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"You know the stories they tell of Sherwood?" She told her brother when coming back after another forest adventure. She has gotten quite well at sneaking away.

"What stories?" He asked peering at her.

"Outlaws. Fairies. Spirits. All of them!" She said flashing her grin at her brother.

"Outlaws are murderers, fairies lure young maidens to their deaths, and spirits suck out souls." Her brother said frowning and turning away. They sat in the shadowed camp with two other Wanderers, their mother and an older man.

"I saw outlaws today. They looked friendly-"

"Please tell me you did not talk to them!" Her brother replied a little too loudly.

"Talk to who?" The old man asked Beau pulled her black hood over her face and said nothing.


He ran as fast as he could to catch the piglet that had just escaped. The dog they had chased after him barking at Runk's heals. He tripped and fell sprawling into the grass just near where the piglet stopped. The little piglet happily snorted around the fresh spring flowers as he snuck up behind it. Runk quickly grabbed it and scooped it up with a triumphant laugh. He carried the squealing piglet back to where his father and the rest of the pigs where, a grin lighting up his face.

"Look Fa! I caught it!" His father, Jack, smiled and told him good job. Runk knew that he wanted to be just like his father one day. He was patient, kind, loving, the father of anyone's dreams.

"What do you say that tomorrow I teach you how to use a knife. In case you have to go off on your own again." His father said. Runk nodded and smiled up at him. He looked almost identical to his father, they never spoke of his mother who apparently died in childbirth. Runkling didn't believe it for she had no grave, or anything to mark her existence. It did not matter to him though for he knew his father made up for the absence of his mother.


"And this is my daughter Ettarde," Her father introduced her to another of his important dinner guests. Etty sighed inwardly, but curtseyed politely like her mother had taught her. She then spoke of her favorite philosophers, and later that evening sung the lullaby that her mother taught her for their guests.

"She'll be very beautiful when she is of marrying age." The man said to her father. He said something else that Etty could not hear."Shall we discuss this in private…" Her father was asking. Discuss what? She thought dying to know.

Her maid had taken her to her room helped her bathe and then settled her into bed. "Your mother will be in, in just a bit. Do you wanna read till then miss Ettarde?" Amelia asked.

"Yes please!" Etty exclaimed with a bright smile. "Amelia would you like me to teach you how to read?" Etty asked her maid.

"Miss Ettarde maids do not read." Amelia said standing to go grab a book off the shelf. The book had pictures of mermaids and a man holding a lightning bolt on it.

"Mythology." Etty said she patted for Amelia to sit down next to her. The young maid did so and leaned against the wall. "Page one…."


Dinner was served as soon as his father returned to the house. Today it was roughly around eight thirty in the evening. Lionel sat in the big chairs at the big table, his mother across from him and his father at the head. They ate in silence as usual until his father spoke.

"Now, what did you do today son?" He asked a smile across his face for once.

Lionel shrugged and put the spoon in his mouth. "You wife?"

"Embroidery my Lord. I'm working on a tapestry to hang in the hallway upstairs." His mother said with a smile looking strait into her husbands eyes.

"Good! That wall is looking a bit blank. I shall love to see your progress on it!" He said with another smile. His mother nodded and winked lightly at Lionel.

That evening she had tucked Lionel into bed and sung him a song before kissing him goodnight.

"Mother?" he asked looking up at her.

"Yes darling?" She picked up the candle she brought into the room and was about to walk out the door.

"Thank you." He said before closing his eyes and turning around. Thank you for not telling father that you had taught me more today. He thought.


"Hang it where it belongs." Her mother said without even turning around to see that Rosemary had simply dropped her mantle by the door instead of placing it on its hook.

She groaned and hung it up properly. She stuck her tongue out making a face at her mothers back before going to their room. Her mother kept a book filled with different pictures that she or Rose herself had drawn of different plants, and other things. One of which was a drawing Celandine did of Rosemary.

Rosemary at times, mainly if she has had a bad day, would take the book out and look at its pictures sitting by the hearth or laying in the soft grass outside. Her mother was an excellent artist, even Rose herself was quite good. She took their book and laid down on the ground by the hearth sighing meaning too as she flipped to her namesake plant.

"What's wrong?" Her mother asked knowing why she had gotten the book out.

"Nothing." Rosemary lied. She did not know why she tried to lie her mother , Celandine always knew when she was.

"Then you would not mind setting the table for dinner." her mother asked stepping over her to get to the pot that hung above the fire. She tested the stew with the wooden spoon they kept next to the hearth. "Almost done." She looked down at her daughter laying on the ground. Rosemary, laying on her back, had the book open on top of her face. "You are quite skilled if you can look at the pages like that," her mother said a hint of laughter in her voice.

Rosemary tried not to smile but did not lift the book off her face. Her mother bent and picked it up setting it aside on the stool. Rosemary threw her hands up covering her face before Celandine got a look at it. Rose did not feel like explaining the red marks forming on her cheek.

"Now either tell me what has gotten into you or do as I asked and sat the table for dinner." Celandine had walked back over to the pot and took it off the fire. "Rosemary?" She said again when Rose had not moved.

She sat up with a sigh and showed her mother her face, "What happened this time?" Her mother asked kindly kneeling in front of her.

"It was that same girl, she called me a bastard and said that I was unwanted, and several other things that I am not repeating to you." Rosemary told her simply folding her arms over her chest.

"What did you do to her?" Her mother asked.

"I pushed her down." Rosemary said looking down at her hands. "Then she slapped me so I punched her, than came here." Celandine was not surprised, her daughter had always been a fighter physically and mentally. Her personality is much like her fathers, she thought. "We will discuss your punishment after you sat the table and we eat dinner." Celandine said standing.

"But it was her fault!" Rosemary said going to the kitchen area to do what she was told.

"No buts." Celandine said , "You do not stop fires with more fire."

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