Chapter 14: An Invader on Aqua Island?

After swimming for fifteen minutes, Chopper noticed the water around him was starting to become shallower. The island he saw before was much closer, which made him sigh in relief. No enemies were around to make a move on him either. It was all smooth sailing from there.

"I'm almost there!" Chopper cried. "I can't wait to move around on my own feet!"

But he also happened to spot something else far to his left. It was that same pirate ship from before, and the pirates there happened to see him, hence why they were laughing and taunting him.

"Yar har har har! He's swimmin' all alone in there!" one Pirate Warrior laughed. "Ye should just give up now!"

Captain Steelfoot even taunted him by waving the Planet Star Piece above him. He lowered it just before a seagull could fly over and snatch it. That's when he started taunting the seagulls too.

"I 'ave doubts he'll even reach this ship," Steelfoot stated. "He's probably too tired to keep swimmin'. I'll let some of my minions on Aqua Island take care of him, and if he somehow reaches me, then I'll be delighted to take him down!"

Chopper tried his best to ignore the insults being thrown at him and continued following the spectral to the island. However, he had an idea to speed things up. He jumped out of the water and began firing ice balls to freeze sections of the water. An icy path was soon created, allowing Chopper to increase his movement – even if it was slippery. Of course, since the ice was beginning to melt behind him, he had to move quickly.

A few Scuba Pirates took notice of him and began to fire harpoons. Chopper managed to jump over them in time and shot one ice ball at a Scuba Pirate's spear gun.

"Aye! That fool's movin' faster than this ship!" Steelfoot gaped, seeing Chopper get closer to the ship. "Hmmmm... I guess there's more to him than I thought. I won't let him get to me easily, though."

Steelfoot's ship sailed past Aqua Island, while Chopper was busy running to the island. But to slow him down, his crew set the cannons and let them fire cannonballs toward the ice Chopper was running on, shattering it in the process and leaving chunks flying in the air.

Chopper was able to notice this, forcing him to stop near the edge of some remaining ice. The melting ice behind him was getting closer too, leaving him stranded. He put one hand over his mouth and began to sweat out of nervousness.

Not only that, but now red and black bat-like creatures covered in flames were now flying around him and melting the ice with a few fireballs. Now Chopper was feeling more unsafe than ever.

But something sparked in his body. Almost like he had enough energy to do something so over-the-top that it would make any stylish man cry manly tears. It felt all too familiar from the previous times as well. He instantly leaped into the air and onto one of the chunks of ice still skyrocketing. He jumped off that and onto the other chunk of ice above him.

This was certainly helping him get closer to the island, but standing on the chunk of ice any long was not the best idea, because now it was starting to plummet into the waters. Another spark came from within Chopper, and he soon found his feet surrounded in an icy glow while jumping off the chunk of ice and jumping on top of a Tartara Bat. The flames did no harm to his icy feet, surprisingly.

With his hands becoming icy, he grabbed a hold of the Tartara Bat's ears, allowing him to steer the monster forward. With Chopper's ice powers, the bat was now shooting ice balls, which he used against the other Tartara Bats.

Seeing the island getting closer and more Tartara Bats up ahead, he jumped off the one he was still piloting and began to jump from each bat while ice magic was being churned in his hands.

He finally landed in the shallow water on the beach of the island that reached his feet and hurled the ice ball at the closest Tartara Bat. A large, ice explosion came from the enemy and caught the other bats in the process, destroying them in the process.

The remaining ice chunks from the explosion slowly fell into the water and melted. Chopper looked down at the ocean and then at his hands. Sure, he had done some insane stuff before, but geez...

"Whoa... I didn't see that coming..." Chopper gaped. "That was so weird.."

Before he could think further, he felt himself get struck by a fireball from behind, knocking him onto the shallow water face-first. The waves behind him fell over him and ended up pushing him closer to shore before he could get up.

Another thing he knew was that if a normal person got hit by a fireball like that, they would probably be dead already. How these powers prevented Chopper from losing all of his health, he had no idea. But that wasn't the important thing to think about at the moment.

Looking up at the Tartara Bat that shot the fireball, Chopper prepared to hurl an ice ball, but he noticed his gloves were white once again. "Oh... I guess that thing got rid of my icy powers..."

Realizing he only had one option left, Chopper opened his mouth and inhaled the fireball. It felt strange eating something so hot, but it didn't seem to harm him when it was inside his mouth. In fact, he felt as though he could swallow it!

