Same start, because the way I work it is that only one of these events happened. So it's either Sunday Wal-Mart romance or a mysterious hallway walk. This almost happened to me. Sigh of happiness.

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A few days had passed since that Friday. Clare had reached a point in her relationship with Eli where she didn't know what to call it. He wanted to kiss her. That meant he liked her. Right? Eli and Clare weren't just friends, but they weren't lovers. It was a difficult situation to understand. Even though things felt conflicted and smudged, all Clare could feel was happiness. Adam and Eli were friends again, and even though the feelings she had for Eli weren't exactly out in the blue, Clare felt good. Unstoppable almost.

Soon the weekend came to an end and school was upon them. It was Monday, Clare had a yearbook meeting. Considering Eli's recent bad boy behavior, she would bet that he had detention. She hadn't seen him since Friday.

Clare had finished the school day and was heading to the yearbook meeting. It was in room C31. Halfway through the meeting, Clare asked to be excused to go to her locker, she needed to get her Geometry book. As she got up and left, a familiar boy met her eyes.

"You owe me. Morty says."

"I have no time for your criminal behavior. I'd like to just go to my locker and go back to class."

"You owe Morty. C'mon Clare, just one lap around the school. If they ask what took you so long we'll say you met up with a teacher or something. It's a foolproof plan, and you owe me, remember?"

Clare sighed and slammed her locker shut. "Fine. But just ONE lap. You hear me?"

"Excellent." Eli smirked.

The walk began. The hallways were deserted and quiet. It was peaceful like a fall morning. No one bothered you on fall mornings.

"Let's play 20 questions." Eli had moved a little closer to Clare.

"Ok, you start." Clare walked slowly but surely, savoring the moment.

"One. Did you like it when I kissed you?"

"Yah...Two. Why did I agree to come with you?"

"I'm just so irrestiable. Three. What's something you've never told anyone?" Eli smirked.

"I used to be really into Hannah Montanna's music..." Clare blushed, Eli laughed. "Four. What's something you never told anyone?" Clare continued.

"I used to burn myself." Eli lifted his shirt to reveal his stomach, marked with scars. He pulled it down, straightening it a little. "Five. Can you whistle?"

"Nope. Six, can I use the remaing 14 questions later?"

"Anything for you Clare."

"I also...wanted to know...was the kiss...real?"

"No, I just fabricated it out of some milk and powder..."

"I mean, did you mean it?"

"Eli Goldsworthy doesn't joke around Clare." Eli smirked.

He wrapped his arm around Clare's shoulder, and the two continued their lap. In about 1 short minute the duo had reached C31. "This is your stop."

Eli kissed Clare lightly and was off.

Clare was gonna need to piss Eli off more often.

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