A/N-This chapter will be based off the episode, 'Suzanne goes looking for a friend'. Suzanne looked up one of her old pageant days friend to pal around with to a charity event and later, the woman turned out to be a lesbian, freaking out Suzanne. Well, in the end, Suzanne stayed friends with her and the last lines of the show, she said 'If we can we get a man on the moon, we can on you', I'm going to do a play on that so watch for that.


Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene stand in front of some large wooden restaurant doors and they look at each other and Mary Jo asks. "What did the note say?" Suzanne looks at her and says. "I told you, all the note said was to come here at 8:00 ". Charlene then asks her. "Did it have a name?" Suzanne just looks at her with her big baby doll eyes and says. "No". Charlene then says. "This is spooky. What if it is from some ex-boyfriend who has a fixation on you? I mean he could come and knock us on the head then take you across state to force you to marry him" Mary Jo looks at her and says in a loud voice. "Charlene!"

Suzanne sighs then says. "Let's just get this over with". She pulls on the wooden door and it opens up and they go inside, the lights are on, a large, round table is set so beautifully with the dishes, silverware, napkins and lighted candles in the center. Mary Jo looks at it all then says. "It's a four plate setting, who is the fourth one for?" Charlene then says. "probably for Julia, whoever it is, didn't know she died. It was sudden"

Suzanne waves her purse than says. "Well, whoever it is, I just wish they would hurry up, I got better things to do". Charlene asks her. "Like what?" Suzanne shrugs her shoulders and Mary Jo says. "She's got to go to the nursing home to see who is still alive today...it is getting to be hunting time for Suzanne" Charlene snickers while Suzanne rolls her eyes then a woman comes in the room. She's very well dressed and when she comes closer, the girls exclaim. "Eugenia!"

Eugenia smiles than Suzanne says. "Eugenia, last time I heard from you, you were in Europe. You didn't tell me you were coming back" Eugenia chuckles then says. "Well, I had enough of studying the effects of the weather in the rainforest over all the world so I decided to come home and open this restaurant". They look around at the elegant restaurant then Charlene says, "I thought I recognized this place, isn't this the old restaurant that you thought was a lesbian hangout Mary Jo?" embarrassed, she mumbles a yes then Eugenia says. "Actually, there' no such thing as a lesbian restaurant or bar...it's just a place where a certain section of people start hanging out because they feel comfortable being there, that's what this place is for, just to feel comfortable and I invited you here Suzanne to thank you"

Suzanne looks at her, shocked and says. "Thank me? For what? When I found out about you, I just acted like a big old donkey" Eugenia just gives a warm smile then says. "But you stopped, became my friend and we stayed friends in e-mails and phone calls, stayed my friend, a lot more than what a lot of other people do; believe me I should know"

Just than another woman comes out and Suzanne asks. "Who's this?" Eugenia stands up and proudly says. "This is my wife, Major Hope McCrillis". Hope extends her hand and Charlene asks. "You are in the Air Force?" Hope shake her head and says. "I'm a astronaut, I was the first lesbian in space" They all laugh then Eugenia says. "Charlene's husband is in the Air Force". Hope's face lights up and she asks. "Really? I wonder what else we have in common?"

Mary Jo can't resist and she whispers to her friend. "Like having a vagina?" Charlene kicks Mary Jo in the chin then she says. "Bill's going to retire in about 5 years". Eugenia then asks.

"How are you doing Suzanne? Are you married?"Mary Jo chuckles then says. "Suzanne tried to go for the tie with Elizabeth Taylor but she refuses to cross the Atlantic". All the women laugh then Suzanne says. "Very good Mary Jo, so nice to hear dating critique from a woman who has been divorced one time and hasn't had a single date since 1983, I on the other hand, had dated at least twice a night..so now who's embarrassed?"

Everybody looks at each other and snickers than Eugenia says. "I'm so sorry about Julia Suzanne, I thought she was a classy women, the last of Southern gentile" Suzanne says, "Julia never dated anybody in the south named "Gentile", maybe that summer when she went to France and she was in southern France"

Mary Jo and Charlene snicker then Mary Jo says. "She means Julia was the last of the true southern women" Suzanne then says. "I knew that but I'm still here to pick up the speed...now, Eugenia, I know you want to run an elegant restaurant and all that jazz but here you only got 4 plate settings and here are 5 people. I mean what is the 5th person to do, eat off the floor like a pig?" Charlene says. "Suzanne, the saying is 'eat off the floor like a dog', not a pig"

Suzanne shakes her head then says. "I never had a dog, just a pig. So I just say it as I see it." Eugenia turns to her wife and asks. "Go tell Marcus to bring an extra plate and bring out dinner". Hope gets up and shakes her head slowly while being bombarded by Suzanne and then the 5 women have a fun and semi relaxing meal for the rest of the night.

A/N-I know that our president has stopped the NASA program but I just had to include that line.

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