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Chapter 2: teammates or soulmates?

"Hakudo Sanjusan: Sokatsuii". After the explosion produced by Naruto's attack Neji couldn't fight any longer. So the protector of the match did the only logical thing he could do.

"Winner, Naruto Kurosaki". The cheers where proof enough of how good of a match it had been. Sure there wasn't a huge amount of ninja skills displayed but it have been an interesting battle no the less. Never in the history of the exams has someone with so bad odds won his match, and against one of the favorites no the less. Enough to said that the audience was amaze.

'To think that Naruto of all people would be abel to defeat an opponent with a display of strategy and power. I don't know if I should be impressed or should have expected it'. Thought the old Sandaime Hokage.

'Naruto-kun you are amazing'. Hinata thought as she saw her crush walked up from the arena. 'If only I had the courage to told you how I feel about you'.

" Ha I know you could do it Naruto-kun!". Sakura yelled just when Naruto got out of view. A gust of wind pass between the seats a split of second later.

" Well thanks for the trust Sakura-chan". Come a voice from behind her. Spinning her head around she nearly had a heart-attack when she saw Naruto's smiling face behind her.

"Naruto what? When? Who?". Sakura stammered out in surprise.

" If you breath Sakura-chan then you will be abel to actually ask something".

" What are you doing here? When do you get here? And who do you get here?". She said slowly. By now everybody around them had their attention on the conversation going on between the two members of team seven. Many of the civilians were impressed at how fast the boy had get there but the shinobi and clanheads know better than that. The boy hadn't only move faster that anybody they could think of but also has done it without one of them saw nor sense him. Such a feet in a stadium full with shinobis was unbelievable.

"Well in that order. I came here to see the other matches, I get here just a minute ago and who do I get here its a secret Sakura-chan". Naruto response with a cocky smile on his face while he bent forward his face niches away from each other. Suddenly Sakura could feel the blush that was appearing on her face at the close distance between them. She could fell her heart skipping a beat and the butterflies on her stomach.

'What's happening? Why I am feeling like this right know? I have never feel like this before, not even around Sasuke'. She thought before Naruto catch her attention back from her thoughts.

"Sakura, there is something I must tell you. It is really important so do you think that after the finals we could have a word with eachohter?". He said looking her in the eyes with a serious expression on his face.

Before Sakura could answer the audience explode with cheers. The two of them realize that they had missed Shikamaru's match.

In the arena they could see that Shikamaru had manage to trap Temari in his Kage mane no jutsu . They were in front of eachohter and Shikamaru rise his hand, Temari coping his exact movements.

"I give up, its just to troublesome to keep fighting you. And also I can only keep my jutsu up for an other ten seconds or so". The full stadium had been disappointed with the out come of the match.

Timeskip: The match between Shino and Kankuro happen in the exam and is the same fight that in the forest and ends up in a double K.O. Shino for poisoning and Kankuro for chakra depletion.

Up in the Kage bout.

"Well the Uchiha had more than enough time to appear for his match". Said the Sandaime with a heavy sigh.

"Hokage-dono i'm sure that we can wait a little bit more. After all many of Daimos and other possible clients came just for the match between my son and the Uchiha". Said the Kazekage of Sunagakure no Sato that was sitting in the Kage bout.

"Sorry Kazekage-dono but I can't stop the Chunin exams for one simple gennin that isn't on time for them". The Hokage get up from his seat to speak with the audience.

"My friends seeing that Sasuke Uchiha hasn't come for his match yet I have no choise but to disqualified him of the exam. So would Naruto Kurosaki and Subaku no Gaara step into the arena so that the next match could begin?".

In a cloud of sand a red haired kid appear in the middle of the arena with his arms crossed and an emotionless expression on his face.

"Well it's look like Sasuke get himself out of this". Simply said Naruto as he started to descend the stairs to get to the arena when a hand groped the lower back of his coat. Turning his head to a side he saw Sakura was looking to the floor while her grip on Naruto's coat get stronger.

"Naruto, do you think you could defeat him? He is really strong and scary". She said to him.

"Sakura, are you afraid?". Naruto ask looking at the arena were Gaara was.

"Of course I'm afraid! I know you are strong and I wasn't worried about Sasuke because Kakashi-sensei trained him to fight Gaara. It's just that it just that...".

"It just what Sakura?". Asked Naruto as he turn around to see her in the face. In that moment Sakura look up to him with tears running down from her eyes.

"I just don't want to lose you. I don't know why I am filling like this, even if I know that you are strong enough to fight him, I just can't be calm about it. I don't want to see you risking your life in some stupid fight just to impress some feudal lord and gaining a promotion". Sakura was shaking by the time she finish talking. She couldn't understand it yesterday she wouldn't have reacted like this but now, it was like if her soul was in pain at the thought of losing Naruto, she couldn't imaging losing him.

Naruto just stare at her for a second or so. Here was the girl he loved, crying for his well being. He did the only thing that seem right to do in that moment. He raised his right hand and cupped her face on it while using his thumb to brush her tears away.

"Sakura-chan, don't worry I will be fine. Before you know it I will be back hear after dealing with that sand fetish bastard". Said Naruto in a gentle voice and with a chuckle at the end at his own joke.

"promise it. Promise me that you will come back in one piece after this ordeal is over". She said to him. Without thinking Naruto embrace her and hold her close to him receiving a gasp from the rookies and whisper back in her ear.

"Its a promise of a lifetime". After that he realise the position that they were at but before he could let go and apologies, much to his and the others surprise, Sakura hug him back. After a minute they let go and without a word Naruto turn around and disappeared before repairing ten meters in front of Gaara in the arena.

"Well seeing that Romeo here its ready. Let the first match of the semifinals of the chunin exams between Naruto Kurosaki and Subaku no Gaara. Begin".

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