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If there was one word to describe Aang, it had to be: Perfection. There wasn't a single moment where Katara doubted herself for loving him or doubting—well, him. He was everything she dreamed of, everything she wanted.

For the last ten days, she learned so much about him—probably more than even his own friends. They told secrets in the coffee shop, things that they promised themselves they wouldn't tell a soul. But there wasn't a single reason not to confide in one another.

She learned all this: He was quite spiritual, he could become a therapist if he wanted to, he had great taste in music, he lost his blood-related family in his childhood (which grieves him still—it had always been a touché subject), he loved hot chocolate and coffee, he was amazingly talented at playing the bongos, he liked creamy peanut butter, he would hallucinate about food when he was hungry, a peacemaker, he loved the air element out of the four the most, he spoke Spanish almost-fluently, he likes and swam with dolphins, and by gods, he was handsome and an incredible kisser.

And as the days slowly passed, Katara was bound to learn even more.

Today was Friday, meaning that today was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. The air was crisp and the autumn leaves floated effortlessly with the wind; there was something lingering in the atmosphere outside and in the coffee chop: perhaps a sense of peace and playfulness was what could describe it.

Katara and Aang came upon the coffee shop after school that day, hands intertwined, both giggling amongst themselves. As soon as they entered, Katara inhaled deeply through her nose. The ambrosial scent of coffee and peppermint hot chocolate combined wavered in the atmosphere of the shop. It was the most amazing scent the two ever smelled, even after all the days they'd spent here—none of those days compared to today.

The young couple quickly stepped in line.

"You didn't spend all your money from the vending machine today, did you?" Katara smiled up at Aang, watching as he rummaged through his wallet.

"Don't worry 'bout it. In fact, I have enough to cover the both of us." He turned to her with a sly grin.

Katara gaped at him, and slapped his shoulder. "No! No. Don't even think about it. I'm going to pay for myself—don't waste your money on me."

"But you're my girlfriend." He furrowed his brows at her.

"That's no excuse. I'm perfectly capable of spending money for myself."

"I know you are. But it's my treat this time." He smiled.

"No, Aang. You don't need to do this."

"I don't need to. But I want to." He murmured, leaning to press his lips against one of her hair-loopies. This caused a blush to form on Katara's beautiful cheeks, and in turn creating a smile of gratification on his perfect lips.

She folded her arms tightly across her chest with a pout. "Fine. But I'm paying you back."

"Don't do that."

"But I want to." She argued.

"No, Katara, you don't." He laughed, while counting the money he had.

She blew strands of hair in front of her face with frustration. "Whatever."

Aang released a low chuckle. "I win."

Why did she always let him take advantage of her so?

She sighed lightly, but a secret smile spread on her lips.

It was just like the first day, in terms of drink orders. Aang ordered a peppermint hot chocolate and Katara ordered the same but without the peppermint.

This time, they sat on the empty row of stools at the counter. Aang shivered in his seat.

"Are you cold?" She asked, tilting her head. "You've got goosebumps."

"No, just extremely happy," He smiled at her, and sighed. "I love this coffee shop… so much." Aang looked off in the distance, lost in a train of thought.

Katara watched him, smiling softly. Although it had only been ten days, they had gone through so much together. She could never forget these events and this little moment of time, where it was just the two of them feeling peace. Finally. The others had come to accept them at school, and Jet seemed completely different. He no longer bothered them, or threatened Katara. He was an entirely new person, like a snail having a new shell on its back.

And then Katara heard the door open, the little bell on top of the door ringing softly. In walked Jet. Speak of the devil.

"Hey, Aang. Katara." He nodded to both of them, smiling, with his hands shoved in the pockets of his jacket.

"Hey Jet." Aang greeted. Katara said nothing. Although he was completely different, or appeared to be, she wasn't sure yet if she could buy it.

"I'm not surprised to find you two here." He said, chuckling lightly and helping himself to a chair near them.

"Well, you're right. We've been here every day now." Aang said, smiling a little.

Jet nodded. "What makes you so interested in this place, anyway?"

Aang looked to Katara to see if she wanted to say anything at all, but she turned away and rested her chin on her hand stubbornly. He turned back to Jet.

"It's a good place to be after school to just hang out, don't you think?"

"I'll have to agree." He said. "This place does seem… I dunno, just… different."

Katara turned to face him immediately and, before she thought twice about it, began hearing herself say in a cheerful tone: "I know, isn't it?"

Jet and Aang blinked, hardly expecting her to speak up, and in a perky tone.

"Y-yeah… so, anyway, I guess you guys met here, and that's why you're so connected?"

Aang nodded. "Pretty much."

Jet smiled. Not a fake, or sinister smile—but a real, normal smile, with complete truth behind it.

"Well then. I'll leave you both alone." He grunted as he got up from his chair and left without another word.

"Well that was strange." Aang noted with his eyebrows raised, staring at the spot Jet was just sitting in.

"Yeah. It… really was. I wonder then if he's truly changed after all?" Katara wondered.

Aang smiled at her. "He has, Katara. I know you still feel a little doubt, but trust me—he changed."

"I guess." She replied, smiling back a little.

Before she knew it, Aang had moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her slim body. He pressed his face against hers in a comforting snuggle, and feeling the smoothness of her skin, her cheek, against his lips. Katara sighed contentedly, and leaned into him. She reached up and caressed his hair and down his cheek, then leaned into his shoulder more.

"I love you, Katara."

"I love you, too, Aang."

A pause.

"You're my forever girl."

Katara smiled into his neck, and pressed her lips there.

They continued this moment of joy and togetherness, thinking in the back of their minds that destiny was a funny thing—especially when you fall in love at a coffee shop, one of the least expected places. Yes, truly, destiny really is a funny thing.

-The End -

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