A/N-This one is based on of 'Pappa was a Rolling Stone', the girls threw Anthony his 30th birthday and got his father for him. This man named Henry showed up and he played like he was the best friend of Anthony's father and that he died but lo and behold, it was actually him. He had a fantasy about his dad would give him a Louis Slugger and they would go to a ball game so this story is about that.


It was Anthony's sixty-fourth birthday and he was sitting in the middle of a cemetary looking at his dad's grave. Charles Clarence Manrow. His father died in 1989 and Anthony did the only decent thing he could do, he gave his father his final resting place in Restful Time cemetary.

A few days ago he had received a phone call from a Shane Wooldrige, Esq., Anthony had heard little about him. He was a lawyer from across town, he belonged to a small law firm that helped the people in the community with their low prices and acceptance of at no cost cases. The only thing that Mr. Wooldrige told him was to meet him on this day at his father's graveside. So here he was, sitting on a concrete bench and looking at his father's cold, white marble headstone that says in block letters and numbers 'Charles Clarence Manrow. 1932-1988' then he hears leaves and grass crunching under good shoes then he looks up to see a middle-aged bald, white man and Anthony says. "Oh, mister Wooldrige, I presume"

They shake hands and the man says. "Shane, please call me Shane". He then says. "I know you are wondering what's going on so let me tell you. Your father, came to my firm in 1985..." Anthony looks at him then Shane goes on and explains. "I know, I was only five years old but he left pretty specific instructions with my Uncle just before he died." He then hands out a yellow manila to Anthony then he says. "Hopefully, this will explain". He gives the yellow envelope to Anthony, they shake hands and Shane nods his head then leaves.

Anthony looks at it then opens it up and the first thing he gets out is a slightly yellow sheet of paper and Anthony reads it. Dear Anthony, I know this is a surprise and you don't like surprises but, well, this can't be helped mostly because I'm dead. Now, open the other envelope that should be in here.' Anthony looks in and sees a smaller envelope and he can tell that the envelope is newer but he goes on and opens it and when he does, he is shocked by what is inside. TWO Atlanta Braves tickets ! He then goes on to read the rest of his father's letter. 'If you remember, which you should with clarity, at that party that your friends at that design place threw for you and bought me in; you said that you always had a fantasy that you and I would go to a ball game together well, we never could since you were busy at college and becoming a lawyer. Now, I'm proud of you son, you did better with your life than I could ever dream so I knew why we never could and, let's be honest; you didn't want to spend time with an old man who ran out on you before you were even born.

Anyway, I had some stock that only my lawyers knew about. It wasn't anything big, I didn't want AT & T or anything like that, just something that would give enough money to get this; two tickets to a Braves game, one for you and any friend you want. And I know you are also wondering why I decided to wait until you were 64. Well, I don't know, to tell you the truth; I just put a line of numbers on the wall and threw a dart and it landed on 64.'

The letter ends and Anthony smirks then he looks at the tickets and he thinks.

A few weeks later, Anthony sits next to Charlene at a Atlanta Braves baseball game and she is snacking on popcorn then she says. "Oh, thank you Anthony for bringing me. I haven't been to a Braves game in so long traveling with Bill and working at the firm. This is so nice, I wish we could thank your father". Anthony smiles then he says. "I think he knows Charlene, somehow I think he knows". Anthony looks down below on the left of him and he sees a boy of 7 or 8 sitting happily with his father who is in his middle 30's and he sees them laughing and joking . Then he imagines himself as a boy in a green striped shirt and Charles sitting with him. They laugh and talk about the game then they hear the music 'Take me out to the Ballgame'.

He comes out of his daydream with Charlene poking him in the sides and she says. "Anthony. Anthony, the game is starting!" He shakes his head out of the dream and he says. "Huh? oh! Go Braves! Hit that ball!" Cheers go up for the city's home team and Charlene gets out a bag of peanut M & M out of her green and white jacket pocket, she opens them and puts them in her bowl of popcorn and Anthony asks her. "What are you doing Charlene?"

She looks at her bowl then she asks. "Just putting my m & m's in the popcorn, you've never done that?" He firmly shakes his head then says. "No, I have not". She smiles and get a handful out of the mixture then says. "Oh, come on". He makes a face and says. "I don't think so Charlene". She smiles and puts them up to his face and says. "Oh, come on" . He looks at them with his face twisted up and he sniffs and wonders.

A/N-Just a story of family and being with friends. Please review.

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