When I had first started putting up stories here, I'm sure some people wanted to know more about Chopper and his background. I had a few ideas for his first adventure, but I never got to do much. However, now I've finally decided to get to it, and this is what you're seeing here.

And the funny thing is... This is probably one of the few chapters within the story that's probably going to be pretty dark. After that, not as much. Well, we'll see how it goes...

Anyway, this story contains a lot of original characters, so if you're not into that, then this story isn't for you. I do plan on putting some things related to other games in here, though. Hence why it is in the Game X-over section.

Chapter 1: How It All Began

On the planet, Mondrao, there lived a small boy in a gray house, by the name of Chopper. As a pale green spherical-shaped creature with skinny arms and white gloves and cuffs, green feet, and two antenna, he was a little odd. He was definitely different than most people of his species by shape. Chopper was watching some TV right now. Right now, a show called "Crazy Toons" was playing, which starred a combination of a monkey and a bird known as Money Monird. He was being hunted by a blue hunter by the name of Plummer Crud.

"Don't think you can run now, you Monird!" Plummer declared, aiming his hunting rifle at Money.

"Hold on, hold on! That's not how you aim a weapon!" Money countered.

"It's not?"

"Yeah, you gotta change it like this!"

"This show is weird..." Chopper trailed as he blinked. He happened to notice Money turn the rifle's barrel around.

"There! See? All better!"

"All right... Well say your prayers, Monird!"

The sound of a shot was heard in the TV, and soon Plummer was covered in soot, causing Chopper to laugh.

"Heh heh heh… That show is so awesome, isn't it?" Chopper's father came in the room, whose body was shaped like a thick oval. Right now he was wearing his gold and green armor, with his red cape. His skin color was a lime-green, and he also sported a black mustache.

"Yeah! It's really funny!" Chopper giggled.

"Yeah, it gives me a chuckle," Toalune agreed, looking over at the door. "Come on... Where the heck is she?"


"Your mother, duh! That's so obvious!"

Chopper was unsure how to react.

"She's...not here?" Chopper pondered.

"Oh... Tonberria? TONBERRIA?! ...Hang on a sec, son. Lemme grab the TV remote."

Toalune grabbed the remote and changed the channel to something he preferred more compared to Chopper. As for him, when he looked at it, he had frowned.

At that point, the door opened. Walking inside the house was a person with the same kind of body as Toalune, but she was shorter and had a pale green pony-tail with her pale green skin. She was wearing a light blue headband with a yellow star in the center and also light armor that was light blue with brown leather gloves. She also had a green plate on her chest and shoulders. On her back was a bow and quiver. From what they could see, she was a bit annoyed.

"Well, I'm back," Tonberria sighed, putting down her bow and quiver. She looked over at Toalune with an irritated look. "And why weren't you at the meeting?"

"Isn't it obvious? Sakura Sho-jos is on right now, and I don't wanna miss it!" Toalune answered loudly. "C'mon! Why don't you join Chopper and I?"

"Wait, what?" Tonberria saw Toalune watching an anime called "Sakura Sho-jos", (Cherry Blossom Girls), which starred four anime girls that had magical abilities involving cherry blossoms. To a lot of people, it sounded dumb, but for someone like Toalune, it was heaven.

"Daddy, I don't like the looks of this..." Chopper trailed, covering his eyes.

"C'mon, Chopper! Ya gotta man up! Especially when these girls are pretty!" Toalune explained, even though the girls were around sixteen years old. Tonberria's eyes shot wide open, and she quickly turned off the TV. "Hey! What was that for?!"

"Toalune! You know that show's not for Chopper!"

"Aw, come on, Tonberria! It's not like he's going to pay more attention to them than real girls."

"Well he will if he keeps seeing this. And isn't this anime for the older audience? Or is it something otakus love mostly?"

"What's an otaku?" Chopper asked, looking confused.

"Well, we like staying up at 9:30 to watch these shows! I mean, we do that all the time!" Toalune mentioned, which made Tonberria look up at the clock and gasp.