And upon swallowing it, Chopper looked up at his head and noticed flames blazing on a golden tiara with a green gem in the middle he now wore. He looked at his gloves and feet and noticed that they were now red, and upon looking at his arms, his skin had changed to a light red.

Copy Ability: Fire

Chopper's on fire! It's time for foes to feel the burn when Chopper sets them on fire with his Fire Breath! If that doesn't work, cloaking yourself in flames while dashing forward with Burn will take them out!

"Why am I suddenly red?" Chopper wondered before looking up at the Tartara Bat. Surprised by Chopper's appearance, it spat another fireball at the boy. Chopper opened his mouth again and caught the fireball before spitting it at the bat. It sent it crashing into the shallow water around Chopper, leaving it completely vulnerable to attacks.

A stomp was all Chopper needed to defeat the enemy before it disintegrated via a small explosion. With that out of the way, Chopper finally made his way onto the island's beach. It was flat and large unlike most beaches. It was also pretty empty too.

Well, it would've been empty if a couple of pirates had not shown up via parachutes. They landed in front of Chopper and drew their scimitars. One tried swiping at the boy, but he jumped away from the attack in time.

"Don't think yer goin' anywhere, matey!" one Parachute Pirate cackled. "Not even the flames on yer head will save ye!"

The same pirate began to charge directly at Chopper while raising his scimitar. Chopper would have tried to fight back, but he felt a sneeze coming and ended up letting it out. He surprisingly sneezed out some fire, setting the Parachute Pirate on fire.


Chopper, along with the other pirates watched said Parachute Pirate run over to the water and place his bottom in it.

"Oh, so they call those biscuits?" Chopper wondered.

"Aye! Well obviously we have to be wary of this kid! I think I've got an idea!" one pirate charged and brought its scimitar down on Chopper, but since the weapon was made of metal, the pirate was forced to drop it when it touched the flames on Chopper's head. The child was only confused when the scimitar landed in front of his red feet.

"Yarr! So tryin' to touch him might be a little more difficult than we thought." another pirate pondered. "So who's got any other ideas?"

"I say we just get rid of 'im in any way! Maybe we can throw 'im into the water!"

"Hmmmm... Yar, that be an excellent idea!"

The pirates charged at Chopper and tried grabbing a hold of him. One almost caught him, but Chopper jumped and bounced off their heads in order to make them fall forward. They soon got up and charged at him again.

"I wonder... What else can I do?" Chopper wondered before noticing some small flames come out of his mouth. He checked to make sure by blowing some air, but instead of air, a small amount of fire came out instead. An idea sparked in his head as he blew harder, making a larger amount of flames spew from his mouth and at the Parachute Pirates.

Because of this action, they were too scared to even approach him and chose to run into the water. Chopper was left confused, but he was glad to be safe. With that out of the way, he decided to move on ahead through the beach. Sadly, he did not see any palm trees in his sight.

But what he did see were a couple of small sand castles that were built, as well as a few shells lying in the sand. Approaching one of the sand castles caused it to be surrounded by smoke. The sand castle that once stood was replaced with a Darkling wearing a pointy, purple wizard hat and a purple cloak. It left Chopper surprised as he was hit by the enemy's magic.

"Surprise!" the Darkling Wizard snickered before firing purple magic at the four-year-old again. Chopper ducked like a pancake and let the projectile fly over him and then tried to blow fire at the enemy. That is until he realized the range of his Fire Breath was rather short.


"Looks like someone's bad at using powers! Watch what I can do!"

Waving its arms, a trail of purple mist was left behind before it flung more of its purple magic. Chopper slid under the magic and ended up charging into the enemy with Burn, sending it flying back.

"What the..." Chopper stopped as soon as he reverted back into himself and noticed the small trail of fire left behind on the sand. "Where did that bad guy go? And why did I suddenly appear with fire around me?"

He was about to ponder longer, but he decided that it wasn't worth it and approached a steep, sandy hill that he easily leapt over. There were a couple of small puddles around he walked past, but what he noticed more were the palm trees and even some green approaching him ahead.

Before he knew it, he got a glimpse of a couple of trees leading into a jungle-like area and a few palm trees around the beach. There were even some Pirate Warriors on leaning chairs and wearing sunglasses as well.

"Yar... This be the good life, ain't it?"

"I do say so."

"Ye know, there's somethin' I wanna know..."


"Are red people with fire on their heads supposed to be 'ere?"

"...Wait, what?" the Pirate Warrior dropped its shades and looked up at the approaching flaming boy. "Aye! The cap'n mentioned about some kid! That be him, I believe!"

"Then what're we doin' here tryin' to get our non-existent tans?! Let's get 'im!"

