Plus One

"Permission to come aboard, Captain?"

Looking up from the PADD his was reading, Jim smiled. "Permission granted, Lieutenant."

Without another word he bounded out of his chair and was hugging the tall woman who had just entered the bridge. All eyes were on them as he kissed her cheek and smiled widely, holding her arms out as he took in her definitely not regulation attire of a silky blue skirt that barely came to mid-thigh and a black v-neck tank top under a short jacket that left nothing to the imagination.

"Don't you look hot?" he smirked appreciatively with a low whistle. "When did you get in?"

"You smooth tongued devil," the woman purred, stroking his cheek with a playful finger; "same old Kirk charm, huh? I came in on the supply shuttle ten minutes ago. I thought I'd stop by and see you first, see if everything's still a surprise."

"Yes, it is, amazingly enough," Jim replied, rocking back on his heels excitedly. "I didn't say anything."

"Good." The woman paused and looked uncomfortably over his shoulder, finally taking in all the eyes staring at her and the captain. "Uh, Jim…" she nodded back towards the main bridge area. "I… uh…"

Turning, Jim saw that they were the cynosure of every pair of eyes currently on the bridge. He smiled and pulled her forward. "Everyone, this is Janine, Marissa's best friend. Janine this is everyone," he said, waving to the bridge as a whole. "And this is Uhura and Spock." He brought her to a halt between the communications and science stations. "They'll be watching Abby for us while we're on planet tonight."

"It's nice to finally meet you," Janine smiled as she shook Uhura's hand and nodded at Spock.

"You too," Uhura smiled warmly. "Marissa's talked about you often."

"Don't believe half of it," Janine told her.

Pleasantries done, Janine turned to Jim. "Enough chit chat. We have five hours until we leave and I want to see my goddaughter."

"Of course," Jim laughed. "Rand? Can you escort Janine to our quarters, please?"

The blond yeoman nodded and stepped forward.

"Don't tire her out too much; I'm sure Uhura will want some play time before she goes to sleep for the night."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Janine told him, grinning over at Uhura. "I'll see you after your shift. Reservations are for seven o'clock local – and you're paying."

"Of course," Jim rolled his eyes as he went back over to his chair. "Have fun with my girls."

"I will."

Turning back to the PADD he'd been working on, Jim couldn't contain his grin. Tonight was going to be awesome!


"Janine, I don't know about this," Marissa called from the bathroom where she was staring uncomfortably at herself in the mirror. "I don't think this is really my style. I feel a bit… exposed."

"That's what the jacket is for," Janine called back. She was currently sprawled out on the bed playing peek-a-boo with Abby.

Marissa continued to stare at herself. Janine's visit and their subsequent date night was a total surprise to Marissa. And being her friend and knowing her so well, Janine had brought along an outfit appropriate for dinner and clubbing. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate the thought, it was just that Janine's idea of an appropriate outfit and her idea of an appropriate outfit was a bit different.

She was currently wearing a black skirt that hugged her hips and rear only to flare out into wide pleats, reaching a couple inches above her knees. It wasn't as short as Janine's skirt and it would be perfect for dancing – especially if Jim spun her around the dance floor. But it was still shorter than she was used to.

She was more dubious about the top. The fabric was a smooth, sensuous emerald green silk that Marissa loved feeling against her skin. But she was a bit hesitant about the cut. It did have long sleeves, only they were slit open from wrist to shoulder. And the neckline wasn't a plunging vee like Janine's, but the scoop was much lower than she was used too, her chest on display for everyone to see. Of course, the bra Janine had brought only emphasized her – assets – as Janine called them. The mini blazer was conservative enough, but it was also warm, so she couldn't imagine wearing it while on the dance floor, which after all was probably what Janine had planned.

