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Lily Luna/Fred II

Warning incest

Shoulder to lean on

She watched him with Tears in her eyes she watched as he bowed his head and took the words his father hurled at him. She heard him whisper sorry and she wanted to hit someone he had nothing to be sorry for. She watched him walk away the tears in his eyes hidden from everyone but her she knew him better then he knew himself. She knew he wanted to have his father's love he wanted to be loved for himself not be consently compared to his deceased uncle Fred someone he could never and didn't ever want to live up to.

She tracked him with her eyes she watched him sit obscured from view by the big willow tree that they had played under as children she couldn't see him but she knew he was there and so she followed ignoring everyone for him the one thing in her life that mattered. She walked across the soft grass and sat down next to him letting the silence reign.

He turned to look at her and she could see the pain that resided deep in his dark blue eyes "Lily" He whispered his words barely audible. She reached out wanting to comfort him but not daring. He grabbed her and pulled her close to him "Lily." He said her name feeling close to her just taking comfort in her presence she snuggled close to him loving the feel of him next to her. She wished he could see how much she loved him she wished he saw her as more than his baby cousin she wished she could take his pain away. But for know she would take what he was willing to give and be a shoulder for him to lean on.

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