The First Night

*Annie's P.O.V*

I was sitting at the local pub in the D.C area drinking a beer when I heard "May I join you?"

It was Auggie, my co-worker and best friend in the CIA.

Did I not tell you I was in the CIA? Oh sorry kinda a habit not to tell anyone. Well now you know.

Anyway me and Auggie were sitting at the bar when I got a call. I looked at the caller ID it was Jai a another co-worker.

"Hey Jai what's up?"

"Annie you need to get out of there right now!"

"Why? Jai what's going on?"

"I'll explain later just get out of the pub right now or you will die."

*Auggie's P.O.V*

I was sitting talking to Annie when her phone rang. She answered and it was Jai. Yeah (Just to tell at lot of sarcasm) I don't like Jai that much, anyway. I was about to take a sip of my beer when Annie's voice came worried. I tilted my head in her direction. Then she said "What's going on?" Then she closed her phone. She didn't say anything, that was when I heard a gun click.

"Annie duck now!'' That's when all hell broke loose. Bullets were everywhere people were screaming. Annie grabbed my arm and we ran out side.

"Were are we?" The reason I asked that is because I am blind. Let's please not go in to details and feel sorry for me, let's just get back to the story.

When we ran to her car got in and went straight to the CIA headquarters. I took out my phone and called Joan Campbell our boss. I told her everything. "Get right over here Annie needs to get onto safe ground."

Right when we walked in Joan was right there to give out orders. She had just told Arthur Campbell the Director and her Husband.

"Annie you need to stay inside as long a possible, stay out of your family for a while."

"Stay out of my family, I can't just leave them."

Joan and Annie got into that fight they always did when Annie or Joan never agreed and that is every time. I lend into Annie's ear, "if you go back to your family and your being watched right now they could hurt your sister and her family, we can't risk that." Annie let what I said sink in. She let out a deep breath and told Joan to continue.

"That means you will have to stay with Auggie and Jai will watch the house for anything commotion."

*Annie's P.O.V*

"That means you will have to stay with Auggie." Right when Joan said those words everything else was a blur. Stay at Auggie's house WOW. I mean yeah were friends, but lately I have had these feeling for Auggie. This may be a little weird.

*Later that night sitting and watching TV at Auggie's house*

*Auggie's P.O.V*

Were in the middle of The Vampire Diaries when I felt something hit my shoulder. It was Annie she had fallen asleep. As I listened to her soft breathing, I couldn't help, but think about the past year we have been together. As I started to drift to sleep I laid my head gently on her head and closed my eyes, dreaming of Annie.