"…Oh, no! It's past your bedtime, Chopper!" she grabbed Chopper and carried him upstairs to his room, where there was a blue carpet and a spacey wall. There was even a TV, but it had parental controls on it (considering that he's only four).

"I can't believe I forgot about your bedtime. Oh well. I'm sure that will never happen again. Good night, Chopper." Tonberria put Chopper in his nice little bed, tucked him in, and kissed his forehead. She slowly closed the door while smiling at Chopper and went downstairs.

Little did she know that this would be the last time she would ever give Chopper a goodnight sleep.

Unknown ship-

"So… This is the planet... I expected it to be much bigger in size." remarked a demon knight in a black helmet with three gray spikes protruding from his helmet pointing up. Along with that, his helmet had a single gray stripe on the sides of his helmet, along with a T-shaped stripe on the front near his red, glowing eyes. He also sported red and black body armor, black gauntlets with a red stripe on them, red shoulder pads with black spikes, a red belt, gray and black leg armor, red kneecaps, a light black cape, and black boots with a red stripe going down. Right now he was looking at a black crystal ball with his narrowed eyes. "Well, unfortunately, this planet will be meeting its doom pretty soon."

"Nyeah heh heh har! These fools will be in shock when they discover what will happen to them and their home!" a short, red wizard with a black robe and wizard's hat, a wand with a red orb on it, a gray beard, a monocle, and also a red broomstick with spikes at the ending part was beside the demon knight.

"Pipe down, Camikon," the demon knight told his wizard, gesturing him to stay quiet. "So I heard that there are a group of Star Warriors on this planet, too... Others, on the other hand..." Maquano used his dark magic to reveal a bedroom with Chopper sleeping in bed, sucking his thumb. He felt disgusted by the image, so he changed it to another image. It was another bedroom, but with the lights off and a TV on.

"Oh! Lord Maquano! Don't show THAT…" Camikon covered his eyes in horror.

"Camikon... It's just a television show with rabbits."

"I know, but it looks so...horrifying!"

"Bleh. Fine." Maquano made the dark crystal ball show the outside of the house instead. "There. That's better. I have no idea why this ball showed…whatever that show was. Hmmm…"

"What is it, Your Evilness?"

"…Destroying the planet would be too easy. I want to see these people fight against us. We'll send the Tartaras down there and see how well these people can hold their own. Then we'll obliterate them all."

"Nyeah hah hah hah har! What an excellent idea! I like the sound of that! I can feel my facial hair jumping for joy!"

"…What? I'm sorry, but don't you EVER say that again," Maquano rose his arms, and flames surrounded the volcanic room, making some black and red dragonish lizard beings appear, which were hunched back, but in red and black armor with assault rifles. They had some sharp teeth too to make them more intimidating. Some of them were actually bigger than their leader. "My fellow Tartaras! We have some unwanted guests to destroy! Come with me and we shall take care of them!"

"But, Lord Maquano! We haven't had lunch yet!" one of the Tatara Soldiers cried out.

"Well now's not the time for lunch, you fools! You can have it after we destroy the planet! Got that?"

"Err... Yes, Lord Maquano!" the Tataras saluted and teleported out of the vicinity. Maquano grinned, satisfied that his minions were going to go out and shoot some people on Mondrao.

The next day-

Out on the sidewalk of the planet, Toalune was walking with Chopper. They were going to be having a little father-son picnic that was going on today. That was why they were carrying a picnic basket.

As they continued walking, a blue spherical-shaped creature kind of like Chopper wearing a mask with glowing yellow eyes behind it, a blue cape which wrapped around himself and also purple metallic shoes approached them. He walked past them, but Toalune turned around when he recognized him.

"Well, hey, Meta Knight, buddy! I didn't know you were here!" Toalune gaped. The masked man, known as Meta Knight, turned around. He didn't say much, but he walked over to the two.

"Toalune… I was just looking for you, actually." Meta Knight mentioned as he looked down at Chopper, who was a little smaller than him. He felt a strange connection between them for some reason… His eyes even turned to a green color. "…Who's this boy you have with you?"

"Who? Chopper? Didn't I tell you before? This is my son! We're just going on a little father-son picnic!"

