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Word Count: 202

Draco hovered over the basinet, watching the small form sleeping inside with a deep intensity. It still amazed him, how he could consider something, someone, so perfect, when they didn't belong to him. Olive toned skin and emerald eyes hidden behind closed lids made that clear, but still he watched over Cailean like an obsessive parent.

Grey eyes glanced back over his shoulder at the sleeping teen curled up on the bed and Draco smiled softly. Harry teased him about it but he new the babe's actual parent did the same-they couldn't help it. Cailean was fascinating, his whole existence was breath taking and Draco was as in love with him as much as he was with the child's father.

One day, he promised himself silently, they would be a proper family. Harry and he would marry and Cailean would be his son officially. He was certain of it.

Sighing heavily he watched as Cailean shifted, nose wrinkling in mild discomfort before he settled again, and walked over to the bed. He joined Harry in laying on top of the duvet and closed his eyes. A sleepy smile crossed his lips as he listened to the breathing of his two precious people.