The pirates drew their weapons and charged at the flaming boy. Since he was getting used to this new ability, he decided to jump in the air toward the Pirate Warriors and spin his body while blowing fire with his Spinning Fire Breath. He found himself being circled in fire and hitting the enemies as well. They were thrown back into one of the palm trees, causing it to shake and make coconuts fall and hit them in the head. One coconut even split in two.

Seeing the food, Chopper was excited and nearly zipped over to the split coconut. He noticed some milk inside one, so he drank it all and even stuffed the coconut's lower half into his mouth. He then ate the other half afterward, and boy did he enjoy it.

Unfortunately, his small, flaming burp only burned the tree down.

He looked a bit disappointed, but there was nothing else he could do about it, so he headed to where most of the green was. There was even a dirt path in between two palm trees. How nice.

Without any thoughts, Chopper ran through the dirt path and into the shade thanks to the trees covering the sun. In fact, a lot of this area seemed to reminisce a forest or desert. The green was everywhere except for the floor, and some trees even contained some vines. It was almost like Colossal Jungle – except it wasn't giant.

There were a couple of Pirate Warrior through the path that Chopper ended up knocking into the air by spinning in a fireball via his Fireball Spin. He didn't want to have to deal with them, and that was the only option in terms of constantly moving.

Because of how fast he was moving, it was hard to get a glimpse of all the green around him as if he was running through a tunnel. But he was eventually reaching the end, and apparently it led him near a sandy cliff.

Chopper gasped when he almost fell off the edge, but looking down below, he saw any pools filled with water that looked crystal clear. There were even a couple of Tartara Grunts playing around in the water for some reason.

"Oh, no... Not those guys again." Chopper frowned. "And I don't know if my fire attacks might help me!"

Despite this, he decided to drop down below and into the water. It wasn't too deep, so he was able to get out just fine. Despite the flames on his head disappearing upon being underwater, they strangely returned. It was another thing he would've questioned, but he chose not to.

Unfortunately, one grunt took notice of him, and the obvious happened.

"Hey! It's that kid! What's his name? Well it doesn't matter, 'cause he's on fire!"

The Tartara Grunts stopped playing and pulled their blasters out. Chopper ended up gulping before jumping over the red shots being fired at him. Other shots were being fired, and he was forced to dodge while still in the air – and that was even a challenge for him!

Chopper eventually dove down at an angle at one Tartara Grunt and delivered a flaming kick to its face. The grunt itself was knocked back into a couple of others in the way.

But once he landed on the ground, one lucky Tartara Grunt was able to shoot him and knock his Fire ability away. Chopper noticed the ability appear in the form of a yellow star, which began to bounce away. He tried to get it back, but the same grunt shot the star, shattering it.

"Don't think that will help you!" the grunt sneered.

Chopper frowned at the sight of the shattered star, but he looked back up at the grunts and ducked under another red laser. Thank goodness he could flatten himself like a pancake!

The best option for him was to simply charge at the grunts and send them flying in the air and into the ponds. With them out of the way, he ran past the ponds and found himself running across a sturdy stone bridge with a large pool below him. There was no shade around either, so the sun was shining bright upon him.

"Wow... This island looks so cool!" Chopper gaped, looking down at the water and the scenery around him. Unfortunately, he noticed the bridge did not reach the other side. Instead, a small railing at the side was there instead. Probably construction wasn't finished here.

But it wasn't anything Chopper couldn't handle. He quickly jumped onto the rail and began to grind on it to reach the other side. Jumping off, he continued to run through the bright trail ahead.

One thing he happened to notice were some rocks made of the same material as the bridge he saw before. They appeared to be mostly broken with writing Chopper could not understand. Stopping by one near the end of the trail, he decided to look at one shaped like a triangle.

The writing appeared very dusty and very difficult to read. It was definitely not written in his language either, but Chopper couldn't help but gaze at it. Not often did Mondrao have these types of rocks. In fact, he probably never saw one like this to begin with.

"I wonder how long this was here for..." Chopper pondered, trying to blow away any dust left on it. He paused when he felt a heavy wind coming from the trees around him. Above him was a Tartara ship that was flying over the island. This one apparently had propellers like one of a helicopter.

What made things worse was that it was coming down in the exact location he was standing.

"Yipe! I need to move!" Chopper yelped, running ahead as fast as he could. He noticed the trail was moving downward, which helped increase his speed until he reached the end, which led to another beach. "Oh... I guess I'm at the other side already."

He ran over to the water and checked for a pirate ship or a hideout. Sadly, there was none in sight.

