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Author's Note - I've decided I start another story and trust me, this one was very impromptu. The idea developed after seeing the lyrics to the song No Day But Today (which is essentially the combination of the songs Life Support and Another Day) form the musical, RENT.

This will be very vaguely reminiscent of a song-fic, because the lyrics of the song (though thoroughly rearranged to fit my needs) will serve as chapter titles and a bases for the chapter. It will be, roughly, 15 chapters long.

Summary: Non-magic AU. Slash. Mpreg. Harry looked up at the man who was supposed to be his father as he stood. He recognized him vaguely from unclear memories of his childhood as well as the pictures Lily thought she kept safely stashed away from both him and James and could immediately see the resemblance between them. He wondered absently if the man knew the real reason she'd sent him here.

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WARNINGS: Again, slash, mpreg, alternate (non-magical) universe. Drama (bordering on angst), Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Indicated/ validated substance abuse (non-graphic). Implied pedophilia/ molestation (non-graphic). Attempted suicide. (Past) Pairings of /B. Zabini and S. Snape/ L. Evans

Also, the time line has been altered. For lack of knowledge (and wanting to research) of the 1980/90s, the time line has been bumped up 10 years (ex. The year of Harry's birth is 1990).

Chapter One - Look I Find Some Of What You Teach Suspect

Severus kept an eye out for the figure he was supposed to be picking up. It was the second time he'd drove past this section of the airport and he still hadn't spotted the boy he thought he would have recognized at first glance. He figured he was either not paying enough attention or he was asking for too much for the boy to look even remotely like Lily or himself.

Severus sighed at the thought. He hadn't seen his son in over ten years so obviously he wouldn't look as Severus remembered. He'd been cut off from almost all contact from his son when Lily had left in a fit of rage when the life they were living wasn't enough for her and had taken the boy with her. The court proceedings that followed her appeal for divorce had been horrendous and she'd been given full custody thanks to her heinous lies that no one would ever suspect coming out of such a seemingly sweet woman.

That had been the last time he'd seen the little boy he helped create.

He had wanted desperately to continue the fight for his son but he'd seen what it had done to the boy, all the court dates and pressure, and decided not to push it, thinking maybe Lily would do right by the both of them and let Harry stay in contact with him. She hadn't. In fact, despite his efforts and arguments with Lily, the first time he'd even heard his son's voice again had been only three years ago when the boy had called him quite literally out of the blue.

Briiing. Briiing. Briiing.

"Hello?" Severus answered the phone in a monotone. It was never someone particularly important who called, usually just Albus or his editor trying to convince him to come to some inane faculty event or finish his manuscript respectively.

"Um, hello? May I speak to Severus Snape please?"

Severus frowned. The voice was soft and childish sounding and distinctly British, which was not, since he'd moved, something he was used to hearing. He considered for a moment that it could be one of his students before promptly throwing that idea out. Not only would none of them dare call him but neither did any of them have such an accent.


"Oh," the voice hesitated before a throat was cleared. "Um, this is Harrison Evans, um-"

Severus started. "Harry?" he breathed in shock. There was a pause.

"Yeah," was the soft admission.

"My god," Severus felt weak and immediately took a seat in the chair next to the in table where the phone sat.

"Yeah," was the repeated response over the line and Severus didn't know what to say. What do you say to a boy you hadn't seen nor heard from for more than half his life. "Um, I was wondering, well, if I could talk to you…"

"Talk?" Severus asked still feeling more than a bit dazed.

"Yeah, talk. Just… talk. Um, if you're busy or- or you don't want to, I understand, I just- I was hoping-"

"No, of course," Severus cut him off. "I would love to talk to you, Harry," he said sincerely and there was silence for a moment before the boy spoke quietly.


That conversation and the ones following it had been awkward and paused filled but Severus reveled in the feeling of speaking to his son. He'd learned from the boy that Lily never talked about him or mentioned the fact she'd spoken to him repeatedly in his attempts to reach Harry.

Harry had never received any of the Christmas or birthday presents he'd sent or even phone messages Severus had practically begged Lily to give him. In fact, the only reason he'd been able to call Severus at all was because he'd happened across the phone number in his mother address book. He hadn't known why it was there and was hesitant to call the number but he figure it wouldn't hurt terribly to call his father and see if what Lily had been saying for years was true- that his father had never wanted him.

