Too Far Gone? - Truth

"Boromir?" Faramir asked in a very low voice only Denethor could hear.

"Boromir is here too," Denethor said slightly annoyed that Faramir asked for Boromir first. "It's me, your father," Denethor said now trying to restrain himself.

Faramir who was still delirious let out a small laugh. "Father does not care about me," Faramir said in a matter-of-fact voice, this time his voice was slightly louder and Imrahil and Boromir were

(bearly) able to make out what he said. Denethor opened and then closed his mouth. Boromir bit his lip while Imrahil slowly made is way to Denethor hoping he would not do anything rash.

"Faramir is delirious he knows not he is saying," Imrahil said gently placing a hand on Denethor's shoulder.

"That is when one speaks the truth!" snapped Denethor pushing past Imrahil and then left the room.

"Denethor," Irahil called after his Brother-in-law. "I will talk to him," he muttered to himself more than anything.

Boromir raced to his brother's side. "Faramir," he said smiling "It's me Boromir." He held his brother's hand with one hand and ran his other hand threw Faramir's damp hair.

"Boromir," he Faramir said softly

"Yes," Boromir said pulling Faramir close to his chest. "Yes, I am here."

"Wh-wha-what happened to me?" Faramir asked.

"It is a long story"

"Tell me, I want to know"

Boromir licked his lips. "I can tell you what I know" Boromir gave his brother the best recount of the past few days events.

"See it's not that long," Faramir slurred, he tugged at Boromir's sleeve like a child, "is that why my head hurts?" he asked.

Boromir nodded. "Yes," he said realizing that Faramir could not see a head nod. Faramir's eyes closed again.

"I sort of remember now...some one else was talking to me too.." He said, his voice getting lower.

"Boromir, I'm tired," Faramir slurred again, his eyes closed.

"Then rest," Boromir said quietly, stroking his brother's hair.

"Just promise you won't leave me," he said softly before falling asleep in Boromir's eyes.

"Sleep well, little brother," Boromir spoke softly kissing his brother's forehead. "I promise I will not leave you."

Imrahil caught up with his brother-in-law.

"Weather he spoke those words in delusion or complete consciousness. Does he speak the truth?" Imrahil questioned. His eyes blazed with fire. "Think of that while your elder son comforts your younger son," With that Imrahil tuned around and went back to Faramir. Leaving Denethor rooted to his spot.

Faramir's words rang in his ears. "Father does not care about me."

When Imrahil re-entered the room both Faramir and Boromir were asleep in the small bed. Faramir was snuggled ageist his brother's chest. Imrahil drew a blanket over the pair and quietly left the room.

Early the next morning Faramir shifted in his sleep. The only sound he could hear was the soft sound of his brother's snores. Faramir pushed himself into s sitting position. And to hid amazement he saw his father sitting in the chair by his bed.

"Boromir," Faramir whispered while gently shaking his brother. "Father is here. What did I do wrong?"

"hmmm?" Boromir moaned

"Father is here...did I do something wrong..." he repeated training off.

"No," mumbled a half asleep Boromir. "The sun it not yet in the sky, so back to sleep. There is no need to worry." Boromir was not quite sure what Faramir was saying.

"But, Boromir," Faramir whined tugging at his brother's shirt. Boromir opened one eye to see a very concerned, very nervous Faramir looking at him.

"Father is here," Faramir said a whisper.

"Father?" Boromir repeated

"Yes, did I do something wrong?" Faramir asked worried

"No, Faramir, no you did not." Boromir told his brother and then looked to in fact see their father sitting in the chair. Boromir slid out of the bed and walked to his father.

"Father," he said in a loud whisper. "Father," he repeated. Denethor woke up.

"Father," Boromir said for the third time "Why are you here?" Boromir summoned all his courage to ask his father this question.

"Does a father need a reason to check upon his injured son?" he asked back simply.

"When the father visits the son he always puts down he does," Boromir said sharply as Faramir looked one from the bed with wide eyes. Denethor opened his mouth and closed it again. His twelve-year-old son just told him he did not care about his younger son, just after that very son said almost the same words to him.

Denethor raised his hand as if he going to slap Boromir across the face. Boromir closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact. But the only contact Denethor made with is son was to place and hand on his shoulder. Denethor leaned close to Boromir.

"Do not speak to me like that again, Boromir. It is not your place." He whispered sharply in his ear. "Next time you do I will not hesitate."

"But it is true father!" Faramir yelled nearly leaping from the bed, with a great amount for courage for him. Denethor's eyes were on fire. He raised his hand and struck is younger son. Boromir stood dumfounded and Faramir backwards crawled back to the bed, terror in his eyes.

"Faramir," he called urgently. But it was too late Faramir was shaking with fear under the bed.

"Faramir," Denethor called. His eyes starting to fill with concern.

"I-I-I," Faramir stammered "Forgave the boy who hurt me, and mother's book," Faramir said, he was starting to remember the events that have past. "b-b-b-but I don't thinkā€¦" Faramir trailed off not wanting to upset his father again.

"Faramir, come on out from under the bed," Boromir pleaded. Faramir quickly shook his head from side to side and then quickly stopped and held his head in hands. He got himself dizzy and was starting to feel nauseous. Boromir shot their father and sharp look.

"Father promises that if you come out, he will not hurt you again" Boromir said as gently as possible

"Father said or you say?" Faramir asked. Boromir bit his lip and ran his hands threw his hair and groaned. He was starting to get frustrated with is younger brother, but he had to remember he was only seven.

"Promise him," Boromir hissed at his father. Denethor knew at this moment the son has surpassed the father. Boromir was being extremely mature for his age.

"If you will not promise not to hurt him again at least say you will respect him," said Boromir finally.

Faramir's grey eyes peered out from under the bed. They were talking to softly for him to hear.

Denethor was getting equally annoyed with Faramir, this was not the first time Faramir has hidden under the bed.

"If you act the way you are supposed to I will not hurt you," Denethor said. While it was directed to Faramir he did not make eye contact with his son under the bed. And on thoese words left the room, still slightly annoyed.

"Will you come out now?" Boromir asked as he lay on his stomach leveling with his brother. Faramir just looked at his brother and nodded, he slid out from under the bed.

As Denethor walked out he meet up with Imrahil, who said "One day you will have to accept him as your son, before it is too late." Imrahil always seemed to know what was going on, even when he was not there, this was one of those times.

When Faramir rose to his feet Boromir pulled his brother into a close hug.

"One day," he said "father will see you the way Uncle sees you, the way I see you, the way mother saw you, the way all of Middle Earth sees you. One day." He kissed is brother on the top of the head.


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