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Chapter One: Dreamscapes

Chip Maplewood stood on what appeared to be a glass platform, natural-growing quartz crystals all around him, out in the middle of a swirling dark blue chaos. Standing before him was an old rat dressed in a brownish garb not unlike that of an ancient Catholic monk.

"Chipper Maplewood", spoke the voice of the rat, "Have you any idea what your friend had done to the Mind's Eye Jewel?"

"Uhm, yes", replied Chip. It was one of those dreams where, akin to watching a movie, Chip had no control on what his own self was doing, regardless of any thoughts flowing through his subconscious.

"We were fighting Fat Cat and his cronies", explained the chipmunk. "They were trying to kill us! They stole an amethyst on an ornamented silver chain from the museum, and we were trying to get it back. We managed to knock out Fat Cat's henchmen, and when Monty swung one of the chains they used on us, it hit the jewel around Fat' Cat's neck. Lavender light came out, and somewhere during it, Monty conked Fat Cat over the head with the chain and took him out, too. We returned the jewel, but it was cracked… why? What's with that look?"

"Chipper", spoke the rat, "You may first of all call me Sirocco. Second of all, that jewel is one of the physical things containing a powerful but malevolent spirit of a psychic rat known who calls himself Taal'Reh. We – my fellow psychics from long ago and I – were forced to seal his spirit away, for his powers go beyond life and death. His and ours are the powers of psychokinesis, the forces of the mind".

"You expect me to believe any of that?"

"You will indeed believe in due time. Allow me to explain myself further, however…"

"Go ahead, I guess. I'll wake from this nutso dream soon enough..."

"Very well. Taal'Reh's main powers are to generate artificial life forms in the form of monsters as well as to bestow upon others similar powers as he. He will use such powers to gain favor in the enemies of your fellow Rescue Rangers and use them to aid in his complete escape from his bindings… and to eliminate you and your friends as a threat".

"Wait wait wait… what do you mean by that? Why would he choose our enemies to do all this?"

"It is because he perceives you and the others as a threat. Your escapades and adventures are known in the spirit worlds as well as other places of existence. One such place includes the plane of existence where we have trapped the soul of Taal'Reh, and considering he originated here in where your hometown now resides, you all are now considered his enemies. But, fret not. For I come bearing both warnings and gifts, as well as the task of defeating Taal'Reh and exorcising him once and for all"

"How so…?"

Before Chip and Sirocco, there would soon fade into the dream six weapons: a whip, a sword, a spear, an axe, a dagger, and what looked like a pair of three-clawed gloves that could be put onto the digits of a bat's wings. "Behold", spoke Sirocco, "These weapons will impart to you and the others powers which shall be of use for combating the forces of Taal'Reh. For you, Chip, I give the Storm Whip, which shall impart upon you control of lightning. For your best friend Dale, the power of flame and the usage of the Inferno Sword shall be his.

For Gadget, she shall have the Spiral Spear and the power of wind. For Monty, he shall gain the Blast Axe and the power to create waves of seismic force. For Zipper, power over cold and of the Glacier Dagger will come to him. And for Foxglove, usage of the Wave Claws and the ability to pierce the minds of her foes using her own echo-sounding with harmful telepathy will be hers".

Chip nodded slowly. "Whatever you say, Sirocco. So… when do I wake up from all this?"

"Right about now", spoke Sirocco. "Right about…. Now!"

During the night, the others had also dreamt: Dale was giant and fought Godzilla in his sleeping visions; Monty was on an adventure with Geegaw Hackwrench and Zipper, and Zipper was a fighter pilot of sorts, dressed in aviator garb and doing battle against other flying creatures in the wild blue yonder.

Chip, however, was not the only one who had a strange dream that would soon foretell future adventures.

Gadget's dream began with her bundled up in a soft, warm blanket, held in the hands of her mother Terica with her father Geegaw looking down upon her. Their smiles and expressions were as soft and warm as the cloth that Gadget was held within. As the visions of her parents faded out into a white light, she then saw herself standing in a similar zone that Chip was in within his own dream. And, right before the young mouse's eyes, walking down from the dark chaos as if from down a staircase, were none other than Terica and Geegaw Hackwrench, her beloved, deceased parents.

It had been some time ago that, after the adventure to deal with the Furfoot Clan alongside the Japanese mice Kan Sune and An Tham Sun, Geegaw, within the last days of his life that his cancer slowly took from him, eventually passed away within the company of his daughter. Yet, regardless of his passing, there he was, alongside his long-since deceased wife.

"Mom! Dad!" Gadget ran to her parents, hugging them tightly. They returned the hug, holding their beloved daughter close.

"Oh, Gadget, sweetheart", said Terica, becoming tearful, "It's been so long since I've held you in my arms…"

"I know", said Gadget, barely able to talk through her own crying, "…I know, mom".

Geegaw patted his wife on the back. "There there, hon… everything will be alright". He turned to his daughter. "We've been watching you, Gadget, and we'd like to tell you that, sometime tomorrow, you might be able to spend some time with us outside this dream… for a little while, but it's better than nothing".

"What do you mean… dad?" asked Gadget in a hushed voice, looking up to him with pleading, tear-filled eyes.

"There is this place called Memoryscape… it's known as the place 'Where the Dead Speak Again'. We don't have much time for now, but… all we can tell you is to have an open mind, and that tomorrow night you shall learn how to get there. After all, how many adventures have you had amongst your new families that have involved the unexplainable?"

"Also", said Terica, "We wanted to tell you… do not be afraid, and to never give up. We'll always be by your side, Gadget, no matter what will happen. For, when you wake up, you will begin another adventure with your friends, one of great importance…"

Gadget nods. "…I understand…"

"Until next time then, my fine daughter", said Geegaw.

"Yes… until next time, Gadget", said Terica. And before Gadget could reply or protest, she awoke to the next day.

And, as old wounds reopened, so did the floodgates holding back her tears.

Chip 's eyes popped open wide. It was the morning after the Rangers' quest to recover the Mind's Eye Jewel, the jewel aforementioned in the dream. Groaning at the weird dream, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. That is, until Dale burst into his room.

"Hey, Chip!", he said, an excited look in his eyes. "I don't know what's up with these things on the couch in the living room, but I think Santa came early!"

"There's no such thing as Santa, Dale", said Chip, reaching for his fedora.

"Still! Come and check it out! There's, like, six neato weapons there!"

Chip's heavy eyes popped wide open. "…what…?"

"As I said, Chipper! Come and check 'em out!" With that, Dale left Chip's room, leaving a confused and apprehensive Chip by himself.

-End Chapter One-