What is Lilly's outlook on her murder? Just a little look into her mind.

I do not own these characters, obviously. :)


I always was the center of attention. From the moment I came out of the womb, I was the star. And I loved it. I was Lilly Kane, Neptune's darling.

Being the only daughter of a wealthy man had it's perks. Some said I was spoiled, I said that I got what I deserved. Designer clothes, hot boys, these were the things that I was owed.

I wasn't a bitch about being rich though. My best friend came from a family that wasn't as well off as we were. But, Veronica and I were closer than most friends were.

In the end, I guess you could argue that my death was my own fault. Sleeping with a married man-the father of my boyfriend, the star of countless 80s films-was not one of my best ideas. But Aaron Echolls was sexy, and I fell under his spell.

We used to sneak around, and it was fun at first. I liked being his star, and I convinced myself that what we were doing was ok. I knew that it wasn't exactly ethical to sleep with someone's husband, but I really didn't care.

The thing is, I knew that it wasn't love. Aaron didn't love me. I was nothing more than a warm body that he could sink himself into. And one day it wasn't enough. When I found out that he was taping us, I knew that it had to end.

Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I brought all this onto myself. Maybe if I had been a good little girl like Veronica I would still be alive. But I wasn't and I'm not.