Angel the Night Fury

Here's Chapter 4; honestly readers, do you think I'd create a character with the ability to recreate body parts without thinking about Toothless, that'd be unfair of me.

Hiccup grabbed his recreated foot to confirm its authenticity "It's real." he uttered in shock "but how?"

"Hello-o." Scritch said wryly "why else do you think her name is Angel?" He noticed the Night Fury glaring at him "I know." he sighed "I should shut up."

"That's my special power." Angel said modestly "every Night Fury has a special power." Then she quickly changed the subject "Speaking of Night Furies." she enquired subtly "have you ever seen one?"

"Uh, yeah." Hiccup said "my dragon Toothless is a Night Fury."

"I knew it!" Angel squealed and quickly settled "I mean interesting."

"Why?" Hiccup asked still frazzled by the dragoness herself

Angel sighed "Because I've been looking for other Night Furies for the past fourteen years of my life."

"Oh." Hiccup replied "Wait, your only fourteen?"

"Of course." Angel said "Dragons age as humans do, one year at a time."

"I'll have to remember that next time Toothless acts up." Hiccup said standing up to test both his legs "I better go find him." He then asked "You wanna come?"

"Yes!" Angel squealed again

"I wanna see another Night Fury!" Scritch scritched

"Alright then." Hiccup said as they started to exit the cave

"So if he's looking for you he'd probably be flying right?" Angel questioned

"He can't." Hiccup answered "he has a prosthetic tail fin that only works while I'm controlling it."

"There you go Angel." Scritch said riding on her head "your tongue can now be used for more than just talking and talking and talk..."

"At least my tongue can't be easily removed, runt." Angel said in return

"Awkward." Hiccup said quietly

"Anyway." Angel stated "your friend may not be able to fly but we sure can."

Hiccup climbed on her back behind Scritch "Well at least you don't have to steer her."

"Scritch!" Angel said warningly as she flew off the ground

forty miles north Toothless was becoming exhausted having had no luck in finding any sign of his best human. "I'm so dead." he lamented "I wonder if dragons go to Helheim, cause that's where I'd be going." He crawled on top of a boulder and curled up, miserable.

Back south Angel was flying over the woods "Toothless!" Hiccup kept calling "TOOTHLESS!" but heard nothing in response.

"I'll try going lower." Angel said diving a bit

"What does Toothless look like?" Scritch asked with his tongue hanging out

"He's the same size as Angel." Hiccup informed "but he's completely black with green eyes."

Toothless continued wallowing in his irresponsible action that led to him and his rider being separated, until in the distance he heard "Toothless!"

"Hiccup!" he gasped looking around but seeing nothing

"Toothless!" Hiccup called again

This time Toothless looked up and saw his human riding another Night Fury "Hiccup!" he screeched "I'm down here!"

Hiccup looked down and saw hie dragon "He's there!" Hiccup said "he's down there!"

Angel landed on the ground and as soon as Hiccup got on the ground he was tackled by Toothless who started licking his face.

"Aw I missed you too pal." Hiccup said as the Night Fury nuzzled his chest.

Toothless suddenly stopped and looked down at his human's legs, he was puzzled to see both in one piece again. Just then he felt a weird sensation on his tail; he looked back and saw the female Night Fury licking his prosthetic tail fin, then the prosthetic tail started glowing, disappeared, and turned into a real tail fin.

"Hello." Toothless said in awe

"Finally, another Night Fury." she said happily "I'm Angel, I fixed the human's legs as well."

"I'm her friend Scritch!" Scritch interrupted climbing over Angel's face "can you do anything interesting?"

Toothless shrugged and demonstrated his ability to withdraw and retract his teeth as he pleased, the ability made Angel shake with interest.

"Can you speak humanese?" Angel asked Toothless in dragonese, when said no Angel licked his face.

"Whoa!" Toothless said impressed in humanese

"Toothless!" Hiccup laughed "you can talk!"

"I can?" Toothless replied "awesome!"

"Sooo." Scritch inquired "where do we go now?"

"You guys can come home with us." Hiccup suggested "everyone will be happy to meet you both."

When they returned to the village Hiccup got a brief lecture from Astrid who had been worried sick followed by a kiss. Toothless spent hours extensively apologizing to Stoick who was a little puzzled by the fact the dragon could now talk. Then Angel and Scritch walked around meeting all the vikings and the other dragons.

~One week later~

Angel and Scritch were getting along perfectly in the village, Angel had given all the dragons the ability to speak humanese and became the first dragon Doctor. "This is definitely home." Angel said watching the vikings fly around on the other dragons while she lay on a boulder.

Scritch was walking around checking out the female Terrible Terrors "Hello ladies." he said, then he saw a pretty bright yellow female Terror and flirtatiously responded "Hello, I'm Scritch."

"I'm Shrill." The female Terror responded in the same tone making Scritch shudder amorously

Angel was staring at the sky when Hiccup jumped on her back without warning "So." he asked "do you like it here."

"I love it." Angel said "I'm never leaving here again."

There you have it, my first HTTYD fic, I hope you liked it; sorry if it's too short but I have some other fics I wanna get written. I wrote this one first because I wanted Hiccup and Toothless to get there real limbs back, so in every fic after this one they will have their real limbs no matter what.