Btw, yes, this is a sort-of songfic. Information below!

Song: Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Artist: Landon Pigg

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It was an autumn Aang was sure he would never forget in his life. An autumn he was sure he would think back to and cherish forever. And he would never forget the Coffee Shop that provided a perfect love story for one to tell:

It all began three months ago.

There was one customer at a recently opened coffee shop. He would go there every day after school for some afternoon hot chocolate and occasional coffee, and this person was Aang. Aang was a young man, fifteen years of age. He was remarkably handsome and admired by many for his usual upbeat attitude and genuine kindness to everyone. His hair was jet-black, he was average sized in height, thin, and his eyes were a beautiful shade of grey. He almost never took off his hat with a blue arrow pointing down in the front—it was his signature.

And now we find ourselves back at the coffee shop as he enters and orders a peppermint hot chocolate. He sits silently at the large shop windows and gazes at the world beyond the glass. Winds started picking up again, throwing leaves in every direction and he sipped his drink, admiring how much he loved this time of year.

Until he saw her walking down the sidewalk.

Then his gaze focused on nothing or anyone else.

She was approaching the café at rapid walking speed, most likely out of desperation to escape the chilly wind blowing against her skin-revealed face. She wore a blue, purple, and white-striped knit hat, a scarf the same color and pattern wrapped securely around her lips and neck. She also wore a knit blue jacket and black jeans and boots. Her wavy, chocolate-brown hair whipped around her tan skin as the winds thrashed every strand in every direction. Aang couldn't stop staring.

When she entered the café, she practically sprinted to the counter to order something, pulling the scarf down from her lips and revealing her whole face. Aang thought he had never seen anyone or anything so beautiful.

His heart skipped a beat when she glanced in his direction, and he could have sworn he saw her smile at him for a mere second. Their eyes had made contact, and Aang found him self lost in hers. They were the most bluest he had ever seen.

After looking at him a few seconds, she pushed a brown lock of hair behind her ear and glanced around the café, avoiding eye contact with him again. He noticed the blush forming on her cheeks and he almost wanted to giggle. She was embarrassed.

Aang tried fighting the urge just to walk up and kiss her. She was literally the girl he had always dreamed of having in his life. He had never seen anyone so perfect.

He had immediately fallen in love, and he knew he couldn't do a thing about it.

I think that possibly,

Maybe I'm falling for you

Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you.

He continued watching her as she received her cup and sat down at a stool by the counter, her little hair-loopies covering her eyes that were held together by two blue beads. She sipped her drink, looking downcast.

Then he knew. He had to go up and talk to her. He may never see her again—and he did not want to miss this chance. So he stood up and nervously pulled a stool next to her and sat down, eyeing his drink. She flinched, feeling his presence beside her, but she did not look as she continued to sip her drink awkwardly.

That moment of time was probably the most awkward and uncomfortable both had ever experienced. It mostly consisted of fidgeting and sipping their drinks and hardly making eye contact, looking in the opposite directions.

"Hi, I'm Aang." The black-haired boy finally spoke up. He looked at her with a warm smile.

There was a long silence again. This time, there was no fidgeting or awkwardly sipping drinks. She was completely still, as if put on pause. Aang started getting anxious. "So how… how has your day been going so far? Do you like coming here often? It's a great little place to just relax and—"

"I'm Katara." She finally answered, looking at him now with a smile. Her eyes were soft and kind. "And don't worry, I know who you are. We're in the same school."

"O-oh! We—we are? I've never seen you before." Aang admitted sheepishly with an embarrassed grin.

She looked at him quizzically. "We're in two of the same classes." She said kindly.

"OH! Man! Uh… now I feel stupid—I mean, o-of course you are! Now I remember! Of course." Aang was laughing now, completely flushed. Oh how embarrassing this is! "Er, uh… which classes?"

Katara giggled. "We're in homeroom class and Spanish together. You alright? You're looking a little red in the face."

"Oh… um, it's just the cold. Really, it is." He smiled bashfully, happy that they were at least having a conversation like he hoped.

"Yes, it's quite chilly out." She agreed, looking back at her cup and sipping it quietly.

"So, what'cha got there?" Aang asked, nodding at the cup in her mitten-covered hands.

"Hot chocolate. Want some?" She asked.

"Oh, no it's fine. I got one here. Only peppermint."

"Oh? I didn't know they made peppermint hot cocoa here." She said in surprise.

"Yeah, they do. It's a new thing, since lots of customers were requesting it." He smiled. He began to realize that the conversation wasn't so awkward anymore and he was talking smoothly. He gave himself a mental pat for doing well.

"Ah. I see," She said, smiling back. "I'll need to get that next time. So, Aang. Do you enjoy coffee? I mean, this is a coffee shop."

"I only have it once in a while. I enjoy hot chocolate a little more. It's very rich and doesn't make you so hyper as coffee does," He chuckled. "You should have seen my friend Sokka—"

Katara was drinking her cocoa when she stopped and looked up in alarm. "Did you say Sokka?"

He nodded, looking at her confused. "What? Um… are you guys… going out or something?" He asked. Damn. She probably already has a boyfriend.

She laughed, making Aang smile. Such a pretty laugh… "No, Sokka's my brother."

"O-oh! You're brother! Sorry, my bad." He brushed his hand over his face and through his hair and then tugged his hat over his face to hide his furious blushing. Oh god, I'm such an idiot! Of course! Now that I think about it, they do look alike.

He heard Katara giggle again as she reached over and pulled up his hat from his face, making him blush even more from the contact. "It's alright, really! No need to be embarrassed." She said smiling.

He adjusted his arrow-hat properly back on his head. "Katara, I think I have EVERY right to be embarrassed right now. I'm being such an idiot today." He laughed at himself, shaking his head.

"Really, no need. I think it's cute." She placed a hand on his shoulder, leaned in and kissed him full on the cheek. He was left completely dazed. Even when she told him she had to go and she'd be back tomorrow, and a "see at school" farewell, Aang watched as she went out the door. He held a grip on the counter just to keep him self from falling off the stool.

"Till… tomorrow." He whispered long after she was gone.

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