Chapter 10: Stoneard: Hard as a Rock

Chopper stepped into the next room, but he didn't find anything around him. All there was was a door just up ahead in the same form as the one before reaching Trinado's room. The red eyes on the black door was more than enough to creep him out. There were also no enemies in sight, which made him guess that he was done with this area. However, before going into the next room, he walked over by the window.

"Man, this desert is vast," Chopper said as he sighed. "To be honest, I can't wait to be out of here. It's not really an exciting place for someone like me. I'd rather be back in that mushroom house, where it's all nice and cozy."

Unfortunately, there was no way he could get back home at the moment. He was off on another continent, and surely he was hundreds of miles back from home, so what's the point of going back in the first place?

"Besides, I'm already getting to the second Power Star Piece! That's just what I need out of the eight pieces!"

He decided to take a bottle of Hawaiian punch that he carried with him out and take a sip from it "Whew! I really needed that! It's so hot in this place that I thought I was going to burn to death!"

When he finished drinking, he noticed on the bottle that there was actually a poorly drawn picture of Chopper with his parents. The sight of that almost made him want to cry…but instead, he began to remember something.

One year ago-

Chopper was playing in the little-league baseball team (yeah, a three year old playing baseball. You don't see THAT every day) with other people of his own kind. He was the pitcher, due to his throwing capabilities. His father, Toalune, and his mother, Tonberria, were there to watch the game.

"This is it, Chopper! Once you strike this kid out, the game's over!" one of Chopper's teammates called out. "We can do this!"

"Yeah… I guess we can." Chopper nodded.

"Hey batter batter batter batter low hit low hit low hit low hit can't hit it can't hit it can't hit it!" Toalune shouted, being the typical idiot that he usually was.

"Hit it out of the park, Steve!" the father of the batter shouted. "Don't let this little cream puff strike you out! Their team can't do squat against us!"

However the ultimate irony in this was that Chopper hated baseball and never wanted t be a pitcher in the first place. He ended up playing baseball because his parents forced him to, just like many other things. Nevertheless, he threw it with an irritated look, making the other kid swing the bat and miss.


"What?! Are you serious?! That was a strike?! That didn't even look like a strike, ump! What're you, blind?" At this moment, Toalune began to eye him, while everyone else in the crowd ignored him.

"Yeah! Nice call you shouted there, ump! Good call!" commended Toalune.

"Come on, Steve! This pitcher throws like a little girl!"

"What'd you say, punk?! Did you just call my kid a little girl?!"

"Yeah! I did! Did you see that throw? He should win an award for 'Girliest Throw in Baseball'!"

"You look like you're asking me to take you down! 'Cause I think I've got what it takes to do that! And maybe it's you who's the blind one!" Toalune taunted, which alerted his wife.

"Toalune, sit down," demanded Tonberria.

"Not now, Tonberria. This guy's a level seven to me. This could be tough..."

"Oh, so you wanna piece of me, huh? I'm getting pretty sick of your mouth and your upside down mustache!" the father scoffed. "I bet there are other people better than you! Heck, I don't think you're even good enough for your woman!"

"No one insults the mustache!"

At this point, Toalune had it. He took off the upper part of his armor to show off his "muscles", even though as an otaku, he wasn't quite the muscular person.

"So, what do ya wanna do? You think you can take me on?" Toalune taunted.

"Toalune, stop it!" Tonberria snapped. "You're making a scene! And it's making you look like an idiot!"

"You better shut up, punk!" the father shouted.

"I'm standing right here! How do you wanna handle it? I bet I can take you on while I'm eating pizza! And maybe I can take you on for trying to mess with my wife too! How about that?!"

"Toalune! Just sit back down!" Tonberria snapped. "I don't want you to get in any trouble around Chopper!"

"I told you to SHUT UP!" the father spilled his drink on Toalune and a fight occurred. Both of them began to punch each other like crazy. Even Chopper could see it and he was getting slightly annoyed.

"Ugh… I'm going to drink something." Chopper pulled out the same bottle of Hawaiian Punch from before and drank it until it was half empty.


"Oh, wait a minute… Was that drink a year old?!" Chopper's face looked ill, making him put his face out the window and vomit. What was worse was that he was thirsty AGAIN. "That made it WORSE!"

