Okay, SO. I'm joining in, in the newest Hype.. an OC contest :D yes my dear people I am looking for 3 female OC's.

So this is the basic plot:

4 girls from Oh so Sunny California come to LA to be this new awesome girl band. They work for Gustavo, and Stay at the Palm Woods. A fact of which one of the girls (My OC) is not happy about as she is the niece of Mr Bitters. It's a bit standard, they fall for the boys, the boys fall for them yadiyadiyah. But then something happens.

A group people want to make some 'easy money'. And how else to take hostage of someone and ask for ransom. And who get payed for more than stars, Child stars. And where to find those? Exactly.. the Palm Woods.

So, If you wanna be part of this kick ass *cough cough* story, you can fill in the app :D

Name: (Full- First, middle, last)
BTR boy: (Carlos is taken)

So that's basically it, here's mine :D

Name: Ashley Cassidy Bitters
Nicknames: Bitty, Ash, Cass, Cassie
Age: 16
Likes: Ice cream, crazy stuff, Sports
Dislikes: Spiders, guns, Annoying mums
Hobbies: Hockey, Mountain biking, Rollerblading, Singing, Dancing. Being Crazy
BTR boy: Carlos
History: Born to Newlyweds Nina and Matthew Bitters, Ashley is an Only Child. She has always been a happy free living child, much to the dislike of her parents, who always got stuck with hospital bills and complaints from neighbors. Things got even worse when she went to Kinder garden and she met her 3 best friends for life. Ashley has always been the crazy one, but she is also the youngest and most sensible one. Now, she and her best friends are going to LA, to record a record and hopefully an Album. If she I ever gonna survive living in the hotel managed by her Uncle
Family: Nina Lloyd- Bitters (mother-37), Matthew Bitters (Father, 40). Reginald Bitters (uncle-49)