The next morning, Shizuo woke up and Izaya was still on his arms. He sighed, remembering everything that had happened the night before, and smiled while caressing the dark locks of hair. Again, he got up trying to not wake his lover and went to the bathroom; he definitely needed a shower today, since he knew he smelled like sex. Today, he didn't bother waking Izaya up for permission.

Everything went smoothly, since he was pretty good-humored after a great session of sex. He had his shower, and wrapped himself on the same towel he used the day before. His spare clothes were left downstairs, and he went down to get them making sure he was dry enough to not get his carpet wet.

He got back to the bathroom, getting dressed and fixing his hair the best he could. He was feeling alright, until he saw the reflection of the cabinet in the mirror. He turned to face it and frowned, opening it slowly. And there they were; many robes hanging. Shizuo tsk'd himself and closed it, getting out of the bathroom. And when he did, he saw red eyes staring intently at him.

"Shizu-chan…" He murmured raising his hand towards the blond, who walked over and held his hand.


The informant was still kind of sleepy, so he smiled lightly, sighing. "Morning, Shizu-chan. You're going to work?"

Shizuo sat down on the bed, still holding his hand. "Yeah."

"Will you come back tonight?"

"If you want to."

Izaya rubbed Shizuo's hand against his face, like a little kitty. "I do."

"Fine. But, Izaya… May I ask you something?"

"Hm?" The brunet looked up, and Shizuo stared at his own feet.

"Why do you have so many robes?" Izaya froze for some seconds, getting more serious.

"I think you don't really want to know the answer."

"That's enough for me to be sure. Here's the thing, Izaya." Shizuo got up, releasing his hand from the other's, while he looked up, actually curious. "When I come back tonight, you will had found a way to get rid of all those robes."

Izaya raised an eyebrow, curious. "And what if I don't? Shizu-chan will punish me?"

Shizuo glared at him. "Don't provoke me, Izaya."

Izaya remained silent, because he knew that arguing with the former bartender wasn't worth it. After all, he was the only one who looked for him after all that time, didn't he? And even after Izaya kicked him out, he came back and was so gentle and tender, characteristics that he never thought Shizuo was in bed too.
Actually, he wasn't supposed to be so caring in bed; Izaya was actually into many kinks and angst sex was one of them. And he was feeling really tempted to try Shizu-chan out. Maybe he was gentle because the situation asked this of him.
Maybe if he could get him angry at it, everything would be different. And he was counting on it.

Shizuo went to work not too long after the discussion and the brunet was sure he would be back at night.

Izaya was grateful that Shizuo went after him. More than he would ever have imagined. He remembered how his heart had jumped when he saw Shizuo coming in. He remembered what he felt when the blond walked away and even clearer on his mind was what he felt when he came back.
For the first time ever, he was happy that someone cared at least enough to bother looking for him.

Shizuo was pretty confused himself. First from finding Izaya under those circumstances. Second from being moved by seeing him and even sleeping by his side afterwards. Shizuo was not used to have someone he could hold on to, and he really enjoyed it.

But now, Izaya was going to enjoy it more; Shizuo was obviously jealous of those robs and Izaya really wanted to see his reaction.

Izaya was sitting at his desk when he heard the doorbell. He smirked, walking over to open it. Again, there was the blond ex-bartender.

"Welcome home, Shizu-chan!" He muttered smiling as Shizuo walked in. The blond didn't look so happy, though. More like anxious and nervous. Izaya grinned behind his back. "So what's up?"

"Did you do it?" Shizuo growled. Izaya knew what he was talking about, but pretended he didn't.

"What..? Did what, Shizu-chan? I don't know what you're talking about." He didn't even get an answer. Shizuo grabbed his collar and dragged him upstairs. He was very pissed off already, so this was probably going to be fun. Bothering Shizu-chan was always fun. And dangerous, but it was so much fun partially because of that. They got to the bathroom and Izaya was shoved on the floor while the blond used both of his hands to open the cabinet and growled when saw all the robs there yet.

Again, he grabbed Izaya's collar, pulling him up. "You didn't throw them out as I told you to, Louse."

"Of course." He was still grinning, but his right hand was inside of his pocket, holding his switchblade just in case. "Since when do I obey you, Shizu-chan? ~"

"Oh, yeah? You should be more grateful, flea, since I was the one who slept by your side when you were begging for it."

Izaya almost frowned with this because Shizuo was actually quite right. But Izaya always had an answer. "You stayed because you wanted to." His pride didn't like admitting he had begged for something. Not at all.

"Oh, yeah?" Izaya felt his hands trembling from anger but though it was incredible; He still wasn't hit by the blond.

"I don't even know why are you so possessive all the sudden. Geez."
Everything happened on a flash again. This time, Izaya was dropped in the bedroom's floor.

"I'll tell you why. Because I want to."

Izaya frowned, ready to protest when Shizuo prodded two fingers into his mouth. His complain was muffled by the other's digits and the blond muttered, coldly. "Don't you dare biting me, Flea."