"No. Now's not the time for a picnic. You see… A while ago, I stumbled upon a red and black starship. Some reptilian, dragon lizards came out of it with a small wizard and their leader, a demon knight. They began to attack the forest, destroying whatever was in sight."

"What? …Maybe this was what Tonberria was talking about." Toalune realized. "Dang! Why did I think it was a prank pulled off by a fourteen year old?! …Oh! Sorry, son! I didn't mean to curse out!"

Toalune took out his communicator and began to talk to his wife. "Honey! You remember that prank you said someone pulled out? …Well Sir Meta Knight saw this army of evil fiery dragon lizards attacking the forest!"

"What? So it wasn't a prank? Great… I shouldn't have ignored that." Tonberria sighed. "Toalune, get Chopper back home. We need to go stop those monsters from attacking our planet!"

"There is no time to take the boy back," Meta Knight objected. "If we go back to your house, we'll be putting more people in danger. I'm sorry, Toalune. You can't listen to your wife."

"Ummm… I'm sorry, dear. Sir Meta Knight said that would be a big risk, and we can't make that. I agree with him too. I'm sorry…" Toalune put away his communicator and sighed.

"Come, Toalune. I've got everyone else ready to fight against them. Come with me. We'll make sure your son is safe." Meta Knight unwrapped himself with his cape and pulled out his golden sword, Galaxia.

"What's going on, Daddy?" Chopper asked. Toalune put his helmet on and picked up his son, sighing.

"An evil demon knight's attacking our planet. If we hold them back, we'll be safe. But if not…" Toalune couldn't imagine what would happen to the planet. "…NO! We can't think about losing! We must focus on winning!"

He began to follow Meta Knight toward the forest with his glowing yellow sword out, ready to fight. He held onto Chopper with his other arm. They knew that going to the forest would be dangerous, because they saw some trees burnt down up ahead.

The house-

Back at the house, Tonberria was trying to contact her husband again, but her signal was blocked. "How could Toalune not listen to me about bringing Chopper back? It's dangerous for a four year old to be out in a battle! Ugh…"

Tonberria grabbed her bow and arrow, and put on her light blue headband, mumbling, "…I have to find him and get Chopper back," as she hurried on out of the house. There was no way she was letting Toalune keep their son with him now.

By the forest-

Near the forest, Toalune saw the sky was covered in dark clouds. Meta Knight said he would meet him in the forest, by a camp they set up. He even gave him a map to tell him where to go.

"All right, Sir Meta Knight. I'll find you soon." Toalune promised. Meta Knight slowly nodded and looked back at Chopper. His cape was gone and he spread his wings out to fly into the forest. Up in the sky, some evil witches could be seen up there.

"Daddy… I'm scared!" Chopper cried.

"I know, Chopper. I know…" Toalune trailed as he saw a couple of Tatara firing at a few buildings, dealing some serious damage to them. "We can't stay here. We gotta go!"

Toalune began to run into the forest, but the Tataras noticed them and began to fire. One with a sword flew over to Toalune and blocked his way.

"Well well well! It looks like we got a father and son! I might as well kill both! It would be better, since leaving a little boy alone will still make him suffer!" the Tatara swung at Toalune, but he parried it and slashed its body with his Sword of Light. He then stabbed the monster's foot to slow it down.

In the forest-

Tonberria made her way into the forest, but she didn't see Toalune in the forest either. She was certainly ticked off, considering that her teeth were clenched.. "When I find you, I'm going to SMACK you for bringing Chopper here!"

Before she could continue on, she heard something from the bush.

"Huh? What's that?" Tonberria pulled out her bow and aimed her Arrow of Light at the bush. She wasn't sure to fire or not, but before she could let go…

"Wait! Don't shoot the arrow!" a tall, muscular warrior came out of the bush, wearing silver armor, a helmet, a silver shield that was on his back, and a sword that was on his belt.

"Jack? Is that you?" she gasped. "What are you doing here? Are there any others?"

"Yeah! We're right at a camp!" Jack nodded. "We're not too far from here. But, why did you come alone? You know these woods are a dangerous place."

