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This time I'm mistaken
For handing you a heart worth breakin'
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How you remind me- Nickelback

Chapter One ~ How You Remind Me

Zuko walked along the abandoned path that had become routine for the past year, and it showed. There were scorch marks burned into the stones to the side and the spare shrubbery lining the road looked charred and blackened. Of course this had not been entirely Zuko's fault; more or less it had been his father's. It was his father that had, for the past year, still refused to tell him anything about his mother. Maybe today's the day. Zuko thought sarcastically. He didn't have any expectations about how this day would go, except bad.

Today was Zuko's seventeenth birthday.

Today, Zuko had to sit in a boring banquet hall at the head table with people vastly older than him talking about politics, taxes and how dreadfully important they were to his nation. Today, he had to greet all his guests alone and pretend that he actually likes half of them. Today, he had to listen to all the noble men and women throw their daughters at him in hopes that he might take a fancy to one of them (which happened a lot since he and Mai spilt up). Today, he had to sit tall and use proper edict and have guards watching his back every second. Today was going to be spent wishing that he had his friends back and not just old letters that were being stuffed in a drawer in his desk, just like every day before it.

Zuko sighed thinking of the letters. Aang hadn't written back in a while but that was to be expected, the boy was traveling so much lately, flitting from one earth kingdom town to the next on Appa so quickly, the messenger hawks could hardly keep up. Toph had been writing fairly consistently, but Zuko didn't really like reading about her wrestling matches that she won, or how great being free from rules was, it just made him jealous of his blind friend. Uncle's most recent letter had come yesterday but, things could get very boring when all you had to do all day was serve and make tea. And if Zuko had to read about one more strange customer Uncle had had (the latest being singing nomads) he was going kill someone. This left Sokka and Katara. They had been living in the South Pole together for a few months, Sokka had gone there after the war had finished and helped in the rebuilding process with the members of the Northern water tribe. Katara had been helping to train the new Waterbenders that had moved from the North to the South. Zuko missed the water tribe girl terribly. She was the only one of the group that had come to visit him.

Katara had been traveling with Aang after the war. It was mostly Katara that wrote though even though she signed both their names. She described every adventure she had with the Airbender from going to visit all of the Avatar shrines, to searching for any trace of the Air Nomads which Aang didn't, or wouldn't, believe were dead. Katara's letters always made him smile until one time it was just signed 'Katara'. This letter had been different from the others, this one had not included one mention of Aang and she had said that she was going to Omashu to stay with Toph for a while. Zuko had written back as he normally did except for one small sentence on the bottom, "What is happening with you and Aang?" which she replied "We are no longer together." And that was the end of it.

Eventually just like him she got bored of Toph's wrestling group and had decided to pay him a visit. She had stayed a little over a month but it had been enough time for Zuko to fall for her.

It was a little before he had broken up with Mai and the surprise visit had really cheered him up. He thought it was just the sight of seeing a friend amidst the sea of hypocritical nobles that viewed him as naïve and young and unfit to rule a nation, but it went deeper than that. She had made him feel happier than he had in years. He found himself smiling at every little thing she said, stealing glances at her out of the corner of his eye, and trying to find an excuse to be close to her.

Then she left and Zuko had been hanging on every letter she sent like a lifeline. Now he was alone walking to go met his father and have him laugh at his attempt to dislodge information about Zuko's mother. Today was going to be a bad day.

Zuko walked up the now familiar stairs that lead to his father's prison cell. He turned the corner throwing back his hood and glared down at the ex-Fire Lord. His father had not been faring well in prison, his skin was sallow, his eyes once bright and livid now dulled, and his black hair was starting to gray. Maybe that was a reaction to having his bending taken away, or maybe Ozai was falling apart. Zuko didn't care; he had lost all sympathy for his father since the day of black sun when he realized what a monster his father truly was.

"Hello Fire Lord." Ozai sneered. "And may I wish you a happy birthday." Zuko was dumbstruck, how had his father that despised him with his very breath, the man who had gave him the cruel scar that ravaged half his face remembered his birthday?