Izaya looked up and Shizuo started moving his fingers in and out. And the brunet though that he would probably be better off being quiet; he had teased Shizuo enough. So he started licking and sucking on his fingers. Hey, if he was going to play sexual games, he wanted to do his best.

Shizuo used his other hand to unzip his pants. He got very turned on by watching and feeling Izaya's mouth around his finger. Izaya looked up to him, licking the tip of his fingers in a very suggestive manner and in seconds, Shizuo backed up his fingers and pressed his hard-on into Izaya's mouth.

Izaya forgot all about his pride at this moment, widening his mouth a little bit more so he could fit Shizuo's cock better in it. He was suddenly feeling really into sucking his dick; again, he was interested in seeing more of Shizuo's sides. Izaya licked him all the way, before gently sucking on the head before feeling Shizuo grabbing his hair and forcing himself deeper. The blond gasped as he felt that hot and wet mouth around his cock and Izaya moaned lightly, sending vibrations straight to Shizuo's groin.

The former bartender tried to calm himself by breathing slowly. He was holding himself to not simply pound into the smaller man's mouth. Even if he deserved it for being such a stubborn ass. He didn't even have to move, though. He looked down, panting, watching as Izaya moved his head against his body, coating his hard on with saliva while sucking and licking him.

Shizuo was panting, but when he felt he was getting close, he pushed Izaya's face away, who looked up to him, doubt filling his eyes. The taller male didn't say anything, just grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the bathroom.

"H-hey, Shizu-chan… What are you…?"

"Quiet, flea." Shizuo let him go, opening the cabinet and throwing all the robes on the floor. Izaya only stared, speechless. Shizuo was unpredictable as always. Shizuo closed it again and turned to Izaya. "Take off your clothes."

He was dead serious, so Izaya felt like complying. He striped slowly only to earn an impatient growl from Shizuo. He chuckled and continued with it, until totally naked.

"What should I do now, Shizu-chan? Since you're so dominant today." Shizuo grabbed him again, pressing his body against the cabinet and immediately whispered on his ear.

"Now you'll be quiet while I fuck you. And then you'll cum over those stupid robes. Finally, you'll throw them away."

Izaya closed his eyes, feeling an interesting emotion rushing through his body. Possessive Shizuo was amazing. Mostly because he made Izaya feel wanted. He needed to make Shizuo jealous so he could be sure that the blond wanted him for something more than sex. The blond nipped on Izaya's neck and he stopped thinking a bit to feel him better; Shizuo's lips were warm, soft and tender. Then Izaya leaned against the cabinet, using his hands as support. He noticed Shizuo moving behind him and soon after, felt a finger going inside of him. He grasped, trying harder to hold on.

The finger felt creamy, so Izaya concluded Shizuo probably used some kind of cream as lube. Izaya was too much into this to even care for this. He arched his back and moved his ass against Shizuo's fingers, who quickly added another and started scissoring the brunet whose breathing got harsh and fast.

"U-uhn, Shizu-chan…" Izaya pleaded when the blond took his digits out and looked back with those lust and need filled shiny eyes. Shizuo almost sighed at the sight; his eyes were so bright, it was amazing.

Shizuo took sometime before pushing himself into Izaya. Again, the brunet figured he was preparing himself for he did hear some wet sounds.

It was easier than last time; probably because Shizuo wasn't so careful and Izaya was getting used to Shizu-chan's size. At the beginning, the former bartender held on Izaya's waist searching for the best angle to thrust into him. He knew he got it right when a high pitched sound escaped Izaya's lips, while asking for more.

"O-oh! Fuck, Shizu-chan… "

Shizuo smirked inwardly and immediately answered his plea letting himself get engulfed by that hot tightness that was Izaya is a faster rhythm. The brunet could almost see stars every time Shizuo pulled out and in again, rubbing his prostate like hell.

The blond raised his left hand and held Izaya's, intertwining their fingers while his right hand snaked around the brunet's body, taking a hold of his oozing erection and stroking it. Shizuo was panting, grunting and moaning very close to Izaya's ear, giving him some shivers. The climax soon followed, where Izaya held tightly on Shizuo's hand while coming all over the robes on the floor the same time the blond came inside of him.

Shizuo could practically feel Izaya melting on his arms and smiled, trying to breathe correctly. Without saying a word, he got the brunet bridal style and carried him to bed. Izaya looked exhausted and the blond was feeling too. Shizuo finished taking his clothes off and then lay next to the other, hugging him tightly. The brunet smiled, muttering against Shizuo's chest.

"I'll throw them all out tomorrow morning."

"I'm glad you are." Izaya was actually happy. It really bothered him that Shizuo didn't like him from the beginning, but now the situation was the opposite. None of them was sure if this fuzzy feeling was love.

But both of them knew that Izaya did throw all robes out the next day.

They also knew that even if the rest of the world ignored them, they still had one and another to be with on those cold and lonely nights.