In the very first episode, we are introduced to Ted Shivley, Mary Jo's ex-husband.

He was engaged to Suzanne for a very short time, reason being, he was slime of

the universe. Ray Don was the slime maggot that tried to pick up Julia, Mary Jo

and Charlene in a restaurant. How do these first two characters meet?

Ted Shivley could not believe it. He was divorced for the third time, he was alone. His children couldn't stand to be around him anymore, all he had was his practice and that was dwindling . What was wrong with him?

Ted sat down on a bar stool and ordered a whiskey and when the bartender came to give it to him, Ted just blurted out his sob story,

"I'm divorced, I should be happy but I'm not. I feel like I got nothing. I don't really have anything to drink to so I might as well get drunk"

The bartender sees Ted pick up the shot of drink and pour it down his throat like a child taking bad medicine and the bartender says,

"You think you got it bad? See that guy over there?"

He points to a seventy five year old man with silver gray hair and wrinkled skin like a old leather bag and he says,

"That guy has been coming in here for fifteen years and can't get a girl to give him anything but a slap in the face."

The bartender leaves and Ted looks at the other man then Ted happily yells out,

"Hey, Uncle Ray!"

A/N-So now we know where Ted got his slime from.