"You know why I'm here." Zuko snarled to hide his surprise. "Tell me where Mother is!" Ozai appeared not to have heard him; he was staring at his son's shoulder with a blank look. "Listen to me!" Zuko hissed.

"I don't need to listen to you Zuko, you always say the same thing," Ozai woke up from his trance and his face turned into a mocking mask of fear and pretended to cry. "Where's Mom?" Zuko grit his teeth and tried to keep his hands from smoking in anticipation for fire.

"You had better listen to me or you will never see the light of day again!" Ozai laughed at Zuko's threat. "Tell me where she is!"

"Oh, my son…" Ozai began but was swiftly cut off by Zuko.

"You are not my father! Uncle was more than a father than you ever were!" He growled, but Ozai ignored him.

"It is really unbecoming for you to be so unhappy, smile! At least you still have your health." Ozai jeered. Zuko's scowl deepened, the torches on the wall flickering higher and higher casting his face into wild shadows that made his scar look horrible and twisted and made the insignia in his top knot glow with a evil light. "That is something that has been in jeopardy lately." Ozai said and Zuko stiffened. How had he found out about that? No one knew about that except a few trusted guards and one or two of his most loyal advisers.

Obviously Zuko's astonishment had shown on his face, because Ozai's sneer deepened. "Oh yes I know about the assassination attempt on you Zuko, how is your arm healing up anyway?" Zuko subconsciously caressed the long cut running from his shoulder to his elbow.

"How did you know about that?" Zuko whispered.

"I know everything." Ozai stated simply and Zuko masked his shock with anger.

Three days prior to his birthday Zuko had received a note that said that he was going to die if he did not step down as Fire Lord. He had proceeded to burn the note to a crisp in his hand and toss the ash off his balcony. The next day a man burst in his room after he had finished training and tried to put a knife through his heart. He failed and now the assassin was dead.

Zuko had tried so hard to cover it up. Not wanting to know that someone had beaten his guards and had the power to wound their Fire Lord. It would show weakness of Zuko's ability to rule and if he thought the nobles gossiped about him now…

"It just isn't your week is it?" Ozai asked sarcastically, and the torches on the walls flew to the ceiling.

"You're horrible." Zuko muttered and Ozai laughed cruelly.

"I'm horrible? Really I can't believe that you are my own flesh and blood. You are so weak. It must be your mother coming through." Zuko's eyes flashed dangerously at this.

"Don't you talk about her like that!" Zuko hissed, but Ozai continued.

"Why not? She was just a tool, I needed an heir. Someone to carry on the legacy of great Fire Lords and inherit the new world I was about to create. She served her purpose, and I was happy to get rid of her! It was just luck that Lu Ten died or I would have to have killed Iroh and what a mess that would have been," Zuko's breathing became erratic, smoke and ash erupted with his breaths. "Turns out it was only your mother who had to get blood on her hands. Now the history books will brand her as a traitor and a murderer, too good for the bitch I say." Ozai enjoyed watching his son burn with rage, he carried on gleefully.

"Banishing was the best thing I did for this Nation, except for burning you Zuko, she was weak and she raised a coward." He began to lose track of his thoughts as Zuko's temper broke and he began to send the torches raging into infernos. "You were lucky to be born Zuko, and she was lucky to escape with her life! Banishment was better than she deserved! Letting those damn Earthbenders take care of her was better than she deserved. A life in the blasted mountains is better than she deserves. You must be so proud Zuko, your own mother too weak to do anything for herself." Ozai finished his rant. The smoke that Zuko had created filling the room obscured everything. Then he heard the squeak of doors and the smoke rushed out to reveal Zuko smiling. Ozai frowned in confusion. His son should have been in silent fury at the end of his performance. Then what he said came back into his head. His horror showed on his face, of all the stupid mistakes…

"I'm leaving." Zuko stated, his heart soaring. He knew where Mother was! He finally knew where she was, and he was going to go find her! He was going to have his family back, or at least the part he actually liked. He moved to walk out the open door.

