"Naruto...Naruto...Naruto, wake up!"

Naruto was encased in warmth, almost too much warmth. It tingled and rippled like hot water against his skin. Strange bubbling noises surrounded him. His nose was filled with a smell that reminded him of the taste of blood. There was a low growling noise, sounding not angry, but terribly pained.

"Don't listen to them, Naruto, they will hurt us again." A deep voice whispered shakily.

"Do you want me to kill them?" Naruto said in sympathy of his whimpering companion. Naruto wished he could open his tired eyes.

"Tell them to leave us alone. Tell them that it hurts." Naruto agreed to do so, if only to help that pained voice. He opened his eyes, and the heat was gone.

He was still in that grassy clearing, but there were chunks of earth around him. There was blood on the dewy grass. Sasuke was sitting there, severe burns up and down his exposed arms. He was staring with the look of a nocturnal creature exposed to light, pupils dilated and body stiffened. He shook lightly, his fingers periodically clenching and unclenching in the grass.

There was a body on the grass. The body of a female.

There was no head attached to the body of that female.


He had decapitated Sakura.

Pain filled him, not only from the bond tearing at his skin, but from the untimely death of one of his closest friends. I killed her. Oh God, I killed Sakura.

Naruto vomited onto the grass just before he fell backward, curling in on himself. Now Orochimaru and Sakura were dead. Sasuke was going to kill him. Sasuke hated him. He had killed Sakura. He had killed Sakura. Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura-

Strong arms wrapped around him, cradling him tightly. He shuddered, his skin burned.

"Shh, shh..." Sasuke was holding him like he was a small child. He trembled violently, clutching onto the already marred skin of his best friend. Any anger he had towards Sasuke seemed so dull in comparison to what he had done. He had killed Sakura. Her last thought on this earth had been the image of Naruto slicing her head from her shoulders. Naruto cried out, burying his face in his best friend's blackened robe.

"I am so sorry I did this to you, Naruto. I am so sorry."


"I used the Sharingan to put my hate an anger in you. That is why you regressed so much. That is why you turned back into a child. It had to grow like mine did. It had to fester as mine has. I just wanted you to understand how much I hurt. I just wanted you to understand my need for revenge. Do you understand Naruto? Do you understand me now that I've fucked you up for the rest of your life?"

The unexplainable feelings of rage toward Sasuke, Sakura, and Tsunade. The disinterest in seeing Sai and Yamato, people he had once loved. Sasuke had given him his emotions. Sasuke had driven him to kill Sakura.

"How could you do that, Sasuke? How could you do that to me?" Tears streamed down his face.

"I thought you would understand. I wanted you to feel as much pain as I did. I didn't expect you to still be able to love so much...I didn't expect Orochimaru to fuck with your soul even more than I already did..." Sasuke's voice began to tremble. He swallowed hard.

"It all makes sense now," Said a cold, calculating voice. Naruto shook, groaning again. Just the sound of that voice made him feel naseous.

"Kabuto?" Sasuke spoke up, not letting go of Naruto. Naruto buried his face in Sasuke's shirt. He didn't want to see him. He had taken in Orochimaru's chakra. Orocimaru was dead. He could feel the essence of the man in the air, radiating from Kabuto's direction. His master.

"Orochimaru was always allured by your hatred, Sasuke. It makes sense that he would see it in Naruto, someone completely without hatred, and want to taint him even more. I have been trying to figure it out for months now."

Ah, so that was why he kissed Naruto. To stir the pot. To bring things to light.

"Give him to me," said Kabuto suddenly, in a growling, angry voice. Naruto's head shot up involuntarily. He gasped when he saw the man's eyes, yellow and slitted behind his round glasses. His cheek bones were sharper, and his hair was wild and hung about his face like a halo. "Orochimaru?" He cut off the sama with as much effort as he could. A slow smirk spread across Kabuto's face, Orochimaru's smirk.

"Leave, Kabuto." Sasuke's voice was just as menacing. Naruto could feel the deep rumbling against his cheek.

The emotion drained from Kabuto's face as he glanced at Sasuke. Sasuke clutched tighter onto Naruto, and Naruto saw the skin of his face tighten as this movement stretched his burns.


Oh god, it was him. Naruto gently pulled himself free from Sasuke's arms. Sasuke grimaced, trying to force him back. "You're going to go back to him? After all that he has done to you?"

Naruto smiled sadly. "You have wronged me too, Sasuke. I have to."

Sasuke let go. His best friend. Sasuke gave a very very tiny smile, filled with guilt. Naruto held out his pinky finger. Sasuke's smile widened, and they locked pinkies.

Naruto whirled around to face Kabuto as the sound of Sasuke's disappearance filled the air.

Fire filled the yellow eyes, and Naruto gasped again. The cloaked man shoved him to the ground, slamming their mouths together and snarling roughly into the kiss. Naruto buried his fingers in the white hair, bucking against the unfamiliar body. "Naruto..." He whispered his name in between kisses, his chilly hands shoving themselves into Naruto's shirt and against his warm skin. He sighed.


"Or something similar."

Naruto touched the soft face, the skin so much darker than he was used to. He gently kissed the other man's swollen lips.

Kabuto's eyes set fire again, and he quickly pressed their bodies together, grinding their arousals in a way that made Naruto shiver all over. "Fuck," Kabuto growled. "You're perfect. Fuck," He groaned, biting hard on Naruto's jaw. Naruto shivered again.

"I love you, Naruto," whispered Orochimaru. Naruto held Kabuto tighter.

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