My Sesshoumaru

I set under a tall Maple tree looking out over a beautiful flower field where Rin and Shippo are chasing Jaken happily.

If someone would of told me five years ago that I would be traveling with the stoic demon Lord Sesshoumaru, I probably would of just laughed in their face.

But truth be told, here I am five years after meeting him, five years after the war with Naraku was started and still has not been finished and I wonder if it ever will be.

Shippo and I have been traveling with him for a couple weeks, it has been peaceful traveling with him and for some reason I have developed some feelings for the stoic demon Lord.

I stand up and walk into the forest behind our camp. Sesshoumaru left early this morning to search for Naraku and hasn't been back yet.

I walk for a little bit just thinking to myself until I come up on a hot spring.

"It will not hurt me to take a short dip." I say to myself.

I walk over to the hot spring, I slide out of my jeans and a tee shirt, after I graduated school I quit wearing my school uniform and more, covering clothes instead.

I step into the spring and sink down so that the water comes right over my breasts. I lay my head back onto a smooth rock and close my eyes.

I stay in the spring for close to a half hour until I feel Sesshoumaru's aura nearing the camp and decide that I need to be heading back. I climb out of the spring but then I release I have nothing to dry off with but I just grab my clothes and put them on, I ring my hair out with my hands and start walking back.

After a few minutes I arrive back at camp the same time Sesshoumaru does. I see him looking my up and down but he soon turns his attention to Rin and Jaken.

"Welcome back Lord Sesshoumaru." Rin says.

"Welcome back My Lord." Jaken says.

I watch as Sesshoumaru talks to them but none of his words reach my ears. I can't help but love him, what woman in their right mind doesn't think he's hot. It still amazes me that he does not have a mate yet.

Without realising it Sesshoumaru walks over to me. I am still in my little daze until I hear.


I snap my head and look up at him. "What Sesshoumaru?" I ask.

"I need to speak with you."


I follow behind him into the forest. I don't know why he wants to talk to me alone, he never did any other time, I just hope I don't blurt out that I love him.

After a few minutes he stops and turns around towards me. I look into his eyes and for some reason they are not coated in ice but they are soft.

"Miko, why is your heart beating so fast?" He asks.

' Oh crap what am I going to say.'

" Um..." I said.

Sesshoumaru takes a few steps towards me but I don't move cause I am frozen to the ground. He stops only a few inch's from me and places his hand under my chin and lifts it up wards.

He leans his head down and captures my lips, I am frozen in shock by this kiss. Never in a million years did I expect this.

After a few seconds I kiss him back, his arms wrap around my waist and pulls me against his body and I wrap my arms around his neck.

After a few minutes we pull apart for some much needed air. I look up into his golden eyes. With out realising it I say.

"Oh My Sesshoumaru."

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