"I came looking for my husband. He took Chopper with him, and I'm not happy about it. Is he in camp?"

"Well… Unfortunately he's not. Sir Meta Knight gave him the map, but he hasn't come here. Maybe he gave him the wrong map… But we'll take you to camp so you're safe." Jack led Tonberria to a camp, where they found some logs with other Star Warriors, such as a lavender female named Garlude, an old guy that looked like a ball of fur named Kit Cosmos, and a knight that was similar-looking to Meta Knight with light green and gold armor named Sir Arthur. There were others, but they were normal soldiers. Meta Knight was standing up right at the moment.

"Ah, Tonberria. I'm glad you could make it. It's safe here." Meta Knight assured. "That demon knight, known as Maquano, has not found our camp grounds, so we should be safe here. Unfortunately, your husband's not here."

"Yes, it's been a while… It seems like he could've been lost. I'm starting to get worried…" Garlude said with a worried look. They all looked at the fire, which a boar was being roasted. Everyone was completely silent.

"…I'll go look for him," Meta Knight announced as he got up and began to walk away from the camp.

"Wait! I need to come with you! I NEED to find Chopper!" Tonberria cried.

"Don't worry. If I find your husband and son, I'll make sure they're safe. You can trust me." Meta Knight pulled out Galaxia and headed deeper into the woods.


Toalune began to study the map carefully. "I don't think this is the right way… This map… I don't know what it is? It's…pointing somewhere else? Could Meta Knight have given me the wrong map?"

The two were lost in the woods, with Chopper feeling scared. Toalune himself was a bit nervous as well.

"Daddy… Are we going to be safe?" Chopper asked.

"Oh, don't worry… You'll be safe." a voice called out. Toalune turned around and saw Maquano in front of them. Not only that, but it began to rain, which made water droplets fall on them.

"It looks like I finally get my chance of taking down a Star Warrior! I've been waiting for this moment!" Maquano drew his red claymore. The hilt was a black color with the top part curved up. "Looks like I finally have a chance to use Oblivion... This should be fun..."

"I'm not afraid to take you!" Toalune retorted as he drew his sword out too. Maquano took notice of Chopper and smirked.

"Well now... You have a child with you as well? It'll be interesting to see him watch as you fall to me!"

"Leave him out of this..."

"Not likely," Maquano chuckled, aiming his sword at the two. "Now if you're going to fight me, then I suggest you put him down before I have to do it myself..."

Chopper felt uneasy upon hearing that and buried his face in Toalune's chest. Maquano raised his sword, but before he could strike, Meta Knight had landed in between the two, making him stop.

"Meta Knight! Boy, am I GLAD to see you!" Toalune sighed in relief.

"Toalune, I must get you two to safety!" Meta Knight shouted.

"Oh, I don't think so..." Maquano hissed. "I've come to fight someone, and I'm not leaving until that happens."

"Then you can fight me," Meta Knight declared, aiming Galaxia at Maquano. However, Toalune placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

"No… Meta Knight, this bozo challenged me to a battle. I accepted it." Taolune stated. "I ain't changing my mind now."

"Toalune, you have no idea who you're going up against!"

"I said I ain't changing my mind! Now stand aside and let me battle this freak!"

"Hmph... So be it..." Meta Knight sighed. "I won't stop you."

"Thanks... But can you do me a favor…" Toalune brought Chopper over to him. "Take my son to a safe place, will you?"

"When will you be back, daddy?" Chopper asked.

"I'm... I'm not sure, son..." Toalune trailed, closing his eyes. "But I just want to let you know that I love you, son."

"Well I love you too, daddy..."

Meta Knight put Galaxia away and grabbed a hold of Chopper, who looked at his dad and then back at Maquano.

"Listen Toalune, I will come back to you once I put your son somewhere safe," Meta Knight stated.

"That's fine. Now go!"

Meta Knight nodded and spread his wings out before he flew off with Chopper, with Toalune waving goodbye to him.

"Now, then… We were going to fight, right?" Toalune brought his attention back to Maquano.

"Of course..." Maquano grinned. "However, I will let you know that no one has ever managed to beat me! So you're pretty much asking for a death wish..."

