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Love Had No Gender

"Italy!" Feliciano blinked when he heard the familiar voice, but shook it off and continued on with the chores Mr. Austria had given him. He had just convinced himself that Holy Roman Empire had died, so the voice that had been calling his name couldn't really be there. The chores Italy was assigned weren't as difficult now that he had grown. With new strength came height, and a deeper voice. Sighing, the small country continued to sweep, ignoring that persistant voice that he knew was not there.

"Italy!" the voice called louder. "I'm back! Please come down and greet me!" finally, Feliciano gave into the voice, and went towards it, 'but only to prove that I'm hearing things' declared Italy.

The Italian stopped dead in his tracks when he was halfway down the stairwell, and looked at the thought-dead country that stood proudly at the bottom. Holy Roman Empire smiled at him kindly, but it seemed different than before…

"Excuse me sir, but can you get Italy for me? She isn't listening to me…" Feliciano's brows knitted together, and he felt anger boil inside of him. He looked at the ground, trying to regain his control, when he heard the other country speak again. "Excuse me, sir?"

Italy mumbled something under his breath, and Holy Rome looked at him, confused. "What did you say sir?"

"I said that I am Italy." Feliciano looked up into Holy Roman Empire's eyes for the first time, and the later gasped. He began to look back into the smaller man's eyes and began to recondise him. Feliciano began to cry softly, and fell to his knees, face in his hands.

"I'm not a girl. I never was. You probably hate me now…" he cried. Pitiful sobs wrecked his small frame, and Holy Rome just stood there for a moment, until something clicked. Even though Italy was a boy, he was still the adorable little country he had fallen in love with. He felt guilt hit him hard as he knelt before the sobbing boy, and he wrapped his arms around the small waist of his love.

"It's okay Italy." He said, hugging him close. "I love you just the same, if not more, so please don't cry anymore. It's tearing me apart." Italy looked up to see Holy Roman empire, when his lips were taken into a gentle comforting kiss. He slowly closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms around his beloved's shoulders. When the kiss broke, Italy looked into the Mostly-German's eyes, and whispered into his ear,

"I want to become one with you…" Holy Roman Empire smiled, and gripped Italy tighter.

"That can be arranged, after all, love has no gender."

Draw a circle, that's the Earth! Draw a circle, that's the Earth! Draw a circle, that's the Earth, and I'm Hetalia! :) hope you guys liked it!