These are some Madlibs my friends and I did based on How To Train Your Dragon. Some might repeat to some degree, but they'll always have different things in them.
If you have any questions on who or what something might be, don't be afraid to ask or comment!

Hiccups Ode To Astrid Part I

Roses are red, sweaters are blue. Astrids as tough as a hair, and shes delicious, too. When we first met, I knew it was love. She was like a bag sent from above! So smart, so strong, a gross source of power. When she goes into battle, all the shoes cower. She smells like a bug, did I mention that? When fighting dragon, she's stinky as a cat. Her hair, her eyes, her Evelyn-wielding- way- I could watch her fight vicious bees for days. Unfortunately, she thinks that I'm pretty, and I guess that's so. But I'm smart and ugly and I'll let it show. Astrid is more of a Viking than I, and she makes me feel bitter when she is nearby. Deep in my lips I know this is real. But I fear what she'd say if she knew how I feel. So I watch from Paris, and that's where I'll stay. Maybe she'll notice how drunk I am, someday.