"She could be dead for all you know!" Ozai cried out suddenly scared of the cell. "You are my son! You cannot leave me here." The sudden hypocrisy of Ozai made Zuko turn a scowl growing on his face.

"No your wrong! The only kin I have is my mother, and you have me abandon her!" Zuko snarled his good mood ruined.

"She has not been banished in vain! She is gone! I'm all you have left!" Ozai shouted in sudden desperation. "Let me go!"

"YOU WILL NEVER BE REALESED!" Zuko roared, and then his eyes narrowed to slits. "For what you've done I'll make sure you never see the light." Ozai screeched in fury at himself, and in absolute despotism ran at the cage and flung himself against it trying to break it by pure will power. Zuko threw fire at his father's feet that made him retreat quickly a look of pure terror crossed his face as he saw his son. "You won't see me again." Zuko whispered and strode out the open door, throwing his hood up. He never looked back.

Zuko made it back to the palace rather quickly with his heart beating a tattoo against his ribs. He evaded his guards and slipped quietly into his rooms. Zuko stretched out on his bed, eyes closed and a smile playing at his lips. He knew what he had to do, he had to pack and leave as soon as possible. The thought made his toes twitch in anticipation.

But he couldn't just leave. He was Fire Lord, he couldn't abandon his people. He thought of the load of paperwork on his desk nearly every day, and groaned at the thought of it pilling up over several days, even weeks. Uncle's voice popped into his head, You never think things through Zuko! He frowned analyzing this new problem. "Uncle!" He sat up, of course! Uncle! He could take care of the Nation in his absence. He himself had been trained as a Prince once too. He would know how to run the nation.

He thought of how to travel. It would have been obvious to anyone else, in his position but true to his style Zuko had screwed himself over before he even began. He hadn't told anyone besides Katara, Aang, Sokka, Toph and his uncle that he was still visiting his father. He didn't want the rest of the nobles thinking that he was working for Ozai or something stupid like that. And he couldn't just announce at his dinner tonight that he was leaving to go find his mother that most people believe had been killed.

No, it would be better if he just slipped away, like he did as the Blue Spirit. He couldn't do that, his people would think that he was abandoning them, and if things weren't bad enough already with the poverty and his own citizens sending assassins after him they would take his leaving as complete lack of hope for his country. He had worked too hard to just give up on them now, but he still had to go.

I wish Katara was here. He thought bitterly. Somehow whenever Zuko was in a fix she could make it better somehow. The thought gave him inspiration. If Zuko mysteriously left with the Avatar and his friends then everyone would think that they had some important 'save the world' type of mission to do! No one would think that he was abandoning them; no one would have any suspicions of him conspiring with his father! It would all fit… and he would see Katara again! He smiled at the idea. Then he hopped up, only pausing to check his top knot in the mirror before striding out to his study to write letters to everyone.

A stray smile flitted across the Fire Lords face, maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.

Aang sat on Appa's head, listening to Iroh chatter. He wasn't really paying attention to the old man just catching every few words. Aang had shown up at Ba Sing Se a few days earlier and had gone to visit Iroh, and discovered a rather short man tending to the Jasmine Dragon. The short man had said his name was Ping and told Aang that Iroh was going to visit his nephew for his birthday. Aang had jumped on Appa and flew out to meet him.

Iroh had been welcome to the company. He had originally thought to ride the ostrich horse all the way to the fire nation but it would have gotten hot, and this way he could see his nephew faster. He asked a question and waited for Aang to respond, he didn't. The young Airbender was not paying attention to Iroh. He was sitting staring down at the water below them frowning slightly.

Iroh got up and carefully inched his way to Aang. "What's on your mind Avatar?" Iroh asked and Aang looked up startled, the resumed his study of the sea.

"Sorry, I'm just… thinking, that's all." Aang said and Iroh settled down on the brim of the saddle.

