A look at what Kaitlyn's childhood might have been like.

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"Run away from the witch or she'll turn you into a frog," the blotchy faced boy yelled as Kaitlyn walked into the playground. All the children squealed as they ran out of the way of the red haired girl with the scary blue eyes.

School was not a pleasant experience for Kaitlyn. At only 8 years old, she knew that she was a freak. Ever since she was very little, everyone had told her so. The kids at school called her a witch because of her eyes. She had blue eyes with rings of darker blue in them. Her father said they were beautiful. No one else agreed.

Kaitlyn decided that maybe going on the jungle gym wasn't such a good idea, so she sat on the pavement outside of the doors. Maybe that way the bullies would leave her alone. No such luck.

Four kids walked towards Kait. She knew who they were without even looking at their faces. There were only four people in the entire school that talked to her, and it was never nice.

The blotchy faced boy was the first one there. He stood, glaring down at Kait with his beady little rat eyes. His name was Arthur Jenkins, and he was the nastiest, cruelest of them all. He had a big round stomach and messy blonde hair. Beside him stood his three best friends- Martin Stone, a tall boy with short brown hair and a permanently dopey expression, Hannah Smith, a pretty girl with skin the colour of caramel and curly black hair, and Jenny Cho, a nasty girl with glasses and an ever present frown.

"Looky here Marty. The witch came to school today."

"Didn't we tell her not to show her stupid face again?" Martin glared at Kaitlyn with hate-filled eyes.

"I had to come," Kaitlyn said, avoiding eye contact with the other children.

"Don't matter. We said not to come back and you did. Not a good idea," Arthur smirked and punched his fist into his palm.

Kait looked around for a teacher, but there was no one around. She was so scared. She was alone, alone with four people who wanted nothing more than to hurt her.

"What's this?" Hannah asked, holding up Kaitlyn's sketchpad. Kait wanted to grab it back, but she thought that that wasn't a good idea. Hannah flipped through the pages, ripping out every page, crumpling each one into a small ball. Kait was a very skilled artist, and that sketchbook had been a birthday present from her dad. Seeing her special drawings being destroyed was too much to take.

Kaitlyn didn't know what she was doing. The tears blurred her vision as she struck out against the bullies. Punching and kicking, she fought with a fury that shocked even her. But she couldn't stop. They had to pay. She had put up with their bullying for long enough, and she was finally taking charge.

A big hand grabbed her arms and pulled her away from the crying children on the ground. Kaitlyn spun to kick this person, only to see that it was the principle, Mr. Levinson. Kait's face dropped. What had she done?

As Kaitlyn's father walked her out to the car he promised to buy her another sketchbook. Mr. Fairchild knew that he should be mad at his daughter, he should be disappointed in her inappropriate behaviour. But he wasn't. He was incredibly proud of her. She had stood up for herself. Finally.

It was just too bad that she'd have to transfer to another school. It was just a matter of time before it happened again. The world was full of people like Arthur Jenkins. There were too many people who were afraid of things that they didn't understand. Too many people who took a look at his little girl's beautiful and odd eyes, and decided that she was evil.

But he knew. One day this little girl would prove them wrong. One day his little girl would show the world just how special she was.