Summary: Naruto wakes up in some man named Orochimaru's hide-out with a strange feeling that he is forgetting something...Orochimaru couldn't be more pleased.

Warning: Adult Sexual situations, cursing, mind-fuck (of course I need to warn about this), S/M relationship

A/N: Forgive me Naruto-kun, my beloved Jinchuuriki, I simply HAD to make use of Oro's long tongue. I don't have a beta, please don't kill me for my horrible grammar! ;~; I'm writing this for my own creepy pleasure, and I suppose some people might like to see Naruto as a docile pet as well. No? Oh well. Just read it. I promise not to make Oro too creepy~.

Naruto woke from what felt like an extremely exhausted sleep, his eyelids felt heavy and his back ached. As the world came more into focus he realized that he was laying on a cold rock floor. He gasped and sat up quickly, causing a massive head rush that made his vision swim for a moment. He was in a room without a door. The walls were a deep brown that suggested he was underground. He bit his lip. How had he got there? He knew he was forgetting something, but had no recollection of this room or the events leading up to it. Naruto stood gingerly, and pressed his palms against the blank rock wall.

He began to force chakra into his hands to try to break it down, and then suddenly hot trickling pain was filling his head and spreading through his body. He let out a painful scream and fell backwards, recoiling from the wall. But it wasn't the wall. It was his chakra. He stopped the flow and immediately the pain was gone. Then he felt weak, tired. He rubbed his watery eyes and felt panic rise in his chest. Where was he? Where was he supposed to be?

Ah! That triggered some kind of memory. He remembered Sakura, his life-long crush. He remembered the bastard Sasuke being mean to him throughout their training. He remembered Kakashi-sensei and the many missions with him. He had a vague memory of some man with spiky white hair. He couldn't place a name. He remembered The Third Hokage, and The Fifth Hokage. He could recite every jutsu he learned in genin training. He remembered participating in the first level of the chuunin exam. But what happened to the others? Was he disqualified? Naruto grew tired of all the thinking and wracking his brain.

He ran his fingers through his hair, searching for some sort of bump or contusion. He felt nothing that signified a head injury of any sort. Disgruntled, he tried thinking of ways that he could lose his memory. A potion? A jutsu? Perhaps he had experienced something traumatic and sealed them away? Naruto shuddered. Kami, he hoped not. Naruto looked down at his body. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit with black sleeves, and a black t-shirt underneath. He felt for his head band, but it was gone. Strange..He didn't remember this outfit. He had always worn orange and blue, not orange and black.

Naruto slowly became even more exhausted. Trying to grasp memories was an almost impossible task, and his earlier fit of chakra-induced pain strengthened that. He removed his jacket and folded it beneath his head. He turned off his mind as he slowly fell asleep.

Naruto woke up with a scary man staring down at him. The man had serpentine yellow eyes, long black hair, white skin, and a frightening sneer. Or was that a smile?

"Naruto-kun, you are finally awake," The man acknowledged, his eyes shining with some sort of cruel mischief.

"I woke up a while ago first, actually." Naruto didn't know why he felt the need to point that out. The slippery man ignored it anyway.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, his voice becoming slightly smaller. The frightening man's leer widened even as his eyes flew open in shock.

"You don't remember me, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto shrank back then, his hands gently wringing his jacket. He felt an odd sense of fear and anger toward the man, but he couldn't rationalize it.

"No," Naruto replied in a small voice, his large blue eyes darting around uneasily.

"And you don't know where you are?"

The frightening man was smirking then. Naruto wanted to shrink into the wall.

"No." For some reason, he hated that it sounded like a plea.

"Well then, Naruto-kun, I am Orochimaru-sama. You are being kept here as a guest in my humble abode. Would you like to see your dear friend Sasuke?"

Naruto perked up. An unexplained rush of happiness filled him at the sound of Sasuke's name. It quickly turned to confusion.

"But, Orochimaru-sama, why is Sasuke here?" And why did that man's name feel so strange on his tongue?

Orochimaru looked down at Naruto almost hungrily, his leer becoming more and more amused. Naruto felt like a cornered animal, his nerves were strung tight. To compensate, he rose to his feet. Damn. He was still smaller. The man's creepy cold voice was making ice coil in his stomach.

"Perhaps not right now, then. Come, follow me."

A hole sprang open in the wall, and Naruto's spun nerves snapped loose, causing him to jolt backward into the opposite wall.

He had no choice but to follow the serpentine man, his hands shaking lightly as he pulled on his jacket. He wanted more space between him and 'Orochimaru-sama'.

He forced himself to step into the hallway. To his surprise, it was well-lit. Not dark like he had expected. Where did these pre-concieved notions come from?

Orochimaru didn't look back as he walked confidently down the hallway. Naruto would almost call it a strut. He felt a great sense of excitement, and he realized how badly he wanted to see Sasuke. Why was that? Sure, Sasuke was his friend, but Sasuke had always been such a bastard to him. He felt horrible that he couldn't remember, but was determined to talk to Sasuke. Perhaps Orochimaru would take him there after telling him what he'd missed. Perhaps he was judging the man too harshly. He didn't even know the man, after all.

Nyahahahaha. Naruto's too sweet.

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