This takes place in the third book in the trilogy, "The Passion", while Kaitlyn in at the Institute.

Sadly, I do not own these character.

My first fanfic. Enjoy!

Anna Whiteraven was curled up in a tight ball in her bed, both arms clutched around her stomach. She could tell that the two other people occupying the small apartment were asleep. The web that linked their minds was silent.

Anna's mind slowly drifted back to the beautiful blond boy who was sleeping on the floor. Rob. Smart, sweet, brave Rob. Oh, how she adored time he looked her way she got butterflies in her stomach. From the first day they met at the institute, Anna had loved him.

But Rob belonged to Kaitlyn. Anna couldn't help being a little bit jealous of Kaitlyn. Her talents were far superior to Anna's - at least she felt that way. Kaitlyn was beautiful with her long auburn hair and bewitching blue ringed eyes. The shy girl was even jealous of the other girl's tenacity and the way she boldly did what had to be done. It was no wonder that Rob loved Kaitlyn the way he did. In her heart Anna knew that they belonged together.

The silence of the night was interrupted by Rob's soft breathing and the sound of Lewis muttering into his pillow. Anna shifted in her bed to look out the window. There the moon hung, illuminating the night. The moon had always comforted Anna, and tonight was no exception.

As the beautiful psychic relaxed, she uncurled her long lean body. In the moments between awake and asleep she saw herself with Rob, caught in an embrace that was anything but that of close friends. And then she felt someone slip onto the bed next to her, and pulling her close. As both arms clung to her, she let a sweet wave of sleep come over her.

The moon shone down on the scene, innocent and sweet, as girl and boy drifted into dreams.