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Summary; Xander finds Buffy and Willow together. And I mean Together!

The ABC's of Love.

by Kirayoshi

"And how was that?" she asked me as I felt the fire coursing through my naked body everywhere her fingers touched me.

"Better than any electric back massager," I cooed with absolute pleasure under my lover's gentle ministrations.

"C'mon, Buffy, are you ever gonna get off my case about that?" she complained, as her hands suddenly stopped working their magic on my back.

"Did I say you could stop that?" I asked as I craned my neck around to see her sitting on my ass, as naked as I was.

"Easy, Buffy," she grinned hugely, her green eyes sparkling with mischief, "I'm just getting warmed up." For a moment I thought I heard her growl at me, as the mischief in her eyes was replaced by pure passion. Grabbing her waist in my arms, I lifted myself up to her, and claimed her lips with my own, tasting her desire and wanting more.


I am going to kill Xander. Just like that. Kill him.

"Lover," Willow whispered in my ear as I grabbed the blanket on our bed to cover us up, "I think we're out of the closet."

"Maybe if we ignore him," I suggested, "he'll go away."

"Not likely," Xander glared at us as we hastily donned our pajamas from under the blankets. "Okay, I'm cool with the idea of Willow being gay, no big, but Buffy, I never would have guessed!"

"Please, don't talk right now, just let us get dressed!"

Quietly, he closed the door behind him, and we started to put on our clothes, making sure we looked at least presentable before facing our friend. Reluctantly, I opened the door, ushering Willow ahead of me, and we went downstairs to face Xander, praying that he'd understand.

Standing beside the sofa, he nodded calmly at us as we sat down, and then took the chair beside us. "There's only one thing I can think of saying now," Xander said plainly, "and that's whatever happens with the two of you, I'm there for you. Understandably, this is gonna take some time for me to get used to, but I'm your friend, and always will be. Visual fantasies aside."

Willow turned to her longtime friend, and I could see the watery smile on her face as she nodded her thanks. Xander smiled at us with understanding, then his expression turned into a smirk.

"Y'know," he suggested, "we could set up a webcam in your room, and..."

Zooming past Willow's head, my throw pillow landed squarely on Xander's face.