"You know, thoughts are like a rock slide. It destroy the beauty of a place and you may think that there is no way of recovery, but if you work and shift every bolder on at a time then you realize just how beautiful things are." Iroh mused philosophically. Aang cocked his head at the old man trying to sort through his words. His expression was so like his nephew's whenever Iroh would offer up one of his proverbs that he chuckled at little.

"I didn't get that." Aang admitted and Iroh gave another chortle.

"It means that you need to pace your thoughts, work them out one at a time. Now, tell me what are you worried about?" Aang sighed heavily.


"Is it about Lady Katara?" Iroh asked slyly. He wondered if Aang too had spotted, and was jealous of Zuko's feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

"No, we're still friends, and dating her was a mistake, but that's not it." Iroh was silently relieved. At least his nephew didn't have to worry with an envious Avatar.

"Then what is it young Avatar?" Iroh asked and noticed how different the boy was, he wasn't as short as he used to be, and his shoulders had broadened. It was like watching Zuko grow up again, and it served to remind the old man just how much he missed his nephew.

"Just call me Aang will you?" He asked in a weak attempt to divert the conversation before saying, "The whole 'last Airbender' thing. I can't be the last of my people. The world can't be complete without Airbenders and what would happen if I die? Would the Avatar cycle be broken and all the hope for the world lost? It's my job to keep balance but I can't do that with a fourth of the world missing." Aang drew his legs up to his chest and rest his chin on his knees.

"I know it must be hard." Iroh said, trying to reason and sound understanding at the same time.

"Hard? This sucks! I can't- I won't-" He seemed to be struggling for words. Then quietly he whispered. "I'm not the last of my kind." The words had the same ring to them as when he denied that he could take the ex-Fire Lord's life. Iroh frowned at the boy.

He must be in so much pain to see what his absence, his existence, has done to his people, Iroh mused. If it had been him in the Avat- Aang's place, he wouldn't know what to do. He certainly wouldn't be able to master all four elements in little under a year and then fight the Fire Lord when he was at his strongest. It wasn't feasible.

They were both startled when a messenger hawk flew into their path and shrieked. The hawk circled a few times and Iroh caught a glimpse of black ribbon hanging off the back of the Fire Nation insignia. Another bird flew out a cloud and gently landed on the saddle. Aang and Iroh glanced at each other. Aang leapt up and gracefully landed next to the hawks, which were tearing into the wooden edge of the saddle with their talons. He pulled the letters out of the cylinder at their backs.

Aang read on and then glanced at the next before handing it to Iroh. Iroh read it and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Dear Uncle, It read. I need you to come to the Fire Nation, it's urgent. I need your help. I'll explain when you get here. –Zuko. The note was short and to the point. Iroh's brow furrowed, his nephew hadn't asked for help since he was crowned, it wasn't in his nature to ask for help. If he was now… He searched the letter for anything else and spotted a quick and hurried ink stain that he could just manage to tear from the mess P.S. If you see Aang bring him with you.

"What do you think he wants?" Aang asked, Iroh studying his own scroll.

"I don't know." He admitted, worry started to prick at his heart. What if Zuko was hurt, what if his people were in rebellion, what if he had accidentally killed one of the nobles, what if he purposely killed one of the nobles?

"You think he's in trouble?" Aang asked, but the expression Iroh was wearing answered his question. "I hope he's okay." Aang muttered. It was just like Zuko to tax another trouble to his already troubled mind.

Toph Bei Fong swaggered around her camp crowing to anyone who would listen how she had beaten The Boulder with her hands literally tied behind her back. Her mother was walking painfully stiff next to her.

When Toph had joined the charity group of Earth Bending wrestlers her mother and father doggedly refused. Until she mentioned that if she wasn't allowed to go then she would run off again and join anyway. From then on her mother had accompanied then as the group traveled from city to city performing for any audience and true to their title, all the money from ticket sales goes to a fund that helps refuges get back on their feet. Toph had proclaimed very loudly that this had been all her idea, and that she was doing it mostly to help the poor people whose lives had been devastated by the war. That was a lie.

