Guidelines and Info for Picking Up The Pieces:

Okay, it's Cha-Cha here :D Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to review, it really means a lot to me! ^^

So I decided to make these guidelines-thingies because I figured it'd make more sense since the fourth book has come out now and so my story doesn't really make much sense anymore =S

1. I contain spoilers in most of the authors notes because I rant about the latest books a lot. So if I were you, I'd go back and finish the books that've been released so far and get up-to-date so I don't spoil anything. If you can't buy/read the books for whatever reason, just skip past the authors note and try not to look at the spoilers. I WILL, however, write at the start of the authors note if it contains spoilers.

2. This is now officially AU, due to the events of the fourth book. Therefore, there's no Harry, no looking into William Fox, no nothing. Okay? This is just following on from the events of the third book, The Rescue.

3. I support the canon couples. Therefore, Nico and Ketty are an item (I call them NiKetty). But, so are my own little favourite couple, Dylan and Ed (consequently, I call them DylEd). So there's NO HARRY. Got that? XD

4. They're still in the Medusa Project in this book. So they're still surrounded by Geri's little squad and still going on missions, and all of that.

5. They're going back to Fox Academy again. Sounds crazy, you say? Well… yeah. Sorry to disappoint you, folks. Maybe one day I'll make another fic alternating to this one, if I get the chance, and maybe it'll have more action in it. Because, if anyone who's read this fanfic has read some of my other fanfics in the anime/manga archive, you probably know I fail at action and flash-bang attacks, and the works. DX

6. I probably won't bother bringing small characters back again, like Tony whats-his-name, or whatever. Cause they bored me. Plus, Dylan probably didn't even know them, nor did she actually like them. I'll probably be focusing on the main four, and the main four only.

7. So, like I've explained above, this won't link with the later books, like the fourth and the many others Sophie McKenzie will hopefully produce. Please try to enjoy it anyway.