However, when he looked over to his right, he noticed a beach off on another island close by, or it was another section of Aqua Island. Nevertheless, he decided to walk over there to discover a couple of small trees with the leaves acting as platforms. Some water droplet-like enemies with arms, legs, and sunglasses that were carrying parasols were on some of those platforms too. These guys were revealed to be Cool Drops.

One Cool Drop was starting to slowly descend onto the sand below it in front of Chopper. Seeing the parasol in action amazed Chopper a bit too.

"Hey, is it OK if I borrow that?" Chopper asked politely.

The Cool Drop gave him a strange look before smacking him with its parasol. Chopper felt himself staggering backwards from the hit while flailing his arms. Feeling the mark left on his face, he rubbed it and then looked back at the Cool Drop snickering at him. It certainly annoyed him.

He ended up trying to get the parasol from the Cool Drop by inhaling it, but instead he ended up inhaling the entire enemy and swallowing it. A red and white parasol was now in his hands.

Copy Ability: Parasol

Projectiles or enemies falling from above? Don't worry, that parasol won't let 'em stop you! While falling, it is possible to do it slowly with the help of the parasol. Not good enough? Then spin your parasol and strike your foes, and then toss them into the air to finish them off!

But he didn't see the Cool Drop in sight. "Oh, no... Did I just... Oh... I feel so bad..."

He heard the sounds of lasers coming form behind and instantly jumped to dodge a shot. When he looked behind, there was a Tartara Soldier and at least two Tartara Grunts firing at him.

"Get him!" the soldier commanded, making the grunts charge while shooting. Chopper continued to dodge while in the air, but he noticed when one laser hit his parasol, no harm was done to it.

Plus, he was starting to slowly descend with the help of the parasol too.

"What the... That parasol's not getting damaged?" one grunt noticed as Chopper landed on the wet sand. "How's that even possible?"

Unfortunately, a large wave was coming in their direction. Chopper was the one to discover this first and jumped onto the tall tree platforms to avoid it. The Tartaras were not as lucky and got caught in the wave. Chopper smiled and decided to move onward.

A couple of coconuts fell from above some tree platforms, but they were not fast enough to land on Chopper. There were some that were close, but his parasol helped protect himself from the explosive coconuts.

There happened to be a lighthouse not too far from the island up ahead. It looked like he could even run up it too, so that's exactly what he did upon reaching it. Some pirates that were near the lighthouse took notice of him and gaped.

"Yar! Did up that lighthouse?!" one Pirate Warrior gaped.

"Looks like it..." the other pirate sweat dropped, looking at its face through the reflection of its scimitar. "Ye know, I never knew I looked so handsome..."

"Oh, can it! We all look the same!" the first Pirate Warrior smacked the scimitar away from its ally. "We can try to get 'im, but I don't think climbin' that lighthouse will help."

"Well I'mma go try!" the Pirate Warrior whose scimitar was lying on the ground picked it up and tried climbing up the gray lighthouse. It tried using his scimitar to climb up, but since it was only one, the skeletal pirate was having trouble. "Errrrr... A little help 'ere?"

As for Chopper, he had reached the top of the lighthouse and was now standing on its tip. He looked off at the distance to see what the island was like. Unlike the other, this one appeared to be more beach-like. There was even a dock over the deeper sections of the water to his right that could help him reach there.

Jumping off the lighthouse, he held his parasol and began to slowly descend onto the ground. The Pirate Warrior trying to climb had finally reached the top, but seeing Chopper slowly float to the ground left its mouth agape.

"Wha...?! Ye gotta be kiddin' me!" the pirate shook its fist as Chopper began to run off to the dock ahead. Obviously chasing after him was not going to do much at this point.

As for Chopper, he noticed a large gap between him and the dock. The only thing that was between them was a rock with a Spring pointing upward. Chopper decided to jump and use his parasol to slowly land on the Spring to help launch him upward. He proceeded to descend onto the dock.

He proceeded onward through the long dock, but while that was going on, the dock was starting to shake from behind Chopper. The Undertoe's head popped out and now it was charging at Chopper from behind.

"Huh?" Chopper turned his head and got a glimpse of the angry octopus thing tearing the dock apart as it moved. "Oh, no! Not this thing!"

The Undertoe was catching up, but it was not fast enough to catch Chopper while he was running on land. Not even its tentacles were able to grab him, despite sending pieces of the dock flying.

When Chopper saw the dock suddenly veer to the right, he was about to do so, but there was a Dash Panel that already helped him move in that direction and off a Dash Ramp. The Undertoe, however, jumped out of the water and over the panel in order to catch up with him.