"I doubt it," Toalune retorted, getting his sword out. "You don't look so tough!"

"Oh, really? Why don't you prove it?"

"All right! Here I come!"

Toalune let out a battle cry and charged at Maquano with all his might.

The house-

Back at Chopper's house, Meta Knight flew down to the front door. He opened the door (which was thankfully unlocked) and put Chopper down.

"Stay here, Chopper. You will be safe in here." Meta Knight assured. "I would take you to the camp grounds, but that would put you in even more risk. You're safe, and that's all that matters. I'm going back to your father."

"Is he going to be OK?" Chopper asked.

Meta Knight froze for a moment. He knew what the outcome would be, but would he really go as far as to tell the truth to someone who was four?

"Well, do you know?" Chopper wondered, not hearing an answer from the knight.

"Ummmmm... Yes. He's going to be fine." Meta Knight nodded. "For now, please stay here. It's probably one of the only safe places around here at the moment..."

"But what will I do?"

"Hmmmmmm... Try to find a way to entertain yourself. Look, I have to get going now. I need to see how your father is doing." Meta Knight turned away and walked outside. His cape began to drag along the dirty ground as it got wet. He spread his wings out and flew off, leaving only Chopper.

"I feel so lonely..." the four year old frowned as he closed the door and walked over to the couch.

Thirty minutes later… At the camp ground-

The rain was getting harder, and the sun had already come down. Everyone was starting to get worried. Toalune, Chopper, AND Meta Knight hadn't come back. Tonberria was worried the most.

Some Galaxy Soldiers had gone off, one being Kit Cosmos. He decided to go back to his ship to go pick up something important to him.

"Oh, dear… I can't believe that all of this is happening… I'm so worried about Chopper right now… I don't feel like I can even smack Toalune now…" Tonberria trailed, her head hung low. Garlude was there to comfort her.

"There, there, Tonberria. They should be back here no problem." Garlude assured. Everyone saw the rain stop, and they heard some rustling coming from the bushes. Everyone had gotten their weapons ready for whatever was hiding in there.

To their surprise, it was Meta Knight.

"Meta Knight!"

Meta Knight raised his arm, gesturing everyone to stay quiet. Everyone obeyed and began to listen to him.

"OK… Tonberria… I'm not sure what to say…" Meta Knight trailed, approaching her. "But I ask you to stay calm. I have some good news…and I have bad news. Which would you like to hear first?"

"Well... Maybe..." Tonberria began until she was cut off.

"No… Let me start with the good news first." the masked warrior decided, taking a deep breath. "Your son, Chopper… I was able to bring him back to his house. I thought bringing him back here would put him in more risk of danger. Don't worry, Tonberria. He is safe."

"Oh, thank goodness! I was starting to get worried…" Tonberria sighed in relief.

"…But I'm not done yet. As for the bad news… Well… I went back to see how Toalune was doing. He accepted a duel against Maquano. For the bad news… The bad news is… …It's what I saw there. I saw…" Meta Knight looked at everyone. They were anxious to hear what was going on. He then let out a sigh. "I saw your husband lying motionlessly on the floor."

Everyone stood back in shock, except for Tonberria. From the look of her eyes, it looked like she was going to cry.

"Toalune… He… He's...gone?" Tonberria gasped, feeling tears come down her face.

"I tried to shake him to see if he was awake... He had no pulse. His mouth was left wide open, and even his eyes were open when I found him."

"No... I can't believe it!" Jack sniffled loudly. "Toalune can't be dead!"

"Poor Tonberria..." Garlude was trying to comfort her young friend, but it didn't do much. Tonberria quickly wiped her tears away.

"…I guess that means this Maquano is a true threat…" Tonberria trailed. Everyone looked up to see a huge ship charging up a beam. It was so big, that it could wipe out an entire planet.

"That ship's huge! Oh my gosh… Are they planning on wiping the entire planet?" Jack asked.

"We gotta get out of here!" one soldier cried.

"Yes, we must get the ships and evacuate immediately!" Sir Arthur ordered. "We must round all the people up and leave!"

