2 Years Later

Kagome's POV

It's been a wonderful and long 2 years since Yoshimori was born and he has been the sweetest boy ever, right now he is two in human years but looks like he could be a 5 year old.

I watch from mine and Sesshoumaru's balcony as Rin, Shippo, Yoshimori and our daughter, yes a few months after Yoshimori was born I found myself pregnant so now we have a one year old daughter names Sakura. The four of them hang around each other all the time; it's rare to find them without each other.

I smile as two strong arms encircle my small waist and pull me back against a strong chest. Before I know it Sesshoumaru starts to nibble at my ear making me close my eyes in pleasure.

"Sesshoumaru shouldn't you be in your study." I get out.

"I decided to take the day off to pleasure my mate; the children will not be disturbing us." He says in a husky voice.

Then I remember that there is some good news that I just found out this morning and that I want to share with Sesshoumaru and I know it will both shock him and make him very happy.

I slowly move out of Sesshoumaru's arms much to his dismay and turn around to face him. "Honey there is something that I want to tell you." I say, trying to keep some of my excitement at bay.

Sesshoumaru raises his eyebrow at me. "What would that be, Koi?" He asks me.

"I am pregnant!" I say.

A shocked look comes over Sesshoumaru's face before it disappears and he picks me up and starts spinning me around in the air. This is the best news that I could have possibly given him.

On other notes Sango and Miroku have also had 3 children, one is a set of beautiful twin girls, and Inuyasha and Kikyou have also had two children, a little boy and little girl. It seems that in such a long time everyone lives has changed rapidly, all for the better.

'Thank you kami for giving me the most beautiful life!'

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