The one item she had no complaints over was her shoes. They were the same strappy heels that she'd worn for her and Jim's first 'official' date that had ended with Abby screaming her lungs out for most of the night. Still, she remembered Jim saying he loved her shoes and that she could wear them anytime – clothing optional. Well she'd have to wear clothes tonight, but she didn't think he'd mind.

Sighing, she twisted her hair up into a loose topknot, letting some curls escape to soften the look around her face. Janine had already done her make up, so now all she had to do was feed Abby and send her off to Spock and Uhura's quarters.

Looking up as Marissa walked out of the bathroom, Janine let out an appreciative wolf whistle. "You're one hot mama," she told her with a wicked smile. "Jim's not going to know what hit him."

"That was the point, wasn't it?" Marissa responded dryly, still uncomfortable but willing to believe that lots of alcohol might help.

Abby, hearing her mother's voice twisted in her seat and promptly fell over. They had taken to propping her up with pillows and she could almost sit unaided, but she wasn't quite able to move around on her own – yet. Squealing happily she waved her arms and legs, looking at Marissa upside down.

"Are you ready for your night time snack?" Marissa cooed, picking her up off the bed. At just over six months, Marissa breastfed Abby only three times a day – in the morning, before her afternoon nap – if she wasn't in daycare, – and in the evenings. There were exceptions like whenever she wasn't feeling well or was upset and wanted the comfort of her mother holding her close, but for the most part she was getting her meals from frozen breast milk and the occasional bottle of formula. They'd just started introducing solid foods, but she wasn't too interested in that yet.

"I can't believe how big she's getting," Janine commented as Marissa settled in to feed her daughter. "Wasn't she born, like, yesterday?"

"It seems like it," Marissa smiled fondly down at Abby as she patted the breast that she was feeding from, her eyes half closed in bliss. "You only saw her for a couple of hours and that was over two months ago. She'd already grown so much since she was born by then. She's almost doubled her birth weight now."

Janine shook her head as she watched them fondly, still sprawled out on the bed in a most unladylike fashion. "I still can't believe you're a mom."

"And that Jim's a dad?" Marissa smirked.

"No, him I can believe," Janine said as she cocked her head and looked at Marissa. "Aside from bits and pieces of his reputation heard through rumor – which I try not to give too much credit to – I didn't know him until I met him on base. And by then he was so wrapped up in you… him being a dad isn't that big of a stretch for me. Now, you I've known since you were a blushing, naïve sixteen year old. I'm having trouble reconciling my image of you as wife and mother."

"Jim and I aren't married," Marissa pointed out as she switched Abby to the other side.

"Psh," Janine waved a hand in dismissal. "You don't have a piece of paper or rings, but you two are so married. Admit it."

Shaking her head, Marissa couldn't stop from blushing. "Maybe," she admitted. Looking down at Abby, she smiled softly.

Janine sighed. "See!"

"What?" Marissa asked, looking up in confusion.

"That look," Janine told her, "whenever you look at Abby or think of Jim. You get this… this… soft look on your face. Like those old Madonna and child paintings. It makes me so fucking jealous," she pouted good-naturedly.

Marissa rolled her eyes. "I can't help how I look. I'm happy."

"I know you are," Janine said seriously, "and I'm happy for you. I just can't believe how lucky you are. Here you are on the flagship of the fleet doing what you've always wanted to do; living in sin with the sexiest man in the universe; and you have the cutest baby ever! Face it 'Rissa, you won the space lottery big time!"

"I guess I did," Marissa replied with a satisfied grin. "But it hasn't been easy," she told her friend; "working and being a mom and trying to find time with Jim. I mean… I'm well aware how people look at and think of Jim and…"

"And he's completely besotted with you," Janine interrupted before she could say anything self-depreciating.

"Besotted?" Marissa repeated with a raised eyebrow. "Now who has been reading romance novels again?"

Janine shrugged, rolling onto her back and staring at the ceiling. "It's boring on a star base; a girl's gotta find some excitement somehow. Not everyone gets to shack up with super sexy starship captains."