True it was a good cause that they were working for, but she had originally joined up just to kick some ass. She missed getting a perfect excuse to practice her Earthbending on a few Fire Nation soldiers or Twinkle Toes.

"Toph, Look!" Her mother shouted, her walking stopped and her heart beat quickening. Toph bit back a sarcastic retort, things had finally started to look up with her mother and her, her mother actually supported her Earthbending now, or at least tried to.

"What is it?" Toph said slipping into her stance. She couldn't feel anything except the hustle and bustle of daily camp life. Then she heard it, the shrill shriek of a hawk. Toph smiled, it meant another letter from Zuko.

"A hawk, but why would it have black ribbons tied to it?" Her mother asked in confusion as the creature circled lower and lower to them. Toph didn't know what the black ribbons were intended to signal either, but it didn't bode well. The creature landed on a tent pole next to them and finally Toph could feel its tiny, rapid pulse.

Her mother reached up and unfastened the scroll on its back, and read it out loud to Toph. "Dear Toph. I need you to come to the Fire Nation, it's urgent. I need your help. I'll explain when you get there. Zuko. P.S. Bring Aang if you find him." Toph bit the inside of her cheek.

"I'm going to pack." Toph announced and started walking off when her mother caught up to her.

"You are not going to the Fire Nation alone!" She announced, trying to sound stern but failed.

"Mom, no offence but Sparky needs my help, and if you don't let me go I'll run away." She turned her back and called over her shoulder. "You'll know where to find me." She could feel her mother struggle with the dilemma Toph had posed her.

"If you are going then I'm coming with you." Her mother called to her and Toph smiled. "And Toph, don't address the Fire Lord as 'Sparky' it's not respectful." Her mother tried to scold her but Toph just laughed.

She giggled, and started walking off in the direction of her tent and yelled back "If Sparky doesn't like it he can kiss my-"


Katara and Sokka were sitting on the half complete wall looking out over the ocean. They had taken most of the morning to waterbend the high wall surrounding the city. Over the past year, the tiny village had been transformed. Where once stood tents and misshapen igloos stood proud houses made of glittering ice. There was even a river that had been conveniently placed there by Master Pakku that allowed the canoes to travel up and down the city easily. The population had grown too, with all the men returning from war many new babies had been springing up. Families had moved from the Northern water tribe had moved down here also.

Now as she looked back Katara almost couldn't recognize the small lonely village where she had grown up, and it made her happy. Everything was turning out for the better now, she was with her family, she had the best friends in the entire world (even if they were miles apart), and she was doing what she loved every day. Nothing could make this better.

Except maybe a boyfriend… Katara mused silently. She was only fifteen, soon to be sixteen, and already boys had approached her father asking for her hand in marriage. He had sent them all to her without a second thought saying "Katara can choose who she wants to be with." Despite her distaste for the sexist rule, Katara wished her father had the judgment to send some of them packing.

Her hopeful courters ranged from the tools who thought fancy Waterbending and bulging muscles was the way to her heart and the others who thought that she was a prize to have since she had been 'good enough for the Avatar'. She had had to freeze more than one of her admirers into an ice block. She needed a guy who was kind, mature, and knew the world didn't revolve around him, Katara decided.

A certain pale, scared man with messy pitch black hair flashed through her mind. She shook her head to clear it of the traitorous thoughts zooming around her head about the Fire Lord. Zuko was her friend, nothing else she told herself stubbornly. Then why did she read every letter he sent to her over and over again just to hear his voice in her head? Why did her heart threaten to break her ribs every time she thought of him?

"What's up?" Sokka asked watching his baby sister's eyes turn downcast and her eyebrows carve lines into her forehead.

"Nothing, it's just…" She thought for a second, "I'm tired, these walls are hard work." Sokka smiled at her.

"Yeah, but at least you have help." They looked behind them at the blue parka wearing Waterbenders on the ground joking, and talking while they took a break.

"It's so pretty here." Katara said and Sokka shrugged.

"Katara, I'm a guy. I don't do 'pretty'." He stated and she smirked.

