Sunlight fades...

there's an invader in my room.

Heavy breathing,

and some shiny things,

for his pleasure and mine.

His power isn't invisible,


It's all in the hands,

and other parts...

His darkness overwhelms my light;

I fight


he's so mean.

I've always wanted someone with an absent heart

and a firm grip.

He's cruelty's so kind.

How long have you been alone?

I'm sure I can outdo you.

I'm here, now.

Give me your worst,

I'll drink it with some vodka as a twist.

I can handle your machine

and your humanity.

My existence and yours collide,

like two mighty universes,

merging, breaking things down,

to create a beauty unknown

to this plane.

The electricity of your stare, babe...


It makes me thirsty...

Such a jagged shard-heavy heart.

I make my way

through dismay and pain.

I can't say I'm happy,

but you know what I need

and you give it to me.

I don't want something pretty;

I favor a Lucifer design.

A Fallen angel,

whose only crime consisted of pride.

Your dark, brooding eyes

and singed skin

seduce quite successfully.

There is a beauty

in that which is twisted beyond recognition.

Heavenly Face:

Origin Story.

Non-existent Soul:

Deal Sealer.

You walk the street in 100 degree heat

with black glasses,

a black shirt,

and black jeans.

As you approaches me,

it is I who can't breathe.

Adventures upright

and not.

No matter what,

you leave your mark

on my jagged-shard heavy heart.