"Yeah," Marissa countered, "having a baby doesn't exactly do wonders for your sex life, you know. The first couple months you're both exhausted and worn out. God, I've never felt so fat and unattractive in my life. I was leaking milk everywhere and I swear my ass was the size of a small planet." She shook her head. "And then as things got easier with Abby everything else got harder – more missions and debriefings and away missions and Jim working double shifts and…" she trailed off, shrugging her shoulders in defeat. "I can count on one hand the number of times we've had sex since Abby was born – and all of those times, but one, were interrupted in some way. Poor Jim…"

"Really?" Janine asked incredulously, looking over at her. "Each time was interrupted? Like… not finished… like someone was left hanging?"

Marissa nodded, blushing furiously, trying to hide her face in Abby's neck while she patted her back to help her burp. "One time… we were in the middle of… you know - and Chekov's voice comes over the comm. telling Jim that there are incoming 'wessels' and that they were firing on us. Instant mood killer."

Janine just stared at her and then started howling with laughter, startling Abby and Marissa. "That is just too fucking hilarious. Jim 'sex god' Kirk cock blocked mid coitus." She continued to laugh, holding her stomach.

Marissa tried not to smile, but it was funny. She could still see the expression on Jim's face. "He really confused Chekov when his first response was: 'Seriously?'" She chuckled. "Not what a captain is supposed to say when his ship's being attacked."

"No, no I suppose not," Janine sniffled as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"What's so funny?" Jim's voice suddenly interrupted. He was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, both hands propped against the frame.

Janine took one look at him and started howling again. Marissa bit her lip and tried not to smile too widely.

"Nothing, sweetie," she told him. "Just girl talk."

He stared suspiciously at Janine for a moment, her face red and tears streaming down her face.

"You're ruining your make up, Janine," he told her, "and I really didn't need to know you're wearing a black thong."

That stopped her laughter instantly and Janine sat up and glared at him.

"Jim," Marissa rolled her eyes.

He waved a hand at Janine in exasperation. "I couldn't help noticing! She was rolling around laughing like a hyena. And that skirt is damn short!"

Holding up Abby, who obviously wanted to be with her father, Marissa smiled and shook her head. "Don't tease Janine."

Jim took Abby and bussed her cheek, making her squeal happily. "She was laughing at me!" he said indignantly. "Wasn't she Abby?" he asked in a sing song voice. "Your mean Auntie Janine was laughing at me."

"You'll never know," Janine responded haughtily, standing up and straightening her clothes. With her nose in the air she strode into the bathroom, but she couldn't contain her laughter once the door was closed.

Jim looked over at Marissa. "What were you guys talking about?" he asked again.

"Nothing, really," she told him, not meeting his eyes. "Just, you know - girl stuff. Why don't you gather Abby's things and we can get going."

Tossing Abby and making her squeal, Jim turned towards her bedroom and grabbed the overnight bag. "Did you have to pack her whole room, Mariss?" he asked her as he pretended to drag the bag. "It's not like Spock can't use his override to come in and get anything he might need."

"It's just easier," Marissa countered, standing up and straightening her blouse. "Why have them go to the trouble when I can just as easily put what they need in the bag?"

"Why indeed," Jim huffed, dropping the overnight bag onto the couch. Turning around he froze.

"What?" Marissa looked down at herself. "Did I forget something?"

"You look amazing," Jim said, his eyes moving approvingly over Marissa's body. "I don't think I've seen that outfit before – I would have remembered, and I love the shoes."

Marissa self consciously smoothed out her skirt, tugging up the neckline of her blouse simultaneously. "Janine brought the outfit. She figured I wouldn't have anything 'appropriate.'"

"I take back every bad thing I've every thought about Janine," Jim smiled as he circled Marissa, taking in all aspects of her outfit. "She's got great taste in clothes."

"Of course I do," Janine smirked from the bathroom doorway.

