They Still Don't Belong To Me... No Matter How Hard I Wish... Damnit. Thank Ya Much DS.

Not Much Of A Story Or Plot But Just Something I Couldn't Get Outta My Head.

The black convertible came screeching into the parking lot, Angelus' back quickly slamming against the back of his seat as it came to a hard stop. He was all but flying out of the vehicle mere seconds later, gathering much attention from those around him. He growled, removing his unneeded sunglasses, tucking them away right before he yanked the club door open. A young woman, human, gasped at him and he growled again, smirking quickly as she screamed and ran out the door behind him. His eyes quickly scanned the strip joint, finally resting on the person he was here to see.

As if sensing him, the dark haired young man spun around, his eyes going wide. Wider when he saw the unhappy, very frightening vampire coming toward him, vamping out half way there. "Angelus!" Warren Mears screamed, his hands flying up before him. This was very not good. Angelus wasn't supposed to be here yet. He let out a very girlie sounding shriek as Angelus' hand wrapped around his throat, lifted him easily, then slammed him hard across the closest table. "Wait, wait, wait!" he struggled to get out as the vampire's head started ducking toward him. Angelus' head tilted to the side. Wickedly. "Wait, just wait, okay?" he tried to reason. Angelus just smirked then bit into the boy's flesh. "Andrew!" Warren screamed, uselessly trying to struggle against the demon. "Get the girl! Get the girl!"

Angelus could have laughed. Did they really think some lap dance was was going to make everything alright? Make him forget that they have been slacking off and not doing their jobs?

Warren's eyes went wide again as he saw her appear out of the corner of his eye. "Angelus, Angelus! Look, look, look! Just look!"

He didn't know why, but Angelus lifted his head, growled, then followed the boy's pointed finger. Without realizing it, he let go of the boy, straightened up, and switched back to his human appearance.

He knew what she was, he just couldn't believe it. There hadn't been word of a slayer in centuries.

Warren cough, sat up. "They're called slayers," he said, his eyes widening as he said "slayer," his hands dramatically waving before him.

Angelus growled, snapped his head to the side, his hand going back to the boys throat. "I know that," he growled out before letting go of him once more, his attention returning to the blonde. The very young, very beautiful blonde.

She looked completely uninterested.

"Why am I just learning about this now?" he asked the entire joint, the world even, as he kept his eyes on the girl, drinking her in.

He heard warren rambling on with an answer but lost interest that he never really had to begin with. He waved him off then began walking toward the girl, only to be stopped by a large, almost impresive group of bodyguard-like vamps and demons alike. "Well, this is interesting," he commented.

"Sorry Angelus," he heard Willy call out from behind him, "can't touch the merchandise."

Angelus smirked, turning toward the man as he got closer. "You have a slayer working at a vampire strip bar?"

Willy's smile grew. "Genius right? Only for special occasions, of course."

"Of course," he echoed. He walked carefully around the stage and the men guarding around it, looking at her from all angles, admiring every last one of them. "And, tell me, how much does one need to be one of these so-called special occasions? Let's say... get a more private viewing?" he smirked, devilish thoughts raging on his mind.

Willy sighed, carefully hiding between some scary looking demons. "Look, Angelus, you know I like you. I like doing business with you. I would like to continue to in the future... But I can't have you around my slayer, alright?"

The vampire let out another growl, his head tilting but not looking at the man he was conversing with. The girl was a better sight after all. "And why not?"

"I think that goes without saying."

Angelus smiled, some lovely memories of slayer's long past flying through his mind. 'Those sure were some good times,' he thought. Though strangely, or not so strangely depending on who you asked or how you looked at it, he had no intention of doing any of those things with this one. No, no. He had other plans for her. "What is your name?" he asked the slayer.

She stopped playing with her nails, something she seemed much more interested in as he'd walked around taking her in. Her head tilted toward him. "Buffy," she answered.

"Buffy," he repeated, liking the way it tasted on his tongue. "Interesting name," he commented.

Buffy, as it were, rolled her eyes. "Gee, really?" she asked before going back to her nails.

He laughed. Actually laughed.

Walking over to the owner, Angelus ignored the demons caging the small man. "I want her."


Warren cringed as Angelus reached out to him, his hand clamping down around the back of his neck. "Uh... An...Angelus... I know said..."

Angelus smiled and saved him off, drawing him closer to him. "I like the way your mind works, Warren," he said. "Very nice." He looked over at the boys two friends and motioned for them to follow as he walked toward the exit, with one more glance at the blonde slayer. He was annoyed he wasn't bringing her home with him, not yet anyway, but without any doubt he knew he would be very soon.

"Uh... thanks..." Warren nervously said.

"I, however, do not like my orders being disobeyed. Or things being kept from me."

Warren swallowed. "I... I un..understand sir, Angelus, I just... I wanted to make su...sure and was working on to get th..the girl and..."

Again Angelus waved him off. "I'll let it slide, this one and only time," his eyes flashed yellow-gold. "Now, tell me everything you know about this Buffy girl."

Several minutes in, Angelus had to shut him up and direct him to what he really wanted to know, not all this bullshit personality and boo-hoo shit. He'd find that out from her, if he so chose to. No, he wanted to know what was useful in terms of getting her out from under Willy, or whoever's, orders and under his... and him.


Arriving home, Angelus headed inside and down to the basement where he kept a Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. The Brit was a wannabe Demon Hunter slash Vampire Killer, neither of which he was particularly good at, who'd happen to have an obsession with the legend that was Angelus. Which is exactly what got him in trouble, and captured. He also had a knack for dark arts and magic, something he seemed to almost be alright with, which has helped keep him alive. Angelus had thought the man might come in handy someday, which he had a time or two so far. Now was a real test.

And, as luck would have it, he was also from a long line of watchers.

His little slayer was untrained, he knew that, he could tell. He knew without a doubt she had raw strength and power tucked away in that tiny, delicious body of hers, knew that she could fight, but again, untrained. Wes and himself would do her a world of good.