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All Alone was my first fill there so it's more like a training.
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Izaya yawned once, covering his mouth with his right hand. He was on the elevator, going up to Shinra's apartment. He didn't bother calling beforehand because he was used of barging into his house without any kind of warning. He stepped out of the elevator, humming happily. He had a spear key, and of course, Shinra and Celty didn't know about that. He opened the door silently, and was almost gleefully showing his presence when he heard voices; and it wasn't Shinra's.

"Ehhh… I don't know him enough. He seems a nice guy." That was Mikado's voice, surely. Then, a more animated voice spoke up. Masaomi, clearly.

"Are you insane? He's a fucking bastard. He screws everything up."

Izaya kept silent, trying to hear more about the conversation. He was eavesdropping, and couldn't care less. He was curious, after all. Then, he heard Shizuo's voice.

"I hate that flea. And he's so annoying." Oh… So they were talking about him. Next was Shinra.

"He is officially a bastard. "

"Damn flea. If he just dropped dead, everything would be so much better." Shizuo growled, and everyone in the room mumbled in agreement. Izaya always knew what other thought about him, but hearing it was a little bit too much. He felt his hands shaking a little bit, and then turned around to walk out from that place. Or disappear.

About one month later, Izaya was sitting on his swivel chair, yawning.

"You look pretty bored." Namie murmured, not raising her eyes from the file she was reading near the bookshelf. Not that she was worried. Actually she was happy because Izaya stopped blabbering all by himself, and having those monologues with her. On the other hand, he was ever more bored, sighing all the time and turning around on that stupid chair.

"And you're damn right, Namie. Do you want a balloon as a reward?"

Namie tsk'd. He was being ironic and an ass all the time too. And since he was staying in his apartment all the time, she was the one that had to put up with his shit.

"Why don't you go to Ikebukuro torture someone?" He stopped spinning at the same moment, glaring at her.

" 'Cause I don't want to." After that, he got ever grumpier. She started packing her things on her purse, and then said.

"Whatever. You sound like an old man. Or… some stubborn child. I'm leaving. See you tomorrow. Unfortunately." And not even waiting for a response, she walked out. Already on the streets, she was busy looking down on her phone, until she noticed a guy passing by her, swearing something like 'goddamn flea'. She stopped and looked up, seeing the back of an angry man in a bartender suit, and couldn't help but smile a little bit. Hopefully, Izaya wouldn't be such an asshole on the next day and with that in mind, she went home happily. Or at least, as happy as Yagiri Namie can be.

After Namie left, Izaya sighed while spinning one more time, before stopping and laying his head on the table. He was still feeling a little depressed, even though he wasn't willing to admit that. He was glad Namie was away, he knew what she thought about him too. After that day, he tried convincing himself that someone ought to like him. For example, Dotachin and the otaku gang. Right? But then again, they probably didn't even notice that he disappeared. He thought of his sisters, but they actually liked Shizu-chan better than him. He was convinced that Shizu-chan deep inside liked being tormented by Izaya, but then again, he was certainly enjoying his peaceful life without "the louse".

Izaya slowly closed his eyes, feeling them warm… But he didn't want to cry again. After all, he always knew everybody hated his guts. Why was this bothering him so much now? He just wanted someone to tell him that it was okay being who he was, that someone could like him even if he is who he is.

But he was starting to think that this was never going to happen. Izaya was so gloomy and concentrated in his own thoughts that he didn't hear the doorbell. And he didn't even see from his security camera when one of his neighbors was going out and opened the front door to the tall, handsome blond that was wearing a bartender suit.

Suddenly, after a loud "POF", Izaya's front door was opened… Or better yet, kicked. And if Izaya could see well, it was almost torn in two. Raising his head, surprised, he saw that familiar face with the sunglasses, angry, staring at him. And the next thing he knew, he was hearing that even-more-familiar voice.

"Izaya-kuuuun. ~"

He stared at Shizuo with disbelief, but recovered himself soon enough, standing up and walking around his table, and then he leaned against it, faking his trademark smile.

"Oh my, Shizu-chan. How can I help you today?" Izaya knew better to just think Shizuo was there to see him.

Shizuo growled, staring at the louse. "What are you planning?"

Izaya blinked twice, unsure of what to say. Pouting, he asked. "What are you talking about, Shizu-chan?"

"Don't fuck with me." He groaned immediately after Izaya finished talking, and walked to him in large strides. When close enough, he leaned, murmuring. "You disappeared for one whole fuckin' month. You're up to something louse, and I'm here to punch you 'til you change your mind."

Izaya stared directly into those eyes, and then started laughing. He was faking all of it, of course. Even if he wasn't meaning to, he could help but get a little happy from Shizuo going to his apartment, but now he was all depressed all over again. Shizuo blinked once, growling again.

"What are you laughing about?"

Izaya took some time do answer, pretending he was trying to catch his breath again. "You're nuts, Shizu-chan. I'm not doing anything."

"Liar." Shizuo lowered his head a little bit. He put his hands on Izaya's table, around his body. "Then why did you quit walking around bothering me in 'Bukuro? Ehhh?" He raised his head again, growling the words. Izaya trembled a little bit. Shizuo was so close, and yet, so far… The informant looked to his own feet, afraid he might cry again. He wasn't intending to do that in front Shizuo.

After a few seconds in silence, Shizuo raised his hands, losing his patience. He touched Izaya's shoulders, shaking him lightly. The ex-bartender was absolutely sure that something was wrong. First of all, Izaya vanished without telling anything to anyone. And now this; not looking Shizuo on the eyes, avoiding his questions… Everything was weird.

"Fucking answer me, louse!" Izaya growled something, but Shizuo couldn't get what he said, so he murmured. "Louder, flea."

"Isn't it better that way?" He repeated, still with his eyes far away. Shizuo took some time to fully understand what he say, and almost instantly he asked.

"… What?"

And, finally, Izaya raised his head. His red eyes were shiny, and he was about to cry. "Aren't you happier without me? You can have your goddamn peaceful life now. Shinra and Celty are probably better off to. Now neither of you have to pay attention to that ifucking bastard/i."

Shizuo could only stare, and Izaya shacked his shoulders, walking away from the blond and sitting at his swivel chair again.

"So just… Go away, and stop accusing me of things I'm inot doing. i." But Shizuo didn't move a finger. He stood still, just staring. But the brunet growled. "Go away. And don't come back, ever. Now."

The bartender was still trying to process all the information, so he turned around and walked out of the apartment, stopping by the door. "Izaya, I… "


And so he did.