Severus had been outraged and had spent a copious amount of time trying to convince Harry that he did indeed want him and had been trying to at least speak with him for years and that Lily had always thwarted him. Harry had easily accepted that at face value, he hadn't even seemed surprised.

Since then he'd continued to call Severus, though irregularly, at least a few times a month just to 'say hi' as he put it. For a brief amount of time the calls had stopped when Lily had found out about the interaction but it was too late for her to do anything about it, a bond, no matter how tiny it was, had been made and neither side was willing to give it up.

Severus still didn't know much about his son- for instance, what he bloody looked like- but he was hoping that these next few months (at least) with him, despite the circumstances, would help with that. Sighing again, this time in irritation Severus took out his cell phone (a/n - don't talk and drive people!) and called the boy he was looking for.


"Harry? Where are you? This is the third time I've drove around and I still haven't spotted someone I thought could be you."

"Oh, well, I'm in the pick-up zone for people getting off international flights. Um, there's a bus stop not very far from me and what looks like a parking lot two lanes over. It's painted mostly blue and white. Does that help?"

"Immensely," Severus replied and it did. "I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay." Severus hung up quickly and pulled the car around to where he remembered the pick-up zone Harry described being. This time around he managed to see a young man that had a vaguely familiar air about him sitting on a bench and pulled over. He stepped slightly out of the car.



Harry blinked as he heard his name called and looked up at the man who was supposed to be his father as he stood. He recognized him vaguely from unclear memories of his childhood as well as the pictures Lily thought she kept safely stashed away from both him and James and could immediately see the resemblance between them

He had Severus' black hair though his was much longer as he'd grown it out as part of his rebellion against his mother. He also had the mans high cheek bones though his was still mostly unnoticeable due to a lingering of baby fat. With slight disappointment he also noticed he had the man's pale skin. Now he knew why he could never get a tan, not that he'd expected to get one anyway. Besides the fact he didn't really want to take off his shirt in front of anyone at this point, he had a daunting suspicion that this part of the US didn't get much sunshine.

The passing thought about taking off his shirt made him inwardly grimace and he wondered absently if the man knew the real reason Lily had sent him here. He really hoped she'd told him; he didn't think he had it in him to hold that particular conversation just yet.

Severus came around the car and towards him immediately after he acknowledged the call and stopped in front of him, staring intently. Harry supposed he was looking for similarities too.


Severus practically drunk in the sight of the boy. They actually looked more alike then he'd expected. Like when he [Harry] was younger he had Lily's eyes and nose and Severus' black hair but now that he was growing into his features there were even more distinctions.

Though a bit shorter then most boys his age, Harry looked healthy and was glowing in a pretty sort of way with was only accented by his stature. The boy was more pretty than handsome but there was a aura around him that clearly said he could take care of himself if he needed to that diminished the hesitation anyone would have over which to call him. He looked a bit awkward in a pair denim shorts that reached past his knees a bit and a black tee-shirt, both of which was covered by a worn looking, calf length black length leather trench coat.

Longish black hair was pulled up and back, away from his face and Severus could see all of the light freckles dusting the boys nose and checks as well as the slight imprint on his nose that showed that he usually wore glasses. Severus smiled and received a small smile back.

It was hesitant arms that wrapped around him for a few seconds and were removed before Severus could respond. "Hey," the boy mutter and Severus smirked amusedly.

"Hey," h bent to pick up some of the bags on the trolley at the boys side. "Well, come on."

Harry obeyed and heaved the last bag up and followed him silently towards the car.


The drive from the airport was going to be long Harry realized about twenty minutes in after they'd hit a road that looked oddly undeveloped. They'd been silent after the initial 'how was your flight' conversation and while he generally didn't mind silence, the one between him and Severus was kind of suffocating.

"Do you know why she sent me here to you?" he asked suddenly and Severus glanced at him in surprise before returning his eyes to the road.

Harry was surprised himself, he hadn't meant to blurt that out, he'd just wanted to end the silence, but it seemed he didn't have very good control over himself anymore. That had been starting to show lately…

"Of course," Severus replied easily. "You don't really think she'd send you all the way here especially after all these years, without giving me a reason, do you?" Harry gave him a pointed look to which Severus lips quirked. "Well, she didn't."

Harry waited for the rest but when the man didn't continue he had to ask "And…?"

"And what?"