"But how is that possible? Do you know how many people there are on Mondrao?!" Garlude gaped.

"Guys! Guys!" the soldiers stopped arguing when they noticed Kit Cosmos running back to camp. "Something terrible's happened!"

"Report at once," demanded Meta Knight, who wrapped himself with his cape.

"Well... The ships! Those nasty creatures blew 'em up!"

"What?! How was that possible?!" Jack gaped.

"Actually, not everyone's ships. Most of them, however, were."

"What about mine?" Garlude asked.

"Yours is fine. Sir Meta Knight's is good too. My ship and Sir Arthur's is still there."

"Great... And those ships we brought here can only carry one person..." Sir Arthur sighed.

"You have any ideas, Sir Meta Knight?" Garlude asked.

"Unfortunately, I don't," Meta Knight said, slowly shaking his head. "I did not think this far ahead..."

"So, what? We're all going to die" Jack gaped. "Can't we squeeze into your ships?"

"The cockpits are too small, even for someone like you," Sir Arthur replied. "We can't fit your kind in there."

"I think there's one thing we can do," Tonberria interrupted as she looked up at the group.

"And you have an idea, lady?" Kit Cosmos asked. "What makes you think your plan will work?"

"Kit Cosmos! Let her speak!" Garlude snapped. "She just recently found out her husband was killed! Don't be so insensitive!"

"...Oh! I'm sorry, lady. I didn't know that..."

"So, what is it you wanted to talk about?" Meta Knight asked, walking over to Tonberria.

She pulled out a heart that was the colors of the rainbow. "This is the Sacred Heart that was given by my mother. I kept this with me ever since. This thing has strange powers in it, according to books I've read about it. It could possibly turn a normal person into a supernatural being. However, it selects its host. The one who is chosen by the Sacred Heart will be given powers that fits the person and could possibly be the key to fighting of great evil...such as the person who killed my husband."

"How come you never told us about this?" Jack wondered.

"My mother told me to not tell a soul about this, including my husband. I could only tell when such a time like this would come. I guess that time has finally come..."

She held up the Sacred Heart, which began to float out of her hands and float to the center of the camp. Everyone walked up close to the rainbow heart and saw an imagine of the person who was chosen.

Tonberria was left gasping at the sight of her son on there.

"Oh my gosh..." Tonberria gaped. "I don't believe it... Chopper?"

"These results are very surprising," Garlude commented.

"But why a boy? He's only four!"

"He's too young!"

"My own son was chosen by the Sacred Heart..." Tonberria trailed. "I'm...shocked."

"So what do we do with your son?" Jack asked as Tonberria took the Sacred Heart and walked over to Meta Knight.

"Meta Knight. Please, if I may ask. Could you…take this Sacred Heart to Chopper and get him off this planet? I'm sure you can fit someone his size in your ship. And please tell him to not avenge my death... I don't want him to keep thinking about my death... It will not help him use its power to its full potential. The full potential might be enough to defeat Maquano."

"I will do that," Meta Knight slowly nodded as he took the heart from her he flew off back to Chopper's house. The Star Warriors Garlude, Kit Cosmos and Sir Arthur were told by the soldiers to get out and try to get some help. As much as they didn't want to leave them, they had no choice but to agree and headed back to their ships as quickly as possible.

"So what are we supposed to do? Let ourselves die?" Jack asked. "We could still try to get out of here!"

"We can't do anything else, I'm afraid…" Tonberria trailed. "Our ships were destroyed by those monsters in order to prevent us from escaping. Meta Knight and his fellow Star Warriors were lucky to have theirs in perfect shape, but only one person can fit in each of them, for the exception of Meta Knight - and he's planning on taking Chopper. I honestly hope they can get some help, but I don't know if that's possible. If my son gets out of here, then there's a possible chance he will have the power he needs to defeat Maquano. However, I don't want him to get motivated by avenging his father's...or even my death. It's going to harm him, that's for sure."

"But why would it be someone from your family? It's almost like you were choosing! Or... Something..."

"The Sacred Heart selects its host. I don't. Leaving at least one of us will give us a slim chance on defeating Maquano. But one who is chosen by the heart, that person has a chance…like Chopper."