"I don't know why this thing's after me!" Chopper cried, landing on the next dock and running with the help of a Dash Panel. The Undertoe ended up having a plan and dove back into the water, but Chopper was unsure whether it had given up or not. Nevertheless, he continued onward to the beach just ahead of him.

Well, he would've if the Undertoe didn't break through the dock from underneath and send Chopper flying in the air. It tried to grab him with its tentacles, but Chopper was able to get a hold of himself and jump on pieces of the dock that were still flying in the air. Being this high up, his parasol could most likely help him.

However, the Undertoe was now jumping out of the water to get a better reach of him. It tried swiping at Chopper, but he reacted just in time and jumped on another dock piece. Looking down at the Undertoe, he saw the angry look in its eyes.

"What'd I ever do to this thing?" Chopper cried, seeing the Undertoe extend its tentacle to him. Instead of dodging it, he decided to jump and slide down on it to reach its head. Seeing him, it opened its mouth to spew ink, but Chopper's parasol helped block it and allowed him to jump on top of its head and leap off onto the sand just ahead.

Witnessing this moment, the Undertoe was left with its eyes widened before turning to Chopper and shaking its tentacle like a fist at him. It then turned away and went back underwater.

"At least that's over with," Chopper smiled. "Now I can continue on!"

He looked ahead and noticed a large, tall green mound ahead. There didn't appear to be any entrance, but up a grassy hill nearby was a Spring. Approaching the Spring, he was launched upward onto a grassy platform above where a couple of Pirate Warriors were.

And boy, were they mad when they saw Chopper.

"Ye scallywag! Who d'ya think ye are, comin' here?!" one Pirate Warrior exclaimed, pulling out its scimitar. "I'll rip ye into bits!"

It charged at Chopper and attempted to slice him, but what it ended up hitting instead was a red and white parasol that blocked the attack and left the pirate staggering backwards.

"What in the... Am I seein' things, or did me weapon do nothin' to that umbrella thingy there?"

Chopper held his parasol slightly above himself after blocking, but he noticed two more Pirate Warriors charging at him. Knowing that defending was not the best idea, he swung his parasol at them and knocked them back by the edge of the platform. He then charged at the pirates while holding his parasol in front of him. A couple of small stars emitted from the parasol as it hit at least two of the pirates, knocking them off the platform.

"Ha! Ye missed!" the remaining Pirate Warrior scoffed, dodging the attack. "Ye couldn't even touch me with that!"

Instead of frowning, Chopper smiled as he lifted the pirate off his feet with his parasol and now held him above his head. Spinning the parasol around made the pirate dizzy and led to him getting knocked off the platform in the end.

With them out of the way, Chopper turned his attention back to the mound. There was a large hole with a path inside he could reach. He used the Dash Panel near him to get launched up to the hole.

Landing inside, he found the path to be made of sand, while the walls were curved so he could run up them. There was also a waterfall and a large pool of water with some lily pads on the wooden railing on the right side of the path. It was nice enough for Chopper to speed down as well.

Running on the walls even felt greater to him considering that he couldn't do something like this before. There was even a small hole he could fit through leading to a Spring, so he went through that hole and got launched into a larger area containing a smaller pool with a couple of lily pads. Landing on one caught the attention of a few Darklings flying around the area.

"Found ya!" one Darkling said, firing a blue energy ball in Chopper's direction. His parasol blocked the attack before he swung it at the Darkling, knocking it in the water. Chopper also spotted an Ice Hand in the water, so he jumped in and absorbed its powers after grabbing it. Afterward, he jumped back onto the lily pad to face the remaining Darklings.

"So he's got different gloves, so what?" another Darkling scoffed. "It's not like it's going to-"

Before it could finish, it ended up becoming frozen in midair.

"I wonder why that thing's frozen in midair... It's pretty strange for this kind of story..." Chopper trailed until he realized what he just said a moment ago. "Wait, what did I just say there?"

Despite his choice of words, he jumped in the air and dove down at the remaining Darkling with his parasol, sending it crashing into the bottom of the water. His parasol was helpful in keeping him floating in the water until he reached a lily pad.

"Well, I guess I better move on," Chopper said, leaping onto the grass ahead and noticed a hill leading out of the mound and into more beach territory. He decided to run down the hill, which began to curve to the right side as if Chopper was running on a wall. He could see a loop just up ahead when the road was curved straight again. Running through it led him to a Dash Panel taking him over a large body of water with a few large rocks. One rock had a round, orange panel Chopper happened to land on, and jumping off of it made him land on another panel on a different rock.