"You would if Suki said it!" She teased.

"Well she is my girlfriend!" Sokka sniffed and Katara rolled her eyes at his hypocrisy. The word girlfriend dragged up her previous thoughts, which set her daydreaming about Zuko again. His golden eyes, his scar, the way he felt when she hugged him. She shut her eyes and fixed her thoughts on other things. She needed to clean up their house. She still hadn't found her spark rocks, and it was nearly impossible to start one of their coal fires without them. Not if you had a Fire bender handy. Her treacherous brain cut in and there she was fantasizing about Zuko again.

"Katara, look!" Sokka said and pointed to the sky. She glanced upward to catch a fat black flake of snow on her forehead. The soot fell all around her and she peered out over the icy waters. Sure enough there was a Fire Navy ship chugging along through the ocean.

Speak of the devil. Katara thought dryly, though unconsciously a broad smile sneaked its way onto her face. "Come on!" She said and raised a thin stream of water up to them and quickly froze it into a slide.

The wind rushed past them as they skated down to the waiting Water benders, who looked mildly surprised at the black snow falling around them. In the past few months Zuko had been sending his letters to her by trading vessels insisting that the messenger hawks couldn't fare well in the cold.

The ship unloaded a small boat into the freezing water that pushed its way up to iceberg wall. Three water benders lowered it and the tiny ship swam up the river. It lowered it gangplank onto the snow and a fire nation soldier walked out. He looked strangely familiar, though Katara couldn't place where she knew him from.

The soldier looked self-consciously at the crowd of Waterbenders. He ran a hand through his short hair, which was so uncommon for Fire Nation citizens. "Um… Is Lady Katara here?"

"Yes, I'm here." She called from the group and stepped forward. The commander's unease deepened and he shuffled awkwardly. She smiled warmly trying to show the man that they weren't going to hurt him.

"Fire Lord Zuko requires you and your brother's presence at the Royal Palace immediately." He blurted out. Sokka frowned at the man, which did nothing to ease his awkwardness.

"Zuko doesn't…" He started, the idea of being ordered around by his friend was too much for his ego to handle. Luckily Katara didn't have an oversized ego and quickly cut Sokka off.

"What does he need?" She asked a little worried. Zuko was too proud to ask for any help in running his country. If he was 'requiring their presence' it wasn't a good sign.

"He didn't say, but he seemed… excited." The word rolled unfamiliarly from the man's lips. The Water tribe siblings glanced at each other in surprise. Grumpy, angry, sullen Zuko was… excited? Something was definitely wrong.

"The ship was sent for you," The man indicated the waiting Fire Navy vessel.

"That's a little convenient. What makes Zuko think we will just drop everything and leave?" Sokka asked a little annoyed at his old friend.

"I don't know… The Fire Lord instructed me to pass on the message and… beg… you two to come." The man was struggling for words, or was just too embarrassed to plead.

"Well when you put it like that!" Sokka said enthusiastically, now that Zuko was asking for their assist he had no problem going to help him. As long as it was Zuko's self-esteem that was taking the blow.

"Be nice!" Katara said swatting her brother on the arm. "We would be honored…" She trailed off and the man piped up.

"Captain Jee, we've actually met before." He held out his hand and Katara shook it.

"We have?" She inquired, and Captain Jee looked ill at ease again.

"I was assigned to Fire Lord Zuko's ship when he was… gone." Katara instantly remembered where she had seen him before. He was always on deck whenever they were trying to evade Zuko's fire blasts from the back of Appa.

"Oh, well… I wished we met on better circumstances then, Captain Jee." She smiled to let him know that he was forgiven.

"Me too, Lady Katara." He smiled back and silence fell only to be broken by Sokka.

"Now tell me Captain Jee…" He started then got a strange glint in his eye. "Is there any meat onboard?"

"I think so." Jee said confused and Sokka's face lit up.

"When do we leave?" He asked, now ecstatic. Katara rolled her eyes at her brother while her heart hammered away. She was going to see Zuko again, a little smile flitted across her face at the thought.

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