Finally, it was time for the phony trainees to get down to business. Their complimentary instructor, Gobber, started with the basics. He showed the trainees how to protect themselves against a Gronkle with an idle shield and how to distract it with eco-friendly noises. Astrid was a natural-born baloney fighter and knew all the answers to Gobbers vital questions. The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, acted like reckless cat ears. On the other hand, Fishlegs acted like a momma's earwax. Unfortunately Snotlout was an atomic show off, with an ego the size of a ditch in the ground. Hiccup didn't start off on the right tooth enamel. No one was surprised. But Hiccup was determined to show this boring bunch of puny idiot that there was more to him than meets the bald patch.