Title: House of Angels
Series: Angels and Aliens
Author name: emeraldsnakes
Artist name: miya_tenaka
Beta name: she_got_revenge
Word Count: 39,202
Fandom: Supernatural/Torchwood
Rating: R
Main Characters and/or pairings: Ianto/Jimmy, Chuck/Becky, John Hart, Bobby, Claire, Jesse, Amelia Novak, OCs: Matthew, Sara, William & Evan
Genre: AU, Slash, some Angst
Summary: The Apocalypse is over. Ianto and Jimmy have been left in a motel room, alone and burned out. Unable to simply return to their former lives and unwilling to abandon one another they forge a new life. Together. With kids. There's also a Prophet, a sex crazed time traveling Hunter, an ex wife, and more than a couple of Pagan Gods and Supernatural beings.
Warnings: Slash, some dark themes, slightly graphic sex
Disclaimers: I own neither Torchwood nor SPN
Written for the scifibigbang on Livejournal

Author's Notes: This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I just started another semester and when I got home my internet crapped out on me.
You will notice that for several characters, they have gone through trauma, some more extensive than others and that I don't focus on their recovery from that trauma. That is only because the recovery is not significant to the telling of this story.

Originally I'd planned to have a sixth part in which Ianto, Jimmy and Co. are reunited with the Winchesters. However that didn't end up getting written in time, nor become a developed enough idea to actually write.
Thus it was left out and will now eventually become its own fic.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Dr. Cane?"

Jethro looked up from his writing to see the youngest of his pupils in the doorway. Soren Jones was seven years old but his knowledge surpassed his years. His ancestry was legend and Jethro wondered if Soren would be the one from his bloodline actually inthe Chronicles. They were in the right century.

"What can I do for you Soren?"

Soren came into his office and stood at the other side of his desk, staring right into his eyes. Jethro sometimes wished the Jones' weren't so proud of their heritage. It made them incredibly arrogant and Soren wasn't any different.

"Kalika says that the Apocalypse was the greatest even in Hunting history seconded only by the colonization of New Kansas."

Jethro refrained from smiling at that. Kalika, named after the Goddess Kali, was Soren's older sister by four years and Soren always came to him when he thought that she was wrong about something.

"And what do you think?" he asked.

Soren shrugged, "I don't know. What is the greatest event of the Hunter's history?"

Jethro did smile at that because History was what he'd dedicated his life to after meeting not only The Last Timelord but the Archangel Gabriel as well. He reached behind him and brought out the first in his personal copy of the Chronicles. It was an actual book, one of the last in existence since everything was digital or holographic. The only other copy of the Chronicles in book form that he knew of was in the Singer Library.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked. He was curious to know if Soren had ever seen one of the original copies, ever been allowed to touch it even though he wouldn't have been allowed to read it.

Soren shook his head. "No Sir."

Jethro's lips twitched. "It is my humble opinion that your sister's assessment is a bit off. While the Apocalypse and the events leading up to it are significant it didn't bring the Hunters into a working, functioning community. In fact I'd say it split them even more and if you can't trust your fellow Hunter then who the hell can you trust? No, I believe it was your ancestors who made the biggest difference. They didn't just start up a Hunter's Bar they started up a place where they could go and feel safe, shrug off their duties for a night or two and relax. They made Hunters more than nameless soldiers."


A young girl screaming bloody murder at her younger brother greeted him as he walked into the kitchen. Jesse adored tormenting Claire with his reptilian pet just a little bit too much, and if it wasn't Jesse they would be concerned but they knew he did it only for fun.

The kids were seated around the table, Claire and Sara on the right side with Jesse standing beside Claire and holding out Simon, Matthew and Will on the other. Matthew was multitasking, doing his homework, eating breakfast and helping Will with anything he needed.

"Dad!" Claire half whined.

"Jesse," Jimmy said, managing not to smile and with a serious voice. "Put Simon away, you know your sister doesn't like him that close."

Jesse obeyed but with a mischievous smile on his face. Jimmy knew that Simon would be making another appearance before the kids were off to school and from the look on his partner's face, he knew it too.

Jimmy smiled at the cup of perfection held out to him and thanked Ianto. His partner always had a coffee ready for him in the morning, always exactly how he liked it. He wondered how anyone could live without it after trying it. He definitely wouldn't be able to.

"Dad?" Matthew's soft voice directed at him as he and Ianto took opposite seats at the table. "Can I work after school today?"

The three older children, by default helped out with a few simple tasks in the restaurant/bar but only Matthew could work for them and make himself some money. Claire had to wait another year before they agreed to consider it.

Matthew had worked long enough that he could do everything but cook the meals. He was a good helping hand and it saved them from needing any outside help. Some days there were so many Hunters in the area that they were all overwhelmed.

Jimmy glanced at Ianto. It was a Thursday, would probably be a slow day but, they owned Angel House together and though Matthew had asked him, it wasn't just up to him. Ianto turned around in his seat and pulled the calendar off the counter behind him.

Matthew's work schedule wasn't dead set. He got more work when his school work load was light, and less when he was nearing major projects and exams. Ianto knew when all of this was happening for all of their children, despite all their attempts to keep it from him. Jimmy stayed out of that argument.

"Sure," Ianto replied. "Till ten."

"Thanks." Matthew smiled. "When's Aunt Becky getting in?"

"Some time around noon," Ianto replied. "There are no Hunters in the area. Though Marcus phoned last night saying he'll be around later this afternoon."

Jesse perked up at that, "Cool! Is he going to stay long?"

Marcus shared Jesse's love for all things reptilian, in fact he was the reason Jesse had gotten into them. Both Jimmy and Ianto had been concerned at first, but Marcus had confided in them that Jesse reminded him of his younger brother who'd died when he was a teen.

"He'll stay until another job comes up," Jimmy told him. "You know that."

They all knew that. So many Hunters come and go that they'd become use to it, but each had at least one Hunter they'd become attached to and always loved seeing.

Once breakfast was finished Jimmy and Ianto packed the kids up and sent them off to school. Simon found himself on Claire's backpack and it was Ianto who moved the reptile back to its tank while Jimmy gave Jesse the 'Angel Stare'. It made all the kids uncomfortable and was a good tactic to getting them to behave. Sara attempted, again, to pack a container of salt in her bag; convinced her teacher was some kind of spirit. William didn't say anything, but hugged them before getting into the back of the van. Matthew drove them all to school every day now. Unlike normal teenagers he didn't mind doing so and he always scheduled after school activities around bringing his siblings home if he could.

"I admire your family, you know."

Jimmy didn't turn around but he knew exactly where that voice was coming from.

"You don't act like it." Ianto replied coldly.

Captain John Hart sauntered into their kitchen and fixed himself some breakfast. Jimmy hated him, sort of. There was no reason to trust him. It didn't matter that he was some kind of Hunter from the future or that he'd sworn over an Enochian Sigil that he was not going to harm them. What mattered was what Ianto had told him about his first encounter with Hart. If it weren't for Chuck they would have thrown him out.

"But I do. You'll understand one day."