Finishing his meal, Angelus smiled and wiped the blood from his lips and chin. Knowing he still had plenty of time, the vampire whistled and went to go find someone to 'play' with to tide over his growing excitement for tonight's upcoming events.

Arriving home, Angelus quickly glanced at the time before making his journey upstairs. Reaching the bedroom, he smiled, leaning against the door frame as he took in his wife and child sleeping in a chair off to the side of the bed. He had a feeling he'd never get used to such a sight.

Early on in their relationship, Angelus had marked her as his, made her his wife in the demon world. After they'd discovered she was pregnant, something they had yet to find an explanation for, he'd asked her to marry him once more, in the human sense, which she happily agreed to. He hadn't exactly been thrilled on the whole thing, the wedding mostly, but it made her happy and it was what he knew she wanted so he just decided to grin and bear it. He did have to admit the event had its upside, like that large white pile of fuzz she'd gone to great lengths to find. It quickly ended up just being scraps of material, but he had made great use of that wedding dress. Those were some fond memories he loved to look back on.

Their son, Connor, was a completely miracle child, something they doubted they'd ever really understand, but neither of them cared. They had him, he was healthy, and they were happy. Buffy's pregnancy had no complications, the baby was born, perfectly healthy and strong. All his fingers and toes. There was something obviously supernatural about him, growing with every day, but they didn't know exactly what was to come. Neither of them worried about it though. They knew they didn't need to.

Angelus quietly stalked across the room, kissing Buffy's head before taking Connor from her arms and placing him back in his crib. He smiled, holding out his finger to the sleeping boy, who grasped it lightly before falling deeper into his slumber. Angelus watched the child resting for as long as he could before returning to his wife, gently waking her up and letting her know it was time.


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Buffy asked, moments away from reaching Wesley.

Angelus stopped, turning toward her and bringing her into his arms. It hadn't even been a year when he realized, fully admitted perhaps would be a better way to describe it, that he'd never be able to turn her. He wanted her to keep her warmth, her beating heart, that sparkle in her eyes, rose tint to her cheeks, tan to her skin. He didn't want her to become a monster like he, but he also knew she couldn't remain human either. There was no way he'd lose her, watch her grow old, become sick, wither away and die. She wasn't up for the idea either. So, the two of them came up with an idea, a plan they hoped could come to be, then put Wes to work. He'd figured out a way, at least a way to try, but given the unforeseen events of her pregnancy it had to be put on the back burner until now.


He tipped her chin and kissed her lightly. "Yes, I am sure."


Wes was a bundle of nerves, everyone around could see that, though as long as he did the deed no one really cared. Given who he was, he wasn't supposed to be fine with any of this, so it wasn't that surprising.

Angelus did share some of his worry about the possibilities of doing such a thing, giving Buffy an immortal life as she was, when it came to her being the slayer. He had no idea what it would mean for her exactly, what it'd mean for the slayer world. But, he figured as long as it didn't effect them, he didn't really care all that much.

"We can wait if you want," he told his wife, keeping one eye on Wesley as he got his things together, making sure there was no funny business going on.

Buffy shook her head. She remembered back to when he'd told her he'd give her around ten years before he'd turn her, the first time and another when they'd discussed why. She knew he'd wanted her to get all she could out of human life, grow older, though not older than he in his human life, have some fun and live a little. But that was then, that was when they thought he'd turn her, that was before she realized she didn't want to waste anymore time. And, even on top of that, she didn't want to get any older than she was. She was finally really happy with herself, with her looks, her life. She knew there'd never be a more perfect time to make everything stand still.

"Well Wes, let's get on with it."