She closed her eyes as a tear fell down her face. "…And it would be nice to be reunited with my husband after his death. But I feel so terrible for leaving Chopper alone. I'm a bad parent."

"Hey! Don't say something like that! You're not a bad parent! Because of you, Chopper has grown to be a nice little boy! Sure, he's a bit shy, but he's cheerful, right?"

"That doesn't do much to cheer me up, but thanks anyway..." Tonberria frowned. "I just hope Chopper will be safe… Poor little boy…"

All everyone could do was pray for Chopper to leave the planet safely...in silence.

The house-

Back at the house, Chopper was playing with his toy airplane, making an airplane sound as he flew it around. But he stopped when he saw the door knob moving. He felt alarmed, but when he noticed it was Meta Knight, he didn't feel too threatened.

"Huh? You're back again, Mety? How did you get in?" Chopper asked.

"You left the door unlocked," Meta Knight answered. "Your mother wanted me to come here to take you out of here."

"What about my dad? And the people? Why do I need to go? …Is my dad all right, though?"

Meta Knight froze again. He told him that he would be fine, but when he returned, he saw him dead! How was he supposed to explained something like this to him?

He simply sighed and hung his head low while closing his eyes. "…I apologize, Chopper. Your father... He... He's no longer here..."

"What do you mean? Did he leave?" Chopper wondered. "Is he going to come back safely?"

"Chopper..." Meta Knight started, letting out a sigh. "Your father's never coming back. He's...gone."

At that point, Chopper's eyes were about to water, but he found himself being picked up by Meta Knight and flown out of the house. The Tataras were leaving the planet and returning to the big ship, so it looked like they were getting ready to blow up the planet.

"You see, Chopper? That big ship is going to destroy the planet. Your mother wanted me to get you out of here."

"And everyone else will be safe too, right?" Chopper asked.

"Don't ask questions until we're safe," Meta Knight suggested, finding his starship out by the beach area. The ship had wings that were like his own and his mask up at the front. The bottom part of the ship was purple, while the top was a blue color. Since Chopper was small, he could fit him in.

Meta Knight jumped into the ship and put Chopper in the back. There was plenty of room for someone Chopper's size, so they both had some space. The ship floated up and began to take off. They could see the giant Tatara ship charging up a green beam.

"Heh heh heh..." Maquano grinned, standing before large window. In one of his hands, he began to charge up some of his dark magic. "Say your prayers, Mondrao! You and everyone else on there are history!"

When his attack was fully charged, the window opened, causing Tartaras that were nearby to get sucked out of the ship. Maquano, however, was remaining in place just fine, with only his cape getting blown toward the window.

He aimed his hand at Mondrao and fired his dark magic in the form of a small comet.

"Great… They're firing the beam now. Hold on tight, Chopper. I might have to take a little risk here." Meta Knight flew the ship into the air, and in no seconds flat, they had already arrived in space. Now that they were off the planet, Meta Knight prepared to go into hyperspace.

Chopper, on the other hand, was paying more attention to the planet. The beam had made contact with the planet, and it began to glow brightly until it finally exploded. Nothing remained of Mondrao.

"Is everyone else all right?" Chopper asked.

"Chopper... I don't think your kind has escaped..." Meta Knight trailed.

"Wha... What do you mean?"

"Everyone is gone on there... You're the only one of your kind left."

"No..." Chopper trailed, putting his hands and face upon the glass window. "Mommy... Daddy..."

Tears began to fall down his face as he watched the remains slowly disappear.

But before he could cry, the ship got struck by a blast from a Tatara Ship. Meta Knight looked back and saw three ships after them. Thankfully, the ship was just about ready to go into hyperspace.

"We may be getting shot, but we can get out of here now. We'll be safe now." Meta Knight's ship went into hyperspace, disappearing out of the ships's sight.

Inside the big ship-

Maquano watched as Meta Knight's ship escaped right in front of him. He slammed his fist on the table in disappointment.

"That ship escaped… Great…" Maquano trailed. "Camikon, have any of those warriors from that planet survived that?"

