A girl told me she liked the first story I published. Then why not publishing something more? I've got some stories in Italian, maybe I could translate them … I'll see what I can do.

Enjoy this one!

A Fool

Disclaimer I don't own Kidnapped.

Set After 1x03.

Pairing Ellie/Knapp


Summary It's late and the party is over; Knapp and Ellie are back, while Conrad has vanished. They'll get closer.


Ellie crossed the footstep and suddenly stopped when she saw him. Knapp turned.

"Yes, Mrs Cain?"

"I thought there was …"

"She had a problem with her father. I'll substitute her tonight."

He gave her a little smile and couldn't help but notice she hadn't changed into something more comfortable. She was still wearing her beautiful, long, red dress. He moved his eyes to her face.

"No news yet?" he muttered.


She shook her head, quickly removing a strand of hair from her eyes. She nodded to the computer.

"Nothing new from there neither?"


He took a step forward, then stopped. He opened his arms, she crossed hers on her chest. She was staring at the floor. Embarrassed, maybe. Sad. Feeling impotent.

"Mrs Cain, you'd better have some rest. It's really late" Knapp pointed out.

The truth was that she was kind of turning him on. He couldn't help but peek at her dress, her sides so well highlighted by the scarlet cloth. But she shut her eyes, swallowed hard.

"I can't sleep. I'm … I miss a warm bed. I miss a night with no bad thoughts, no nightmares, no frightens. But it seems something impossible. Something I can't get."

He took another step forward. She looked up at him, at his beard. He was still wearing his smocking. Then he took another step. Another one. And his nose almost reached her cheek. They stared at each other, then his hands involuntarily reached her sides, they touched them, pulling her body closer. She went on tiptoes and kissed him, then he leaned over her, capturing her body in a hug. Her hands went upwards, they reached his face and cupped it. The kiss deepened. The two broke it, suddenly, as his fingers touched the back of her dress and started to unzip it. But soon their lips crashed again, hungrier this time. Her dress slipped downwards and she was wearing only her lingerie, almost redder then her dress. His mouth moved to her neck, sucking it gently. She pulled his jacket out and he let it fall on the floor. While she was unbuttoning his shirt, he stroke her hair and caressed her navel. The shirt fell next to the jacket and her hands began roaming over his hairy chest. He couldn't help but moan, pulling her tight against his body; Ellie jumped and his arms went under her tights, their breaths and hearts racing like fools. Her hands met his cheeks and she fiercely kissed him as he headed to the bed. They almost fell over it. Her arms went up, on the sheets, and he looked at her.

Reddish lips, legs parted, luminous eyes. Brightened up by lust and desire, brightened up by aloneness and sadness. He kneeled onto her and restarted the kiss.

Forgive me for the story is not that far from the first one … but I like them together! I can't help it :) hope you liked it!