Title: Let there be dragons
Author: WriterKos
Rating: FR15
Parings: Surprise pairings.
Characters: McGee, Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Palmer, Allison Hart, OCs galore.
Genres: Drama, Action, First Time, Crossover, all rolled into one.
Warnings: AU, Paranormal, Supernatural, Sex, mentions of abuse
Summary: A murder leads Team Gibbs to a world that they had no idea existed. And it was just around the corner. Crossover with X-files. Response to the Paranormal Challenge at NFA.

a/n 1: New WIP. Yep, I'm crazy. All I needed was another WIP. Hey baby, can you spell AU? I'm going way out of Canon here, a complete universe out of it. I'm going to mention briefly some aspects of season 7, and then diverge into my own little (un)happy world.

a/n 2: No elves, demons, dragons, fairies or gryphons were harmed on the writing of these fanfiction. After all, they are myths, aren't they?

a/n 3: I don't like begging, but reviews, please? They make me write faster.

Prologue: Alley of death

"So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending."J.R.R. Tolkien

Yellow eyes followed the progress of the young woman walking down the street. From its privileged position on top of the building, its beast form mixed with the shadows and mist of the dark night, using the gargoyle statues as cover for its progress. Its dark emerald green scales glittered, shimmering as the light shone on it and was engulfed by the powerful muscular body. Despite its size, it moved gracefully from shadow to shadow, just with a light fluttering of its wings to seek balance for its large frame against the unforgiving winds coming from Northeast.

It had felt the scent of predators earlier today, and as it had some time it decided to investigate the shadows that cover the city. It saw the approach of two hunters, following the prey, and it crouches on top of the building to watch its demise. It wasn't allowed to interfere, under the price of death, but it at least had warned the woman of the dangers of this area. Now she would pay for not heeding its warnings.

They attack her swiftly, one forcibly grabbing her by her arms and the other covering her mouth to silence any warning shout she might make. They drag her to one empty alley, where their thirst for blood is sated with her dying screams echoing briefly in the dark night, and finally silence.

There is nothing it can do. Only watch them feast on the flesh and blood. The beast leaves its position, and goes home.