"Not at all. That blast obliterated every single one of them." Camikon confirmed. "I guess eliminating them on land wasn't worth it, Lord Maquano?"

"It ended up being a waste of time. Though, I did enjoy finishing off that foolish warrior who thought he could defeat me. Too bad he didn't leave that child with me. I could've made fight by my side. I could always use some extra soldiers in my vicinity. Or, I could've just done the same thing I did to his father..." the demon knight pondered. "Now that we blew up that planet, perhaps I should go to planet Clara. I have a castle there, and I know I have minions there too. We could settle there for a bit before destroying it!"

"Oh, excellent choice, Lord Maquano! It's been a while since we've been there! We can set everything up and take the planet over! It's got everything we could dream of! …But what about the ship?"

"Don't bother with it. It's probably just a passing ship. We should just go to Clara now. I hear a Power Star protects that place. If I could destroy it and split it into pieces, that could give me a chance of taking the planet over before blowing it up. Yes… Tataras! Set course to Clara!"

"Yes, my lord!" the Tartaras got the ship ready for hyperspace, and then they took off somewhere else in the galaxy.

Starland Galaxy-

A portal opened and Meta Knight's starship came out of it. They were somewhere else in the Starland Galaxy. A place that was safe, that is.

"You are now in Starland Galaxy," the ship noted as Meta Knight set it on autopilot and turned to Chopper, who was crying over the loss of his home world.

"Geez... How am I going to deal with a crying kid?" Meta Knight thought as he walked over to him. "Chopper..."

"Y-Yes?" Chopper sniffled, looking up at Meta Knight while tears continued to run down his face.

"Chopper… The reason why you were the one to leave the planet is because you were the one chosen by this." Meta Knight pulled out the Sacred Heart, which made Chopper rub the tears off his face and gaze at it.

"A heart chose me? But it doesn't have a mouth and a voice." Chopper noticed as he saw his image in the heart. "Why am I in there?"

"You can see yourself in there, can you not? The person you see in there is who the heart chooses. If you take this, you will have a drastic change to your abilities. You may not exactly be...normal."

"What? But I don't want to change..."

"I'm sure you'll look the same. But if you take this, you might be able to defeat the one who destroyed your father and your home planet. It won't make you invincible, but it will help you."

"OK…" Chopper grabbed the Sacred Heart and felt it absorb into his closed his eyes, but when he didn't feel pain, he opened his eyes and looked at himself. "Hey... Nothing's changed!"

"Hmmmm... It doesn't seem like he transformed..." Meta Knight thought, slowly taking out a cupcake he was saving.

Chopper suddenly felt his stomach growling. When he saw the cupcake in the ship, something had surged into him and caused him to open his mouth and suck in the cupcake like a vacuum. It had quickly gone into his mouth, and he swallowed it whole.

"Huh? What was that?" Chopper gawked.

"So it did change you..." Meta Knight trailed. "Do you feel anything else?"

"Well... Ummmm... I suddenly have the urge to jump and run around..." Chopper mumbled. "I don't know... I never felt this before..."

"I see... Well, now that you got the heart within you, we should find you a new home." Meta Knight got back to his pilot's seat and scanned the planets. "Hmmm… This one… I feel something down here. It's called Clara, and I think this could be a nice home for you. I will help you with your home, and then I will go. I'm sure you can take care of yourself."

"Huh? You're going to leave me on my own?"

"I'm sure with that heart in you, you will be just fine."

"But... But..."

"Hrrmmm... Well, I suppose I could give you a little help, but not much. I can't stay here forever. I have to return to my home planet soon. The king would want me to come back, as well as my servants."

Meta Knight flew the ship down to Clara, while Chopper still began to think about his parents and his entire race. They were all gone. Wiped out by some evil demon knight. Just thinking about it made his fists clench in anger. Maybe with this heart, he could finally get back at Maquano. Just thinking about it made him mad!

Unfortunately, he was not aware of another power within the heart...

Well, there you go. That's the first part of this whole story. It's pretty horrific for a four year old to be all alone... But, what can you do?

Next chapter, that is when the adventure really starts. At least, for Chopper.