Together Forever

I smile across the garden as I watch my beautiful son Maru run ahead of his younger siblings. Not long after Sesshomaru and I matted I found out I was pregnant. Luckily my Miko powers are strong enough that when Maru was born he instead of being a hanyou is a full demon.

When Maru was 1 year old I found myself pregnant once again but this time with Twins. When they were born both were full blooded demons once again. A little boy and a little girl. The girl we named Sakura and the boy we named Haru.

They all have silver hair like their father. Maru and Haru look like little Sesshomaru's. Sakura on the other hand has my eyes and personality.

I feel two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and pull me back to a chest. I turn my head and find Sesshomaru back there. It is pretty hard for him to have his arms the whole way around me since I'm currently pregnant.

He leans down and starts to nuzzle me neck, I lean my head to the side to give him more access which he gladly accepts. He moves up to my cheek and then says.

"I love you mate"

"I love you to Sesshomaru"

2 Months Later

I squeeze Sesshomaru's hand as I push. I scream out in pain because it hurts. Neither one of my first two deliveries hurt like this. I just hope nothing is wrong with the baby.

After 2 more hours of Labor I deliver our new baby. It instantly cries and our nurse Anna holds it to me and I take it and she says.

"Congratulations Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kagome, it is a beautiful baby girl"

I touch her, even being the mother of 3 now 4 it still seems so sere real. I place my hand on her face and say dreamily.

"My beautiful Baby girl"

I look up at Sesshomaru and I start to cry. She is just so beautiful. Sesshomaru place's his hand on top of mine and smiles down at her and then smiles up at me.

"What shall we name her my love?"

"How about Ruby. I love that name"

"Ruby it is my love"

He leans down and kisses my forehead and then leans down and kisses Ruby's forehead. Unlike the rest of them Ruby has my black hair and looks Human. But I can sense her demonic powers.

I look up at Sesshomaru and then back down at Ruby. I think about Maru, Haru, and Sakura as well. We will all be together forever.

Hi everyone, Okay first this one shot is dedicated to my sister Ruby, I LOVE YA GIRL! I hope you all enjoyed reading this one shot. Please review and tell me what you think.