After his vomiting, he pushed the door ahead into a much bigger room. There were two pillars right on the side and a large terminal at the end of the room. He noticed a large, stone-like creature standing in the room and facing him.

"Uhhhhhh… Were you waiting for me the whole time?" Chopper asked.

"Stoneard doesn't remember anyone coming here…" Stoneard trailed. "Only thing Stoneard's waiting for is rocks! Me need ROCKS!"

"Uhhhhh… Me no have rocks." Chopper said, trying to speak in a way that Stoneard would understand. "Me come to kick butt for Power Star piece. You give Power Star Piece, I leave you be."

"Wha… You come for STAR? Stoneard remember Lord Maquano's words! Stoneard CRUSH you! Stoneard crush you into a pancake!" Stoneard stomped his way over to Chopper, but since he was too slow, the pale green boy was able to get behind him and bash him with his hammer.

"OW! Stoneard's back HURTS! But… Stoneard be unbreakable!"

"Ugh… I'm really not liking how this guy speaks…" Chopper thought with an annoying look as he jumped on top of Stoneard and tried slamming his foot on his head. Surprisingly, he was able to hurt him, but it didn't do too much.

"Wait… A kick doesn't do much?!"

"Heh heh heh! Now Stoneard crush you!" Stoneard cackled as he grabbed Chopper and clasped his hands together to flatten him. He watched as Chopper began to stumble around like a pancake. He even threw him against the wall as well.

"Ouch…" Chopper grunted as he fell onto the stone ground. "Geez… I never knew this guy could really be hard. …Or maybe it's because he's rock solid."

"Now Stoneard shall roll over you!" Stoneard curled up into a ball and began to roll toward Chopper. But, he was able to outrun him and even whack him with his hammer when he got at a good distance, knocking the stone creature to the wall.

"Honestly! You're not harder than that Trinado person!" Chopper mocked as he readied himself to attack once more. Stoneard created two Rockos by spitting two rocks and they charged at him.

"Wait a second… Why do you need more rocks when you already HAVE enough rocks?" he questioned as he smashed one of the Rockos with his hammer. He smashed the other Rocko straight into Stoneard, keeping him off guard.

"Argh! Now Stoneard is ANGRY!" Stoneard began to steam as he jumped in the air and squished Chopper with ease. When he got off, he peeled him off the floor and threw him to the wall.

Chopper crashed into the wall, but he was able to push himself off and avoid Stoneard's punch. Even when he ran over to a distance from him, Stoneard was slow as molasses. So… He decided to use this as an advantage.

"Hey! Get back here!" the stone giant growled as Chopper ran from him. "Stoneard not done with you yet!"

"Well Chopper…uh… Oh, forget it." Chopper jumped off the wall and did a flip over Stoneard somehow (I mean, he IS a round figure, so that doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do). He whipped his hammer out and bashed Stoneard from behind.

"Chopper smash you with hammer!"

"Stop imitating Stoneard!" the stone giant kicked Chopper away like a mere soccer ball, sending him across the large room and into one of the pillars. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw Stoneard getting into a ball and rolling toward him.

"Can't we just sit down and talk about this?" Unfortunately, it was too late. Chopper got squished by the large and…almost fat stone giant.

"Stoneard not fat! Stoneard just big rock!"

Anyway, while I simply ignore this rock, the stone giant began to do some stupid dances, as if he was victorious. However, it didn't come to be when Chopper slowly got back up and began bashing his head with his hammer, but ended up getting knocked into the same pillar. This time, it broke.

"Dude… You REALLY shouldn't have pulled something like that off." Chopper groaned. "You could practically tear this whole place down! Although, I don't like it very much anyway…"

"Then let Stoneard show you the way out!" Stoneard picked up Chopper and brought him over to the window. He was about to throw him out the window until Chopper (unintentionally) coughed in his face, getting some of the saliva in his eyes.

"AAAAH! Stoneard can't see! Stoneard HATE water! It makes Stoneard sink!" While he was acting like a baby, Chopper was released, allowing him to rush toward him and ram him head-on, sending the rock giant to the wall.