"Here," Jim said as he thrust Abby into Janine's arms. "Her bag is on couch, Spock and Uhura are across the hall and Medical's on level six. Bones is waiting for us. We'll meet you in the transporter room."

"Jim," Marissa shook her head fondly.

"Not a chance, lover boy," Janine said, pulling on the back of his shirt. "You've got just enough time to shower and change into something less… Starfleet. Marissa and I will take Abby to Spock and Uhura and then we'll meet you in the transporter room. You have fifteen minutes."

"I'll only need ten," he said, winking at Marissa and gathering her into his arms. He playfully bit at her neck while Janine pulled on his shirt even harder.

"We have reservations," Janine reminded him, "and Richie says this place is not to be missed."

"Really?" Marissa asked.

Jim rolled his eyes. "Well if Richie said it's good…"

"Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist," Janine smirked. "You got the girl."

"Janine," Marissa complained. "Richie didn't see me that way."

Jim rolled his eyes again. "Sure he didn't." He swatted Marissa playfully on the rear. "If I'm going to shower and change in fifteen minutes you two need to leave." He placed a kiss on Abby's forehead. "Be good for Uhura, munchkin. And give Spock hell."

"Jim!" both women exclaimed.

"What?" he grinned, grabbing the clothes Marissa had set aside for him and heading for the bathroom. "She's a Kirk. She should continue the traditions of her father. It's good for Spock."


Dinner was excellent and the wine served even better. They were three bottles in by the time dessert arrived. Both of the women were flushed and giggling as the enjoyed the chocolate decadence that was dessert. Jim and McCoy watched them indulgently, leaning back in the chairs and enjoying a glass of the planet's finest whiskey-like beverage.

"I'm stuffed," Marissa sat back in her chair, licking that last of the chocolate off her spoon. "I don't think I can dance. I don't think I can move."

"We've got all night, dear," Jim told her indulgently, reaching for her hand and playing with her fingers. "No need to rush things."

"What we need," Janine told them, draining the last of her wine and setting her glass firmly on the table, "is some fresh air. That will perk us up. The bar district is a couple blocks away. Fresh air, some exercise and you'll be good to go 'Rissa. I didn't come all this way for dinner – as good as it was. I want to go dancing." She looked at them pointedly, already a bit past tipsy. "But first I need to go to the ladies room. 'Rissa?" she looked at her friend expectantly.

Leaning over to give Jim a quick kiss, Marissa stood up and followed Janine.

"Why do they have to go in pairs?" McCoy asked no one in particular.

"No idea," Jim replied, finishing his drink and signaling for the check. "You up for dancing, old man?" Jim asked as he swiped his credit chip.

McCoy shook his head. "There is not enough bourbon in the world."

Jim snorted. "We'll see what Janine has to say about that."

Finishing his drink, McCoy sighed. "Yeah."

The walk was refreshing, but it took them three forays into different bars for Janine to find the one that was 'perfect' for them. Jim liked it instantly. There was lots of dark wood, low lighting and just enough patrons to make it feel busy, but not overcrowded. The bar was long and well manned, so they didn't have to wait long for their drinks and a table had cleared shortly after they'd arrived so they had a good view of the dance floor and bar. Had he come here in his pre-Marissa days he would have greatly approved of the odds – there were three females to every male, and while there were a variety of species, they were mostly humanoid.

"What kind of noise are they playing?" McCoy scowled as they sat down. "This can't be music."

Janine laughed and leaned closer to him, her chest brushing against his arm. "It's a retro bar. I think its late twenty-first, maybe twenty-second, century synth-rock. Lot's of drums and pulsing beats. It's perfect for dancing. What do ya say?" she looked at him through lowered lashes. "Wanna bump and grind?"

"I don't think so," he told her gruffly, clutching his drink.

"Suit yourself," Janine smiled as she downed her drink. "Be a dear and get me another? Come on 'Rissa," she called, "let's go show these boys how it's done."