"That's it?" he raised an questioning eyebrow. "You have nothing to say about it?"

Severus was silent again for a minute. "What do you want me to tell you?" he asked suddenly. "I mean, I don't really approve, you are only fifteen after all, but there's nothing I can do about it. You've made your choice, right?"

"Of course."

"Then what's done is done," Severus gave the odd impression of shrugging without really doing so and it made Harry smile fleetingly; he did that too. "I'm very glad you're here, Harry, no matter the circumstances and I'm not going to make this difficult. Besides, I haven't been much of a father to you, so I really can't dictate your life." Harry frowned.


"No, it's true. Though I wanted to be, I haven't been."

"I don't blame you, you know that," Harry's frown deepened. "You're still my father and I'll try my best to respect you as such."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

Harry glanced at him sharply and caught the soft smile on the man's face. "You are still a teenager after all,"

Harry snorted softly and turned his eyes back towards the road ahead of them. The silence was decidedly more comfortable this time.


Severus watched as Harry curiously looked around the front hall. He'd noticed the boy was much like him when it came to a lack of facial expressions but when they did show they were easy to read.

"You seem surprised," Severus commented and his son looked back at him.

"I am a bit. This is by far the cleanest house I've ever been in." Severus rolled his eyes.

"I spend most of my time in my office when I'm not at work because I'm writing. So there's no reason for the house to be messy."

"Ah," Harry nodded as his continued to inspect his surroundings. He trailed his hands over the table that held a vase of flowers and one of the two telephones in the house. Glanced briefly into the open archway leading to the living room, opened and closed the doors leading to the downstairs wash room and Severus' office and looked into the door that lead to the kitchen before coming back to Severus at the base of the steps.

"My room?" he asked eyes still wandering and Severus led him upstairs.

"This is the linen closet," he pointed out the first door on the left, right in front of the stairs. "And my room is just there," he said indicating a bit further down the hall and to the right. "The other door is a guest room. It's small and I usually use it for storage."

Severus turned right so his back was facing the three doors and pointed to the door opposite the banister. "That's another spare room and the door next to that is your room and across from it is a full washroom. You'll have it to yourself because I have a private bath connected to my room." Severus walked to the door he'd indicated as Harry's rooms and opened it. "It's not much but…"


Slowly Harry walked into the room and looked around. In the opposite right corner was a full size bed with deep blue sheets and a black comforter and a bedside table right next to it. Above the bed was a window that showed the street down below. To the right was a large bookcase already a forth of the way full with, from what Harry could see, a verity of subjects. He could see that some were even the text books he would need for school.

Directly to the left of him next to the door was a large armoire and up against the wall opposite him was a desk, already stocked with paper, a few notebooks, a desk lamp and pens from what he could see. In the center of the room, there was a decent amount of empty space, the hardwood floor covered by a round, dark blue throw rug. All the furniture was a lovely cheery wood color and Harry could tell that Severus had worked hard on all of this as he turned to face the man.

"It's wonderful, I love it," he said honestly. A gentle smile crossed Severus' face.

"I'll bring up your other bags and you can get settled in while I make dinner. Anything in particular you want?"

"Something with anchovies," Harry answered absently as he went to look at the bookcase. He realized belatedly what he said and turned slightly embarrassed towards Severus. "Sorry, that's disgusting. It's the-"

"I know, don't worry about it," the man placated. "I'm sure I'll think of… something." he grimaced a bit to himself but smiled at Harry before leaving the room. Harry smiled a bit after him. It had been a long time since he'd had anyone do something for him and it made him feel warm inside. He hadn't thought living with Severus would be a bad experience but it was starting to look better then he could have ever expected.


Harry looked amusedly at the food in front of him.

"How did you learn to make pizza?" he asked glancing at Severus as the man put down a large bowl of salad too. Severus raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"I didn't. It's the frozen kind you put in the oven."

Harry let out a light laugh at the confession. "I didn't know they came with anchovies," he grinned lightly and pointed out the little fish that covered half of the dish, his grin widening when Severus grimaced again.

"They don't. I found those in the cupboard and put them on your half." He paused. "I don't even remember buying them or have any idea why I would have."

Harry bit back another laugh and took a seat at the table. "Well thank you," he said and smiled a bit more openly. He did, after all, appreciate the effort.

Severus nodded and sat too. "Dig in."

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