"What a baby… You overreact to WATER?!" Chopper gawked.

"Well, then how about Stoneard gives you more of THESE? !" Stoneard spat more rocks at Chopper, who began to roll from side to side to avoid the rocks. There was one that hit the wall, but when he tried picking it up, he couldn't lift it off of the ground.

"Gwar har har har har! What's the matter? You can't pick up big rock? !" Stoneard grinned while crossing his arms. "How about Stoneard help you!"

"Whoa… I gotta think of something…" Chopper thought as he gripped his hammer. When he saw another rock coming his way, he decided to try something different out. He swung his hammer at the rock, which surprisingly went back toward Stoneard and hit him in the face, making him fall over.

"Now's my chance!" he rushed toward Stoneard and gave him a Super Stomp attack that was three times as strong as his normal jump attack. It left Stoneard a crack in his body, but it didn't stop him from swatting him away.

"Now Stoneard is ANGRY!" he stomped toward Chopper and jumped on top of him, leaving him flat as a pancake. "HA! Now Stoneard make you a cushion!"

"How about you get off!" Chopper unflattened himself and jumped back as Stoneard tried to sit on him. No luck. So instead, Stoneard jumped and stomped on the ground to create a powerful shockwave that sent Chopper to the wall.


"Don't you have any better attacks than just sending me to the wall?"

"Stoneard crush you with THIS!" Stoneard brought his fist back and attempted to punch him. Luckily, Chopper jumped out of the way and made him trip with his sweeping kick attack, then he bashed his cracked head with his hammer, leaving him somewhat weaker than before.

"Gruf… You not easy to crush as Stoneard expected…" he grunted while he panted. "Stoneard thought you be easy for someone small, but you too fast for me… But Stoneard won't give up!"

"Well, why can't you?" Chopper asked. "I think this would be a little easier if you just gave me the Power Star Piece already… Sheesh!"

"Stoneard make promise to Lord Maquano to hold onto star piece! And if you here to steal from Stoneard, then Stoneard might as well crush you and show you to Lord Maquano as pin cushion!"

"I'm sure he would want to kill me more than make me out of a pin cushion…"

"Well then Stoneard kill you instead!" Stoneard jumped in the air once again and slammed into the ground in front of Chopper. The pale green boy jumped, but Stoneard managed to grab a hold of his feet and leave him hanging upside down.

"Heh heh heh! Now Stoneard got you!"

"Not if I do this!" Chopper spat in his face again, making the stone giant drop Chopper and allow him to slam his hammer straight at his body, making the cracks bigger. This caused Stoneard to moan in pain.

"Urgh… What make Stoneard in this pain?" Stoneard thought as he panted, until he looked up at Chopper's hammer. "Wait… Stoneard see something! It look like hammer! Maybe Stoneard has to take hammer!"

Chopper charged once again, but it only took Stoneard a big stomp to leave him stunned. He grabbed him once again and took his hammer. With that, he threw it out the window, leaving Chopper weaponless.

"Hey! That was a weapon that I use!" Chopper frowned angrily.

"Har har har! Now you weaponless! Stoneard have advantage now!" Stoneard grinned as he threw Chopper against the wall. He charged once again, but Chopper used his speed to get out of the way.

"OK, I don't have any weapon with me…" Chopper thought as he breathed heavily behind a pillar. "All I need to do is find some kind of weak spot. I could try hitting the cracked parts of his body! That could work!"

He decided to leave Stoneard off guard first by running around him as fast as he could. Luckily, Stoneard was kept off guard, and it even made him dizzy enough to fall over on the ground.

"Stoneard see something fast… But Stoneard can't see…" he moaned.

"Good! Good!" Chopper stopped running around and jumped on top of him. With his Super Stomp, he struck him in the area where he was damaged the most. What made this better was that Stoneard was almost defeated at this point.

"Get off me!" Stoneard got up and knocked Chopper away with a punch, leaving a big, red mark on his face. He didn't let this bother him - despite it being painful. Chopper simply jumped right when Stoneard tried to punch him and struck him with a slamming kick to the head.

"Urk! How are you able to hurt Stoneard without hammer? !" Stoneard gaped as his head cracked a little more.