"Huh? What's this?"

He jumped again, leading him to the third rock, which eventually led him to a large beach area with a couple of palm trees and even rocks at the distance with a few Aquis.

"Ooh! I like this place!" Chopper smiled, looking at the open beach. He hit the palm trees with his parasol to get more coconuts to fall, which he happily ate. However, an Invincibility Star also fell from the tree and landed in his hand, making him invincible. "Hey... Cool!"

With this power-up in his hands, he was able to race through the sandy path, plowing through the pirates that got in his way. It was like he didn't even need to try to attack them!

Unfortunately, the Invincibility Star's power hadn't lasted forever, and it had eventually wore off when Chopper stopped at a large section of the beach that was round with many palm trees surrounding the area. But what felt out of place was the large crater that appeared to be in the center.

"Huh? Why is there a large hole here?" Chopper wondered before hearing other voices.

"Hold it right there, kid!"

Chopper turned and was met with a couple of Pirate Warriors, as well as a few Tartara Grunts and Soldiers.

"Uh oh..."

"Uh oh is right!" a Tartara Soldier cackled, aiming its blaster at Chopper. "I'll admit, you're one fast boy getting away from us so easily... But we expected you to arrive here, so we hid in the palm trees until you arrived!"

"Palm trees?" Chopper looked back at the palm trees. "Ohhhh... So THAT'S what they're called..."

"Yeah, an' it'll be the last thing ye-" the Pirate Warrior stopped when a coconut suddenly hit it in the head. It felt dazed for a moment, which made Chopper giggle. "Shuddap! ...Anyway, what I meant to say was that it'll be the last thing ye ever see on this planet!"

"Get hit with another coconut! It was funny!"

"No! Slapstick humor ain't funny! ...Unless it's being done on someone who ain't me!"

"You know what? Let me take it from here!" a Tartara Soldier declared, stepping in the pirate's way. "Listen here, kid. Lord Maquano wants us to take care of ya so he doesn't have to worry about you messing with his plans, ya got that?!"

Hearing Maquano's name certainly made Chopper mad. "Well I'm going to stop Maquano! He's going to pay for getting rid of my mommy and daddy! ...And also destroying my home!"

"Pfffffff! Like that'll happen!" a Tartara Grunt snickered. "Look at you and compare yourself to him! You're so small!"

"Well I don't care!" Chopper cried. "He did something terrible to me, and now I want to get back at him for what he's done! I feel very lonely thanks to him!"

While he continued to talk, the enemies noticed something in the large crater ahead. An alien-like figure began to slowly ascend out of the hole. Their eyes widened as they finally got a full glimpse of what came out of the crater.

"...And I'm not going to let anyone stop me!"

"Yar... What in sea cucumbers is that?!" a Pirate Warrior gaped.

The feline-like alien slowly began to rub its head and eye, trying to recover from whatever it had been through. A couple of seconds later, the alien noticed the pirates and Tartaras gaping at it. Chopper appeared to be the only one who hadn't taken notice of the strange alien.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Chopper asked, noticing they were gaping.

"What is that thing?!" a Tartara Grunt exclaimed. "It's ugly, but I don't think I've seen anything like that!"

"Ugly...?" Psyline's eyes began to glow pink, and soon a pink glow was surrounding the grunt. Now the Tartara was being lifted off the ground and hurled into one of the palm trees. Psyline finished its psychic attack when its eyes were no longer glowing.

"This ain't good!" the pirate gulped.

"I don't understand... What's going on?" Chopper gawked.

"Behind you..." muttered another Pirate Warrior, who began to slowly back away. "...Wait, what am I runnin' fer? I'm supposed to be kickin' some butt here!"

Drawing his scimitar, it charged at Psyline, but it too was sent flying off the beach. Many others tried to take action, but they were not even able to touch the psychic alien. Chopper watched them get sent flying, but he was still confused.

"Am I doing this?" Chopper wondered. "Do I have these powers?"

"That would be me," Psyline answered, catching Chopper's attention at this point, who was now turning around to see the alien.

"What the... Who are you?!" he gaped, stepping away from the alien. "Are invader?"

"From what I can remember, I was fighting Nucleis... Where is it? I was hoping to finish it off for good!"

"Ummmm... I don't know if I can help you."

"Well, no matter... I think I've already found a new target." Psyline began to conjure up a pink ball of energy and aimed it at the boy. "Just hold still for a moment!"

