This Is for You Lord Sesshoumaru

I run around after Master Jaken in the field of flowers that we had just ran into. Lord Sesshoumaru said that we could rest for a while. Master Jaken soon leaves me so I set to picking flowers to make Lord Sesshoumaru a flower crown.

After picking enough flowers I set myself down in a patch and start to make the crown out of the sunflowers, daisy's, and tulips I picked. I stand up and skip over to Lord Sesshoumaru who is laying down under a tree and out of the warm summer sun.

When I make it to him he opens his eyes up and gives me a warm gase. A smile creaps onto his face. I am the only person he smiles to.

"I made this for you Lord Sesshoumaru"

I show him the flower crown which is another way for me to ask permission to put it on nods his head and I lean up and place the flower crown atop his head.

I watch Rin as she places the beautiful flower crown a top my head. I could not help but smile. No one but Rin and I know that I treat her like a daughter.

When she leans back she has her bright big smile on her face. I bring my hand up to her cheack and turn her attention back to me. Her big brown eyes stair back at me.

"Argito Rin"

"Your welcome Lord Sesshoumaru"

I send her off to go play how in the world she has so much energy.

Hi everyone, I wanted to make a sweat one shot of Sesshoumaru and Rin as Father/ Daughter. I hope you enjoyed it. Please review and tell me what you think.