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Too Far Gone? - Missing

The water rushed over Faramir's head. He struggled to breath some air into his lungs but to no avail. He started to choke on the cold water of the river Erui. At this point tears started to mix in with the water.

"Sss-st-st-sto-op" Faramir managed to gasp in between the dunking. The older boys just laughed at seven-year-old's plea.

"You hear that Indad? He wants us to stop." Indad joined in his friend's laughter.

"Who will miss him? He does not even have his own father's love" Those words felt like an arrow had just pierced Faramir's heart. Even though it was not news to Faramir that his father did not love him, it some how felt worst hearing it from common Gondorian twelve-year-old boy. How many people know my father does not love me. Faramir thought. The two boys laughed and held Faramir's head under water once more, but this time it was too much for the young boy's body to handle, he lost continuousness.

Boromir brushed his sweaty bangs out of his eyes. He had just completed a round of sword fighting practice. Boromir ascended up the stairs to his room to take a bath.

"Faramir," the older boy called. Boromir paused for a moment to wait for his younger brother to respond. Must be reading in the library again. Boromir shrugged, walked into the wash room, stripped off his sweaty tunic and trousers and climbed into the warm bath.

Boromir dressed into fresh clothing and began looking for this younger brother. Hr walked up to Faramir room and knocked.

"Fara? You in there?" there was no answer. Boromir opened the door and walked in, and stopped short. The room was a mess, very unlike Faramir, his room was always meticulously organized, the room he walked into looked as though wild dogs ran threw.

"Fa-Faramir?" he walked around the room for a sign, anything that could lead to what had happened to his beloved younger brother. When he reached the desk he found a piece of parchment that had a note on it, and it was not in his brother's handwriting. Boromir read.

If you want to see you son again go to the clearing outside the edge of the city.

Boromir crushed the parchment paper in his hand. He know his father would not want to play in this twisted games he foresaw. Boromir knew what he must do, he must find his brother on his own.

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