May 15, 1987

He lit a cigarette as he stood on the rooftop of the hotel. He had his orders, and knew what the night would hold, as he flung the cigarette down, squashing it with his foot. Opening the door that led to the abandoned stairway, as he climbed down the floors, making his way to his hotel room. This was his last mission, and it was a good thing, this life had taken a toll on him, and every aspect of his life. He hated what he was…he was an assassin.

A person who killed first, asked questions later, his mind wandering, before he shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He snapped his belt around his waist, before loading extra rounds of ammunition onto the belt. His badge shimmered in the light of the hotel room, as he looked at the badge. He worked for a branch of the government, most people have never heard of, much less knew existed. The only ones that knew, were family of the agents, and if they told, this same agency could rid them from ever existing.

Looking over the papers that lay on the table, he couldn't help but think of his own family. His wife, stood by his side even after finding out what he truly was, and his son, well he was the best thing that ever happened to him. A smile growing on his lips, as he thought of his little boy, fully grown now, but still the pride of his life.

He cleared the papers, burning them in the fireplace, before leaving his hotel room. He walked across the small town, blending in with the midnight air, as he replayed the mission in his mind.

His mission was simple. He had to rid the country of the worst family in crime, the US faced today. The Briggon family, a family so deep in crimes that even the president classified them as "pure evil." They couldn't be dealt with like normal criminals, they must be erased, and that was his job.

He walked across the flat land of Kansas, slowly approaching the large farm house, that belonged to the family. Noticing the lights were out in the house, he crouched behind a tree in the yard, loading his gun, before attaching the silencer. After a quick prayer, he sprinted across the yard, and swiftly disposing of two guards that were stationed outside the front door. Swiftly walking into the doorway, he snuck through the house, room by room he crept, eliminating everyone he came upon, including children.

It was the children that was the hardest part of his job, but he knew what the agency meant when they said 'everyone.' In fact he was more afraid what would happen to him, if he didn't finish the mission completely.

Making his way through the second floor, he cleared each room, finally reaching the last room. Slowly opening the door, he peeked in, his eyes immediately drawn to a crib that was in the middle of the room. Walking in the room quietly, closing the door behind him, he glanced around, the colorful pictures on the wall, the soft lullaby that was playing from a small tape recorder that lay on the dresser. He approached the crib, cocking his gun, as he peered into the small bed. In the crib, lay a small baby, no more than a few months old. He couldn't help but hesitate as the young baby's eyes were open, looking into his dark eyes. The baby wasn't crying, but simply staring at him, as weird as it sounds he felt as if the baby knew why he was there.

It felt like hours had passed, in reality only a few moments, he continued to stare at the young baby. Never had he hesitated before, and he had killed many babies before, but for some reason, he couldn't do it…not this time. The other agents would be here soon, to dispose of the other bodies, he had to do something. Without thinking, he scooped the young baby out of the crib, wrapping her in a blanket that laid in the crib, as he left the house, holding the young baby close to him.

He walked through the town, the young baby looking up at him the whole way. He made it back to the hotel, placing the baby on the bed. Sitting on the chair across the room, staring at the now sleeping baby, he could end this, all he had to do was pull the trigger, but for some reason he couldn't do it…not this time…not again.

Sighing as he watched the sleeping baby, he was brought out of his thoughts, when his cell phone vibrated in his pocket.

"Is this mission complete?" the deep voice spoke on the other end. He took a deep breath before responding.

"All bodies are accounted for…except" he spoke calmly, secretly hoping he wasn't signing his own death certificate. No response came as he continued "The baby escaped, the nanny must of heard me, she took the infant." He lied as he glanced over to the sleeping infant on his bed.

"Very well. No need to be ashamed, we'll find them…they can't hide forever." The voice spoke, before ending the call abruptly.

Tossing the phone on the table, he sighed, he had done what he did, there was no turning back now.

4 hours later

The young man had been sleeping peacefully, and now was groggily walking through the apartment, someone was banging on his door, and god forbid it better be an emergency. Turning on the light, he looked through the peep hole, and to his surprise on the other side of the door, stood his father, holding a baby?

