Hi! Its me, Karilovya101. I've decided to make a final draft of this Vanilla H story. I know for a fact that the first one wasn't as good (I was 13 when I wrote it and now I'm almost 16 lol). Anyway, I hope you like this new draft. :) lots of love

Disclaimer: I do not own Galaxy Angel the manga, game, or anime and I do not own these characters :(

Galaxy Angel (also Beta)

Every fight we have ever fought, I never show my emotions. I just lock them up real tight in my mine. Maybe that's not the best way, but I was grown up that way, by Sister Beryl. Concerning my past, yes its true, I did think that I was supposed to be alone, just as Sister Beryl said I should, but overtime when I have grown closer to my new found friends, I cant help but question it silently. Many people probably are surprised or maybe not that I showed no shock when we found out about Takuto and Ranpha's accidental kiss. Now, I don't exactly care, it has nothing to do with me. But the way Milfie looked when she found out what they were doing, she looked like she was in deep pain, hurt, and confusion. There are many times when I have seen Ranpha, Milfie, and Mint look hurt or confused, especially around Commander Takuto. When I smiled to Takuto for the first time, everyone seemed to be shocked. Yes, I am indeed a taciturn girl. Who shows no emotion for even the slightest things.

When the last battle finally came, I felt my adrenaline start to rush. Sure, I didn't show it, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel it. When, Takuto said I love you, to Milfie, in all honesty I cant say I am surprised. It was fairly obvious that Takuto and Milfie loved each other. But, even when he said that, he wasn't exactly on our side at the time. Although, you probably already know the story. Milfie said back, why are you telling me this now? I agree with her. Why did he say that to her at that time? I don't think I will ever know. But I think what did shock me the most was when he kissed Chitose when he said he loved Milfie. It looked to me like Takuto and Chitose were under some sort of control, but I cant say for sure. Maybe the other know for a fact because Takuto may have told them after wards, but I really don't know. Its my assumption that he was.

Galaxy Angel II

After Sister Beryl died, she told me to be alone, but I soon realized I am not alone and that she was wrong and thanks to that I can now show my feelings (even though its slight) towards the people I care about, especially my daughter, who is a nanomachine, Nano-Nano. When things got hard for Nano-Nano, I could tell. Especially, when she almost died. I will tell you this, that terrified me. I don't want Nano-Nano to leave me, I would feel lonely again. Even though I know I wont truly be alone, but without Nano-Nano's spunky personality. It would be hard to handle that sort of pain and anguish. However, if there is one thing I can always say and think of for an ending is that I am very glad that my friends taught me a very good lesson and that is: "You can never truly be alone and you will always have friends to guide you through troubled times and the sad." I cherish that saying very much. I will always hold my precious peoples in my heart.

Karilovu101: So, how was the final draft? Was it good? Or do I need to fix some things? Criticism is advised, I like to know what exactly you thought of this story through and through. Thanks for reading and R&R! :D