"Honestly, it might be because of the rainbow heart…" Chopper trailed, unsure. "But it doesn't matter now. It's time to end this!"

He tried to jump toward Stoneard, but he managed to swat him toward another pillar. This one happened to break and send a part of the ceiling crumbling down. But not on Chopper.

On Stoneard.

"…So that's the end of the fight?" Chopper gawked as he saw the sky above him, which was a bit of a yellowish color at this moment. "Wow… I can't believe he ended up killing himself that way."

He got up and brushed the dirt off him, since he was covered in a lot of dirt and sand from traveling. But little did he know the rubble left from the ceiling started to move.

"CHOPPER!" Chopper turned back to the rubble to see an injured Stoneard pushing himself out of the rubble. Most of his body looked badly cracked at the moment, and he certainly looked like he could go down any moment.

"You're still ALIVE?!" Chopper gaped.

"Stoneard ANGRY! If Stoneard is to die, then Stoneard take you with me!" he spat one last rock at the pale green boy. However, he simply inhaled the rock, making the stone giant gape.


Chopper spat the rock back at Stoneard. With one clash, Stoneard broke into many pieces and was no more. Chopper, on the other hand, began to cough and kneel down on the ground.

"Huff… Huff… I… I did it."

He looked up and saw a glowing star piece appear from all of the pieces left from Stoneard. "That's the Power Star Piece! The second one!"

Chopper ran over to the star piece (despite his condition) and grabbed a hold of it. He pulled the other one out and let them form together. Unfortunately, it still wasn't half complete yet.

"Even with two pieces, I don't like the way it looks…" he trailed. "Hopefully it becomes better when I collect more. Now…"

He whirled over to the terminal ahead and tried to get it to turn on. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to do anything for him. It was already cracked and broken.

"What?! Oh, no! This isn't right! It's broken!" Chopper cried before noticing a little something else. He saw a Hellspawn Airship coming this way. It seemed to be flying right to where he was!

"Oh… Well, I think I better figure something out here!"


When the airship landed in Stoneard's room, two Tatara Soldiers jumped out and began to look around the area.

"Where the heck is Stoneard?" the first soldier asked. "I mean, he SHOULD be here shouldn't he?"

"Hmmmmmm… Guess not." the second Tatara responded, looking at the remains of Stoneard. "It looks like Stoneard's been crushed. So that's him and Trinado right now. I bet that Chopper kid did it."

"Well, where do you think he went?"

"Well, I don't know. But one thing for sure is that we can't let him reach the ocean. Captain Steelfoot has the next Power Star Piece, and his hideout is somewhere out in the ocean. There's no way we can let him get to it!"

"All right, so I guess we should warn Captain Steelfoot that Chopper could be coming his way…"

"Don't worry about him. He's a tough pirate. I doubt even Chopper could beat him! Stoneard and Trinado weren't really that tough anyway! I'm sure he'll beg for mercy against the captain!"

"I suppose you're right… Well, let's get out of here."

The two Tataras got back on the airship and took off. Little did they know Chopper was hiding right behind the airship, and he just so happened to hear the whole conversation between them!

"So, the next Power Star Piece is somewhere in the ocean," Chopper thought as the airship took off while he held onto it. "Well, that means I have to go for a little swim!"

When the airship left the desert area, it was now flying across the ocean. Unfortunately, for Chopper, it didn't seem like he was going to hold on.

"Crud! I don't know how much I can hold on! This thing is getting slippery!" Chopper kept a good grip, but his hands soon slowly began to slip off and led him to fall straight into the ocean.

"NO! Not at THIS time! Dang it!" he cried as he started to plummet into the seas.

Wait... Were you expecting a scene with Maquano right now? Well... Er... You see, I couldn't do that for you!

Well, actually, the reason why I put the interlude with the boss is because I didn't want to have two short chapters. Since this chapter wasn't as short as the fight against Trinado, I decided that I would make them both separate, and that's something I'm going to be doing with the other boss chapters as well.

So there's your boss for you. Although, I'll say that Stoneard is probably one of the easiest bosses. His name is also a combination of stone and retard (by retard, I mean slow, not the other meaning). It's actually something I didn't know of at first, which is strange. :P