He opened the door "Dad!" he exclaimed, as his father rushed into the apartment, quickly moving to the couch, laying the sleeping infant down. Rubbing a sleepy hand over his face, he looked to his father, who seemed to be paranoid. "Dad what's going on?" he asked groggily. He knew who his dad worked for and knew what he did for living, but that never once affected his life. His dad was always there for him, and that's what was important, but on the same level, he knew the secrets he kept could kill him if they ever escaped one day.

His father sat on the far end of the couch, as he explained "You have to take her" glancing over to the infant. He sat on the chair, when he asked "Dad, what are you talking about?", His father taking a deep breath, before continuing "Your mother and I will help you, but you have to keep her." He argued "Dad, I'm a single guy, who can barely take care of myself how am I supposed to take care of an infant?" His father quickly responded "We'll help you with everything…We have no choice…they'll kill her if they find her…" He looked into his father's eyes as he continued "I couldn't kill her…for once in my life…" He took a deep sigh, this was gonna change his life, but it obviously was important to his father. "Ok, she can stay with me" he said giving in, as his father stood, pulling him into a hug.

The door closed, after his father giving some last minute instructions, he looked at the baby, who was now awake, laying peacefully on the couch. Plopping down next to the infant, he couldn't help but think back to his childhood. To the average person, his childhood seemed normal, but his father believed the more him and his mother knew, the safer they would be. Not safer from hardened criminals, but also safer from the own agency his father worked for. The secrets he possessed, the knowledge he knew would shock anybody.

The baby cooing slightly, he came out of his thoughts, carefully picking the infant up, holding the baby girl in his large arms, looking down at the small face, he didn't hide the smile that came to his lips. In a soft tone he whispered "Hi, I'm your big brother…" the small infant simply eying him.

2 years later…

His father lived up to his word, his mother and father helping him every step of the way raising the little girl, they named Madison. To everyone on the outside, including the agency, Madison was their top agent's happy and delightful granddaughter. Inside the family, he raised her as his daughter, but always taught Madison that they were brother and sister.

Sleeping peacefully one night, he was awaken by the loud ring of his cell phone, picking it up groggily "Hello?" he asked sleepily. A deep mysterious voice answered "I hate to inform you, but your father and mother are dead" the voice spoke calmly. Reacting as if he had just been punched, he answered "What?" the deep voice continued "Due to your father's profession we will dispose of the bodies…again I'm sorry" then the voice hung up. His thoughts in a panic, he tried to process the event that just happened. He knew what he had to do, jumping from the bed, hastily throwing on clothes, then shoving clothes into a duffle bag. Quickly running into the room Madison was sleeping peacefully in, filling a suitcase with her belongings, he snatched the small sleeping child from her bed, and in moments were gone from the apartment.

Glancing in the rear view mirror at the sleeping child in the backseat, as he sped down the interstate, he fought the tears that stung his eyes, feeling sad for the loss of his parents. A loss he couldn't be certain was natural, or if the agency had a part in it. His father had always taught him to trust few people, that the agency had workers everywhere, and now with Madison, he had to be extra careful that she not be found. He knew what to do as he merged onto another freeway.

A few hours later, he sat in the living room of one of his father's most trusted friends. If his father trusted him, then the man must be OK, he watched the man type into the computer quickly. After pushing a few extra buttons the man turned to him "I know all about her." He said smiling, motioning to the still sleeping child, sitting on his lap.

Suddenly Madison awoke, crying out "Bubba!" tears pouring down her little face. She called him Bubba cause she couldn't say the word 'brother' yet. He lifted the child into his arms, as he tried to soothe her back to sleep "It's OK May-May" his pet name he liked calling her, as she settled, slowly drifting back to sleep. The older man spoke "You will need new lives, new identification, new everything…" he spoke calmly.

He sat on the chair again, still holding a sleeping Madison, looking over to the older man, as he spoke with a smile "Then I came to the right place." The older man nodded before turning back to the computer, glancing over his shoulder he asked "So what's your preference?" He stayed quiet for a moment before a name popped into his mind "I've used this name as a stage name and it's worked great, so why not make it real…" he spoke loudly before taking a deep breath "Just call me Kevin Nash."