Seeing the shadow ball flying his way, Chopper let out a cry and moved out of the way just in time. The attack ended up hitting a tree behind him and knocked it over in the process.

"What are you doing?!" Chopper cried.

"I'm not finished fighting, you know..." Psyline noted, his eyes slowly glowing pink. "And since you're the only person in my sight, then fight you I shall."

Mid-boss: Psyline

No one knows of this creature's whereabouts. But everyone who knows of this alien trembles at the sight of it. Its psychic abilities are absolutely dangerous, with only one being able to compete against it. If it sets its eyes on you, you could be in trouble...

It moved its arm forward, resulting in a few coconuts flying at Chopper. Luckily, his parasol was able to block the attacks, but Psyline easily threw that aside.

"Eep! Not my parasol!" Chopper ran after it, but he was soon surrounded in a blue glow and thrown into one of the trees.

"If these are the type of people on this planet, then surely they are too weak to stand up against me," Psyline scoffed. "Fighting anyone here will be too easy for me!"

One coconut fell of Chopper's head, leaving him slightly dazed before getting up. He quickly shook his head to gain control of himself and noticed Psyline was lifting a palm tree from the ground with its psychic powers.

"Still moving, huh? This should do you in!" Psyline declared, throwing the palm tree at him.

Chopper could have stood there and gaped, but something sparked in him that made him jump up to the palm tree and then jump off it to charge straight into Psyline. It wasn't much, but it knocked the alien slightly back. He tried to make another attack, but he felt something spark in him again, and unfortunately, he ended up tripping.

"So you do have some power..." Psyline remarked. "Perhaps I was wrong about this world!"

Seeing his parasol near the water, Chopper dashed over to it and grabbed it. Psyline simply hurled a couple of psychic balls at him, while Chopper threw in some ice balls. Though they did not stand up to Psyline's attacks, one ice ball got near the alien, but all it did was put its hand in front of the attack to stop it.

The attack was soon being hurled back at him.

Thankfully, his parasol was able to block it and prevent Chopper from becoming frozen. Psyline still remained calm and tried to pull Chopper's parasol away from him. But this time, Chopper kept a better grip on it, and soon he was being dragged along with the parasol a couple of feet off the ground.

"Eep! This isn't good!" Chopper gulped, noticing how high he was off the ground at the moment.

Seeing this as an opportunity to hurt Chopper, Psyline threw its arm downward, making Chopper hit the sandy ground harshly.

Despite that, Chopper was able to get himself up, which Psyline noticed and surrounded him in another pink glow. "You're quite persistent... Despite the damage you've taken, you still think you can stand up to me? What motivates you?"

"My mommy and daddy are gone because of an evil demon," Chopper explained. "I'm going to make sure he gets what he deserves! That's what my mommy and daddy would want me to do! And I'm not going to let you stop me, OK?"

"Revenge? You are so foolish." Psyline declared, throwing Chopper into a rock on the water. "I couldn't care less about your little family. I'd probably be doing you a little favor by getting rid of you!"

The alien flew over the island and over to the rock where Chopper was left slightly unconscious. "Exhausted, I see? Then I should wrap this up!"

Psyline looked over to its right at a larger rock where some mermaids were at. Using its psychic powers, it was able to lift it off the ground, along with the mermaids that quickly got off and went back into the water. Now the rock was above the psychic, who was ready to finish things off.

"So, little boy... If you have any last words, feel free to say them now before I crush you!"

Still being slightly unconscious, Chopper gave no response.

"Very well, then..." Psyline threw its arms down, and soon the rock was ready to crush Chopper.

In Chopper's mind, all he could see was the Demon Knight Maquano cackling.

"You have failed!" mocked Maquano. "You've only reached the third area of this planet, and already you're losing to an invader! How pathetic!"

Chopper moaned as he felt something spark in him. Some kind of light in the shape of a heart appeared in his mind.

"So, ready to die, Chopper? I'm sure your parents are going to be disappointed in your failure! Then again, I'm doubtful you'll even be seeing them, because everyone will refuse to listen to you or even see you for failing to stop me! You're nothing but a worthless boy on the face of this planet!"

Hearing these words not only saddened Chopper, but they started to anger him as well. The heart-shaped light was soon fading into a dark heart.

"St... St..." Chopper mumbled, slowly opening his eyes. "STOP IT!"

Before the rock could make contact with him, it was blown away by a powerful dark blast. Psyline was blown back as well, but it was able to put its arms up to only get slightly blown back. But when it lowered its arms, it took a glimpse of Chopper, who was looking much different than before.