Marissa looked questioningly at Jim, who smiled. "Go ahead; I'll keep Bones company for now." Then he leaned forward and kissed her possessively. When she could barely breathe he pulled away, nipping at her bottom lip and smiling suggestively. "I'll be watching."

Rolling her eyes in disgust, Janine dragged her nonresponsive friend away from the table. "I swear," she mumbled under her breathe, shaking her head, "should just get a damn room!"

Jim continued to smile as he watched Marissa stumble after Janine. "What?" he asked when he glanced over at McCoy to find him staring at him as if he was some kind of specimen in his lab.

"Nothing," McCoy replied, taking a sip of his drink. "Just… I never thought I'd see you like this."

"Like what?" Jim asked defensively.

"Like… like that," McCoy waved his hand to encompass everything that had just happened. "You're possessive and territorial and… I know you and Marissa are together and happy. I see it all the time on the ship, but this is the first time I've seen it in a bar, you know, your old stomping grounds."

"It's not a bad thing," Jim said, shrugging.

"Never said it was," McCoy replied. "Just different." He flagged down a waitress and ordered another round of drinks. The room was definitely warmer with all the bodies crammed in it, moving to the beat of the music. The girls were going to be thirsty.

"Oh my god," Jim muttered, pulling McCoy's attention away from the bar area.

"What?" he asked.

"Look," Jim replied, nodding towards the dance floor.

It didn't take him long to find Janine and Marissa. They were indeed bumping and grinding, a light skinned, scantily clad, humanoid female with them. The music had a fast, stuttering beat behind it, like a heart going into arrhythmia. They danced around each other with sinuous moves; hips swaying, arms in the air, legs dipping and flexing as they moved as one body.

"That's hot," Jim whispered, and McCoy couldn't disagree.

Soon they were joined by a human male, who placed a hand on Marissa's hip and then proceeded to move with her. Jim stiffened, but before he could react further, Janine had swung around and was pulling the guy against her, wrapping an arm around his neck as she continued to sway. Marissa moved behind her, pressing against her friend as they danced with the stranger.

When the song ended the guy said something to Janine, his mouth not far from her ear. She laughed and shook her head, grabbing Marissa and pulling her towards the table. Once seated, Jim put his arm around Marissa's shoulders and pulled her in for a deep kiss, his eyes locking with their erstwhile dancing partner. With a shrug, the man turned away to find another partner – or two.

"Can you be any more obvious?" Janine laughed.

"What?" Jim asked innocently.

"We were just dancing, Jim," Marissa told him, still leaning heavily against him. Reaching out, she grabbed her drink and downed it quickly. "Man, those are good." Raising her empty glass, she looked for the waitress. "Can I get another?" she yelled.

"Go easy, Mariss," Jim warned. "When was the last time you've had this many drinks."

"I don't know," Marissa told him, her head lolling against his shoulder. "Probably my twenty-first birthday."

"That was a good one," Janine cackled. "Little Miss Priss finally let loose."

"You're a bad influence, Janine," Marissa told her friend, trying to frown and be serious, but it didn't work.

"I know," Janine answered with a wicked smile. "Let's dance some more."

Grabbing their new drinks from the startled waitress they made their way to the dance floor; drinks in hand.

Jim made it through two more drinks and three more songs before McCoy growled at him. "Oh go dance with her, for chissakes!" He couldn't handle Jim tensing up every time a man tried to dance with Marissa. Usually Marissa would ignore them and they'd go away, or Janine would cut in, but it was making Jim edgy.

"Thanks, Bones!" Jim was up from the table and gone in an instant.

"Like you needed my permission," McCoy muttered, downing the rest of his beer. He watched as Marissa tensed as Jim grabbed her from behind, and then relaxed as his arms wrapped around her and she recognized him. They began to move to the music.

