An Eclare fanfiction with Adam involved, because Adam is awesome. I think he might be a little OOC, but I would place this in a world where Eli and Clare haven't kissed yet, but Clare knows about Julia. Clare feels guilty about hurting Adam to go hang out with Eli. I think Eli is slightly OOC, but gets better as the story goes on. I don't think he'd be that jealous over Edward, so I'll try to clean it up a little in time.I appreciate criticism!

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"You really shouldn't just leave him hanging." Clare looked Eli in the eyes, trying to convince him to at least let Adam come to one of their "study" sessions.

"Clare, you don't get it. I wanna spend time with YOU. Alone. And Adam has his brother-"

"His brother who's dating Alli, and Alli isn't going to let him off her leash anytime soon." Clare raised her eyebrows and widedend her eyes. She then quickly narrowed her eyes as an idea came full circle.

Eli watched her narrow her eyes and mull things over in her head, knowing whatever she said next had the potential to be very bad.

"I'm not going to hang out with you until you let Adam hang out with us once." Clare said this smiling half way through, she felt very intelligent. She knew it would work.

Eli looked down at the table then looked up, shaking his head. "Fine. Whatever makes you happiest Edwards."

Clare smiled, and then called Adam. She explained that tomorrow, her, Eli, and himself would be going to Clare's house to watch movies. Adam happily agreed, commenting that he couldn't take anymore of Drew/Alli stink anymore.

.". Next Day .".

"So what exactly are we watching?" Adam flopped down on the couch, the popcorn bowl in his hand. Adam sat on the far left side, with Eli on the far right side, which left Clare room to sit in the middle.

Clare looked through her DVD collection, then decided to make things interesting. "Eli, left or right?"

"Left." Eli replied, narrowing his eyes.

Clare's face lit up as she held the box copy of Twilight in her left hand. From the other, she pulled out Tommy Boy. Adam facepalmed then burried his face into the popcorn.

"Nice choice Goldsworthy." Adam said, eating some popcorn.

Clare happily put the DVD into the DVD player and let it play.

As the movie progressed, Eli watched in full on jealousy as Clare stared in awe at Edward.

"Clare, I can't believe you are naive enough to fall for someone like Edward. He's obviously a sociopath only interested in his own pants, and has been around for so long he can just use false chilvarly on a girl too make her be all over him. And, most importantly, why does he sparkle?" Eli turned to face her, smirking heavily.

"Jealous Eli? I may still have some unused face glitter from when my mom was bent on making me be Gracie as a kid, wanna borrow some? I'm sure Clare would be all over you." Adam make a clicking sound with his mouth and winked.

Clare's face turned bright red, and Eli blushed a little too, rubbing the back of his neck, hoping Clare would take Adam's sarcasm into consideration when evaluating those words.

"To answer Eli's question, Edward sparkles because it makes him look exotic and interesting, it sets Edward apart from other vampire tales, even though sparkling is a little dumb. And, Edward is 100% gentleman..." Clare's voice trailed. Adam looked over and saw Eli roll his eyes, and Adam let out a small snort, which he muffled by shoving popcorn obnoxiously into his mouth. Adam knew better than to make Eli mad.

"I'm gonna go take a dump, you two lovebirds don't have too much fun." Adam smiled and left the popcorn bowl behind as he trudged up the stairs. Both friends blushed.

"You know, I'm pretty damn interesting." Eli remarked. "And, I wouldn't freak out at you and try to bite you either. Also, I don't care if your best friend is a werewolf!" Eli was now semi joking, but he was still mad that Clare had eyes for anyone but him.

"Interesting? Eli? I don't see it. The hearse is totally trying to hard." Clare smiled.

"Ignoring that comment, which, by the way, I'm gonna make you repay me for that later, you know what else makes me better than Edward?" Eli smirked and slightly blushed. "I bet I'm a much better kisser." Eli smirked as he awaited Clare's reply.

Clare weighed her options. "I doubt it." She finally remarked.

"Prepare to eat your words." Eli leaned in and cupped Clare's cheek, kissing her as passionately as ever. He felt Clare lean in, closer to him, she was completely wrapped around his body. She sat on her knees leaning in more and more, as Eli deepened the kiss with each beat of his heart. Clare moved her arms closer to Eli's lower back, until she fell right on top of him. But Clare didn't move. She was with Eli, Eli was with her. The world had stopped just so these two could kiss, or so it seemed. It was a moment where you can only realize you've had one after it's over, but that moment was worth living. Two both of them, the entire kiss was a cliche. Eli's version of high school was standing out and being off pace, while Clare's was getting good grades and being successful. What had landed these two opposites on the couch doing such "high school" things?

Adam stepped down the stairs, but his two friends were so involved in one another they didn't even hear him. He scooped up the popcorn bowl and abruptly dumped it on their heads.

"I told you guys not to have too much fun." Adam laughed as he watched his two best friends sit upright and blush.

By the time the movie was over, Clare had to let her friends go. Adam hopped on his bike and road home, but Eli stuck around and helped Clare clean up a bit. Adam smiled and said while leaving "Don't "clean up" too much you guys." And with that he stepped up the stairs and was out the door.

"Just so you know, you kiss much better then Edward." Clare scratched the back of her head as Eli picked up a piece of popcorn from the couch.

"You think that was good? You just wait Edwards." Eli grabbed Clare from behind and wrapped his arms around her stomach smiling.

Should I make this a two-part thing where Eli gets revenge on Clare regarding Morty?