just pushed two people out of it not more than twenty-four hours earlier. A yawn pulled at my mouth and I surrendered to it, closing my eyes. I was exhausted. The labor hadn't been as long as some of the horror stories I had heard, but sixteen hours hadn't been exactly easy either. Thank goodness for the epidural.

I opened my eyes to see Charlie standing in front of me, an uncomfortable expression on his face. "Hey, Dad."

He crossed his arms and frowned at me. "Bella…you need to tell that boy the truth."

I frowned in confusion. Was it just my exhaustion, or was Charlie making no sense? "What?"

Charlie clenched his jaw and glanced toward the two baby carriers in the corner. I had to smile as I looked at my girls. They were beautiful. They had my skin tone with little wisps of blond curly hair and startling blue eyes. I could see them as young women. They were going to have boys lining up for their attention. Paul was going to be a basket case. It was going to be great.

"He's still high on the whole birth experience but it isn't going to take long for him to realize that there is no way on earth that he is the father. They have blond hair and blue eyes for crying out loud! How do you think your husband is going to feel when he realizes that you've been lying to him this whole time, Bella? He doesn't deserve this! He'll forgive you, eventually, because of the imprint but this is going to break his heart!" Charlie was looking at me with the most disapproving, disappointed expression I had ever seen.

I shook my head, my eyes wide. It took me a moment to gather my wits and speak, and the whole time Charlie's eyes were boring into me. "Dad, he knows. He's always known. We've never even had sex! Of course he knows!"

Charlie's mouth opened and closed a few times as a blush began to spread across his cheeks. "You…you haven't?"

Paul walked into the room then, effectively halting our conversation. "The car is pulled up to the door. Ready to go home?"

I smiled at him. I was definitely ready to go home. A part of me still felt bad about not including Renee, Phil, Sue and the rest of the pack in our wedding. But something in Paul had relaxed as soon as the words 'Man and Wife' had crossed the judge's lips. He seemed to stand taller and have more confidence. He smiled wider. Even if the elopement hadn't been the ideal wedding it was definitely worth it, just because it put that smile on his face.

We had spent one more night at Charlie's. Then we moved into Paul's house. It was a three bedroom, one and a half bath house. The twins' room was even big enough to allow us to buy another crib so the twins wouldn't have to share. And the guestroom was being put to immediate use. Renee decided to come down for a few weeks to give us a hand with the twins, just until we figured out a routine. She arrived one week after the false labor episode. For the next week we endured her attempts at cooking and enjoyed her company. After a particularly bad fried rice episode I swore off Chinese food for a year and Renee promised to get take out for the duration of her visit.

Charlie and Paul carried a baby carrier each while a hospital worker wheeled me out of the hospital in a wheelchair, stupid hospital policy. Then I sat in the back of the car between the girls as Paul drove us home. I spent the entire ride admiring the girls. It was amazing to think that two such perfect creatures could have any connection at all to such a horrible man. I never thought that I would ever be grateful for having known Randy, but right now I could kiss the man. How could I not be thankful for having gone through what I had if it brought me my daughters?

When we arrived at the house I was surprised to see that most of the pack was there, judging by the cars parked out front. I shouldn't have been surprised though. They'd been waiting to meet the girls almost as long as I had after all. Paul growled a little as he put the car in park.

"Couldn't they have waited one day? You need your rest."

"We can let them stay for a little while. Maybe an hour? Then we'll kick them out," I suggested.

"Half an hour."

Charlie and Paul once again carried the baby carriers, and Paul helped me maneuver myself out of the car. It was difficult with my sore muscles, but I managed. All I wanted to do when I walked into the house was continue on to the bedroom, climb into bed and pass out. Instead, I made my way to the couch and sat down. Paul settled next to me and handed me one of our daughters. He took the other.

"Guys, this is Ayla Sue Meraz," I held her up for all to see.

Paul held up her sister. "And this is Elianna Renee Meraz."

Everyone made the appropriate remarks about how gorgeous they were. Then they asked me how I was feeling. We passed the babies around, which made me a little nervous. I watched them anxiously until they were back in my arms. Somehow the girls managed to stay asleep as they were passed back and forth from one set of hands to another. They didn't open their eyes until they were both back in my lap.

"Wow, they have really blue eyes," Seth commented.

Everyone crowded around again to see. I glanced up to gauge their reactions. When I got to Jacob my heart skipped a beat. Fuck. I glanced over at Paul. He was going to explode when he realized what had just happened. I looked around for Sam, frantically. He needed to get over here right now. Somehow he must have felt me looking at him because he glanced up. I motioned with my eyes toward Paul. He frowned, not understanding. So I widened my eyes and glanced toward Jacob. He looked that way and finally noticed what was going on.

Unfortunately, so did Paul.

"Fuck no! You get the fuck away from my daughter Jacob Black!"

Jake's eyes finally broke away from Ayla's, losing the adoring look and filling with panic as Paul pushed himself off the couch. Jake backed away as Paul advanced. Both of them were shaking.

Jake held his hands up. "You know I couldn't help it."

"She's a fucking baby! She's MY fucking baby!"

"Ah, man, you know I don't feel anything that like for her right now. And look at it this way, you'll always have free babysitting now."

"Like hell I'm going to let you babysit her! You aren't getting anywhere near her."

Paul was still advancing and they were both shaking uncontrollably.

Jake frowned. "Fuck you! She's my fucking imprint! I have to be around her!"

"She's my daughter! You aren't touching her! I'm gonna kill you!"

Then they both took off out the door.

I sighed. Why hadn't I seen that coming? Now that it had happened, it seemed inevitable that one of the wolves would have imprinted on one of my daughters. Thank goodness Renee was out. She was getting dinner for the three of us. That would have been a little hard to explain. The past week had been difficult. Paul's patrols had been cut down, with me being so close to giving birth, but he did still have responsibilities to the pack. And some of those patrols had been at night. Poor Paul had been forced to sneak out his own bedroom window.

Brady walked in the door, glancing behind him. "Why is Paul chasing Jake?"

"He imprinted on Ayla."

Brady's mouth dropped open. "Oh shit. He's gonna kill Jake."

I nodded. "Exactly."

Brady walked up. "So which one of these poor girls is stuck with Ja…"

His words dropped off. I glanced up to see his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. His eyes were fixed on Elianna and they were slowly filling with a look of pure love. You have to be kidding me. This is just ridiculous. I'm not having any more kids until every member of this fucking pack has imprinted.

Paul walked in, growling. "Dammit, he got away. Fucker's fast."

I sighed as Paul caught the expression on Brady's face. The poor kid was so focused on Elianna he didn't even see Paul storming toward him. This time Sam had time to intercept him.

Sam grabbed Paul, pushing him toward the door.

"Get the fuck away from my daughter!"

Brady snapped out of it, spinning around toward Paul with a look of panic. "Shit! I didn't mean to do it!"

Deja vu.

Paul was growling and shaking again. "I'm gonna kill you, you little shit!"

Paul was between Brady and the front door. So Brady turned and took off for the kitchen and the back door. I shook my head as Paul jerked himself out of Sam's grasp and ran out the front door.

"Sam, please keep him from killing them. I'm fairly certain they'll be my future sons-in-law."

Sam gave me a small smile and headed for the front door. A very pale Renee walked in just as Sam walked out. She stood there with wide eyes, pizza boxes piled high in her arms. "Can someone please explain to me how my son-in-law and that Brady boy just turned into giant wolves?"

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