A/N-This chapter will be based off the episode, 'Tough Enough'. The girls wound up bowling against some other designers, 4 guys who were so terrified of being a cussed of being gay that they went overboard in macho. The men kept making fun of a group of designers that were gay, calling them 'pansies' and stuff so my chapter is about both set of men designers.

Boyd, Phil, Bill and Jeorge were standing in a pool hall. The hall had 4 pool tables waiting to be played with 'Budweiser' lights overhead. One of the men, Bill asked Boyd, the head of their design firm. "What is this all about?" Boyd rolls his eyes and he snorts then says, "I told you, we're going to go up against those pansies at Shidler and List and beat them and get their job!" Bill looks around the room then puts his hands out then says, "Yeah, but you didn't tell us it was in a pool hall! I haven't played a game in years! Since college !"

Boyd then tells them, "You'll remember as you start playing, come on; these guys are gays! probably as soft as the Philsberry doughboy, we don't have a worry in the world!" Phil says, "I hope you are right Boyd" He makes a snort then says. "Don't worry about it"

Just then the door opens and in comes 4 men-the first one is shirtless with a strawberry red cowboy hat on. The guy behind him in a violet-purple football uniform then a third guy with a Freddie Mercury leotard outfit comes and behind him is a drag queen in all her glory, Farrah Fawcett blond wig and long prom dress with a sash across saying-'Queen'.

After looking at them all, Boyd finally asks. "What is all this?" The first guy that came in wearing the cowboy hat says. "This is what you think of us, isn't it? We're only dressing the part"

Boyd gives a 'whatever' smirk and calls the guys to come play and says, "We got this".

The gays go over and starts each game by lining up the balls in the triangle like they are supposed to be, they each chalk their cue and each make the first ball strike.

Bill looks at Boyd and says. "Uh oh".

Each game is done different...with the gays making nearly every shot in every pose possible. At one time, the queen lays on the table on the side of it and makes the shot. The man playing against Jeorge makes annoucements each time he makes a shot and the prediction comes true. The man playing against Bill makes his shots with his eyes closed. And the shirtless one with Boyd, moves his chest muscles before each shot making Boyd nervous but he still makes the shot.

After they all make the last shot, the shirtless one stands up and he says, "I think you owe us $ 500 and the 'Come Lady' job." Bill walks over to Boyd and says, "Cake walk huh?" Boyd says "Shut up".

The queen then asks. "Now that we have beat these guys into the ground...". Boyd speaks up and says, "You did not beat us into the ground". The queen bends over the pool table and says, "Oh honey, you were beat so far into the ground, somebody needs to go get their golf clubs and play through"

All the men in the room laugh at that and Boyd looks at his men and they quickly cut off their laughter and the queen finishes saying. "Can we go get out of these outfits? They are itching me so bad, my game was off tonight". The cowboy says, "Yeah, go on queen Mary". He shoots an air kiss to him and Boyd is in shock then cowboy says. "Oh, I forgot to tell you that Mark paid his way through college by being a pool shark, and he spent the last five years teaching each one of us everything he knows"

Angry, Boyd says. "You tricked me!" Cowboy tells him. "No, I didn't. You didn't ask; you just assumed that just because we are gay we don't know a thing about sports". Just then the football player speaks up and says. "Jay, I'm going to keep on my uniform, I got to go to practice". Jay shakes his head then says, "Sure, go on Mitch"

Jay turns to the men and says. "Mitch started the first all gay football team in Georgia, they already won ten games, didn't you know?"

Mark comes out freshly dressed in blue jeans and a blue striped shirt and he says, "Ah, I'm ready to go out now"

Jay asks, "Fred, are you going to go change?" They look over and Fred stands talking to Jeorge and he takes Jeorge's tie and turns to the bathroom and says. "He'll help me change".

Jay turns to Boyd and he says. "He's European".

The men all turn to go outside and Bill asks Mark. "Were you really a queen?" Mark shakes his head then says, "Five years ago, now I'm just a drinking gay"

They all laugh than Boyd says, "Hey! We're not supposed to laugh and drink with them! We're straight men!" Bill turns to him and says. "Oh, get over it Boyd! I'm going to where the good times and beer is, and I don't care if it comes from a straight or a gay stream, just as long as it goes in the bottle!"

Jeorge and Fred come out and they all get in the car except for Boyd then he just shrugs his shoulders and says. "Oh, what the hell"