His pale green skin was changed to black, along with his entire body, and his eyes were larger and glowing white. His fingers were more pointy and demonic-looking, while a dark mist was left behind him.

Ability: ?

In a burst of rage, the optimistic Chopper has been enveloped in this strange, dark power. Without control over this power, Chopper has become a violent, dark being with no sense of reasoning. It doesn't matter whose side you're on; anyone in his way is toast.

Seeing Chopper like this, Psyline was left raising an eyebrow.

"And what is this supposed to be?"

Chopper replied by charging into the alien so both of them were above the sandy island, and then he slammed his fist downward on Psyline, causing it to crash into the crater again. But Chopper wasn't done just yet. He flew down to the crater and began to expel a dark blast of energy from his hand. Psyline tried to stop it, but it was already too late.

As Chopper landed, an explosion came from the crater, and Psyline was surrounded in a circular-shaped pink glow as it slowly flew out. Its eyes were glowing pink as well, but Chopper did not appear fazed.

"So, you really want to push me to the edge, do you?" Psyline roared, the sand rising around as it landed. "So be it! Prepare for the worst, whoever you are..."

As it charged at Chopper, it only took him to raise his arm in front of the alien to block the attack. He grabbed a hold of Psyline and managed to throw it at one of the palm trees, causing it to fall over and also fall into the water upon crashing.

"I don't understand..." Psyline thought upon getting up. "How did he suddenly get so powerful?"

Chopper finally approached it and grabbed a hold of it by its neck. Just the look from him was enough to make Psyline realize something.

"I have a feeling that he is not controlling himself..."

"Power! Destruction! Darkness!" Chopper exclaimed, his voice sounding less childish and darker. "That is what is echoing through my head! And you appear to have power... I plan on taking it for myself when I'm done with you!"

Despite being in his clutches, Psyline's eyes began to glow, and it managed to send a palm tree flying at him, but Chopper was able to blast it away easily before throwing him in the air. He began to charge up some dark power, and once Psyline came flying down, he unleashed it and made Psyline fall to the ground, leaving it covered in a couple of bruises.

"So, are we ready to finish this? Or do you plan on fleeing from me?" Chopper hissed, approaching Psyline.

"I flee from no battles..." Psyline grunted, looking up at Chopper.

"Is that so? Very well then." Chopper opened his hand and pointed it at Psyline.

Dark energy began to get conjured up in Chopper's hand, while Psyline prepared for the worst. However, while he began to charge up the attack, something began to echo through his mind.

"Chopper... Please calm down..."

Chopper's angry white eyes blinked upon recognizing the voice, and soon the anger was starting to fade from his mind. The darkness surrounding him also faded away, turning him back to normal. Only this time, he looked much more exhausted from before and was left with a couple of bruises.

"What...happened?" Chopper asked, looking at himself. "Did I just change...?"

Seeing Chopper was back to normal, Psyline's eyes were glowing once again, and Chopper was caught in its psychic powers.

"Well now... It looks like you're all back to normal!" Psyline hissed. "I'll admit, you did manage to stand up to me, but I guess in the end you don't have enough strength to finish me!"

"Did I really injure you?" Chopper asked, seeing the bruises left on Psyline. "Oh, geez, I don't feel good about that..."

"You feel terrible for hurting people that were trying to hurt you?

"Well I feel like I have to defend myself, but it's not something I always want to do..."

"You're supposed to be a hero, correct?" Psyline asked, while Chopper replied with a nod. "Having those thoughts are not going to help you in the future. By knowing that you won't really hurt enemies, you will be an easy target."

Chopper was about to reply, but he felt himself get hurled into the crater. Psyline also threw a couple of coconuts down to hit him in the head until he was unconscious. In the end, he ended up being buried in a pile of coconuts.

"You are not worth my time," it stated. "You put up a fight in the end, but you don't have what it takes to be a true fighter."

Psyline turned away from the crater, but he couldn't help but look back. "Perhaps if you learn in the future, we can fight again. But for now, I'm leaving."

With that, Psyline flew off and left Clara's atmosphere, now flying through Starland Galaxy.

"I have no more interest in this planet. I'll fight Nucleis the next time I see it, and I will win."

I'd say this was a major improvement over the previous chapter, simply because there was much more and even contained some interesting abilities.

And I'm sure many people are wondering about the whole dark form Chopper changed into when fighting Psyline. I know dark forms are a little overdone... But if anything, I'd say it's more of a bad thing here.

I also foreshadowed something like this in some previous chapters when Chopper was shown to be pretty mad at some points.