Doom Fanfic

Doom Movie retold but with an added character for our favourite Marine, Reaper.

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Chapter 1

Leah Carlson or AKA Cherry to her comrades joined the Marines when she was 16. After ten years she was finally picked for the RRTS. There, she met John Grimm or AKA Reaper. Sarge, the commanding officer, warned them all that a sexual relationship was not permitted.
Of course though, when John and Leah were alone a week after, they slept together. And since then, Leah has been sleeping in the Men Bunks, sharing the same bed as Reaper. Sarge and the rest of the soldiers were not happy and considered throwing them both off the squad, but after all, they were part of the RRTS. And damn, in combat, they were good. They were really good.
To say that Leah and John's relationship was serious would be an over statement. John and Leah wouldnt spend alone time together only if they were sleeping together.
Duke, Leah's best friend he soon came to be, always said it would end in someone hurting. And Leah knew it would be herself. The more time she saw John, spent time with him,
felt his body above hers or below hers she wanted him to BE hers more and more.
Reaper and Cherry were friends though. They didn't dislike eachother. Far from that. She slept in the same bed as him, he hugged and kissed her. They made secret advances while they were supposed to be sleeping. He protected her and she protected him and in combat, they were always partners.
I guess it was safe to say that anyone new around here could mistake them for a couple, it had happened on several occasions. But they were always put in their place by either Reaper or Cherry snapping to deny and justify their situation as strictly, 'sexual tension releasing,' only.

The alarm rang throughout the bunks, loud and clear, errupting through minds and interuppting dreams. Leah rolled to the other side but John's arm stayed wrapped around her waist so he rolled with her, pulling her back into his stomach. They were awake, partially anyway.
A simple, 'good morning,' was never necassary between them. Leah smile as John planted a small kiss on her neck and ran his hand down her thigh.
But there it was again, the alarm. This one rang twice. Duke was sitting on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands and he tried to wake himself up.
Sarge's door had a light underneath it suggesting he was awake.
Leave was something Leah and John havent talked about yet. Leah had a hotel all ready for her to return to and as far as everyone knew, John was staying with Sarge in the quarters.

Leah moaned under her breath as John continued to caress her thigh, going nearer and nearer her most sensitive place. But before anything could happen, Sarge opened the door and clapped his hands to get everyones attention. 'Wake up Soldiers!'
At this, Cherry and Reaper shot up as did Mac, Portman, Goat and Destroyer. Duke was making his way back from the bathroom and gave Sarge a salute ignoring the fact he was only wearing a pair of boxers and his Military shirt. 'We have a new recruit. This is Kid, get to know him now. He will be joining us after Leave for our future mission.'
Everyone, rubbing sleep from their eyes, looked at the new soldier, 'Kid,' and waved a lazy hello.
Leah glanced over at John and smirked, 'another time then Reaper?' Hearing her speak, he looked up from his position and from leaning on his elbow, lifted himself up so he was leaning on his palm and brushed her caramel coloured hair over her shoulder giving him access to his neck. It gave her goosebumps and she wished they were alone, but they werent.
So she shot him a look before standing up in her tank top and mini shorts towards the bathroom.
'I need to get myself some of that ass.' Portman spoke. Expecting a reaction from John just like every time Portman said something perverted directed towards Cherry was a waste of time. Reaper never reacted. He just shrugged and pulled on his Military shirt and a pair of khaki pants. His dog tags hung just above his navel stating his name, nickname and rank.
He saw Cherry's dog tags on his bedside table and her draw slightly open revealing some of her lingerie. He smirked and closed the drawer not drawing any attention to the fact that he was also wishing that him and Cherry were alone right now.

'I'm Goat.' Goat was the first to introduce himself to Kid, offering his hand and seeing Kd nervously shake it. Everyone was now up and dressing or already dressed and laying comfortably on their beds talking among one another. 'That over there is Duke, Destroyer, Portman, Mac, you've met Sarge and there is Reaper and the girl is Cherry.'
Kid looked up at Reaper when he met his gaze. Kid held his eyes with his wondering whether there was any protectiveness from Reaper towards Cherry. He had caught their little show and was wondering if she did that with all the guys or was just HIS girl.
'Dont even think about it dude, they are together. Not together together. Just together, right Reap?' Duke said throwing a small grapefruit towards Destroyer who caught it and threw it back.
Reaper nodded and picked up his rifle to inspect it.
Cherry appeared from the bathroom then fully dressed in her Military vest, khaki pants and a green jumper. 'Anyone seen my-'
John held up her tags from his index finger and she smiled as she took them. 'Hey cutie,' she said towards the Kid causing him to flush and smile nervously back.

A game of grapefruit baseball broke out in the quarters a few hours later. Kid was watching Reaper and Cherry's interaction with eachother.
They seemed in love, doing things couples did. They kissed often, hugged even more and the way they looked at eachother held a lot of emotion.
'And then of course Mac had to make up that huge name,' Cherry said running her hand over John's rifle. She was sat on the bed with John. Mac looked at her, the grapefruit Duke threw missing his head by inches, 'that isn't made up Lee, it is my name.'
Cherry held up her hand in a salute, 'whatever you say.'
Reaper smiled slightly at her.

Just then, Sarge walked through the door. A sense of demanding and dominance, surrounding him as it always did.
'Men,' he shot a look at Cherry, 'lady, leave is cancelled.'
Reaper and Leah shot a look at eachother in surprise. Duke threw the grapefruit on the bed, 'fuck!'
'Problem Duke?' Sarge asked like he wasnt really expecting an answer.
'Me sir? Hell no, I love my job.' Cherry gave him the finger and Duke flipped it back before facing Sarge again.
'We have a mission. Suit up Soldiers.'

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