He'd seen Jim dance with girls plenty of times, but the more he watch him dance with Marissa the more uncomfortable McCoy felt. Dancing with strangers was just dancing – with some suggestive movements. Watching Jim dance with Marissa was almost like watching them have sex. They were totally oblivious to everyone around them and their movements were totally in-sync, like they'd done this a thousand times before.

"Well, it took him long enough," Janine said as she slid into the chair next to him.

"You girls looked like you were having fun," McCoy shrugged. "Maybe he didn't want to interrupt."

"Oh we were having fun, but I think Marissa's having more fun with him," Janine told him with a smirk. She turned and they watched as their friends continued to move together in a very sensual way, Jim's hands holding her ass as they rubbed against each other to the rhythm of the song.

"Hmphf," McCoy snorted as he signaled for more drinks.


"I was wondering when you'd show up," Marissa whispered into his ear, her tongue flickering out briefly.

"I thought you were enjoying yourself," Jim replied, grinding up against her.

"I was," she told him, running her fingers through his hair, "even more so now."

"I see," Jim leaned forward and began to kiss her neck, their bodies still moving in time to the music. They moved against each other, lost in the pulsing music and the feel of each other. At one point an Orion female tried to join in, but was ignored, then a human male tried to grind against Marissa in counterpoint to Jim, but Jim's growl was obvious even over the loud music and the man left quickly.

Somewhere during the third song Jim's hands drifted up Marissa's back and shoulders, before pressing her chest firmly against his. Marissa gave a little moan, and Jim pulled back slightly, looking at her in question.

Reaching up and cupping herself, Marissa swayed against him. "I'm so full I hurt, but, God Jim, I don't want to stop," she rubbed against him suggestively, her hand pressing against his almost constant erection. "I'd fuck you on the dance floor if I could."

Jim stopped moving and stared at her, his eyes blown wide and his breathing heavy. Grabbing her hand he started pulling her from the dance floor. He took her past the bathrooms and into a small ante hall near the kitchens. Opening and closing doors quickly, he finally gave a crow of triumph as he pulled her into a small closet. The smell of bleach and linens overwhelmed Marissa as he closed the door behind them.

There was a small click and the closet was filled with the harsh light of an overhead panel. Marissa didn't even have a chance to look around before Jim backed her against some low shelves and began to kiss her savagely. She leaned back, her head resting against something soft, as Jim's hands crept up her torso to cup her breasts.

"God, they're rock hard," Jim murmured against her next, nipping and kissing the sensitive skin of her neck.

"They hurt," Marissa hissed, only partially in discomfort.

Grabbing the hem of her shirt, Jim quickly pulled it over her head. Looking down he admired the black silk bra that seemed to barely continue her swollen breasts. Without a word her reached behind her, unhooked it and removed her bra. Marissa gave a moan as his hands moved to support her. Moving slowly, Jim bent his head until he could take her nipple into his mouth. He licked it gently, Marissa's hands moved through his hair tugging him closer, her head thrown back.

Slowly, he took her nipple fully into his mouth, rubbing his tongue over it before puckering and sucking on it tentatively. Marissa groaned and he began to suckling in earnest. At first nothing happened, but Marissa's hands tightened almost painfully in his hair. He tasted something on his tongue, but just barely.

"Harder," Marissa moaned, holding his head against her breast.

He doubled his efforts and suddenly he wasn't simply suckling, he was swallowing as her milk let down in a steady stream. It tasted watery and not at all like he expected, sweeter, and as the milk continue to flow it became thicker and richer. For some reason, even though he had watched Abby feed numerous times, he was surprised that after it started he didn't need do anything but swallow.

"The other one," Marissa whispered guiding his head to her other breast after a while.

"Yes," she whispered as he brought her relief, her hands running through his hair and over his shoulders. Eventually the milk slowed and Jim pulled away, by now he was kneeling on the floor at her feet. He reached under her skirt and slowly pulled down her panties, his eyes never leaving hers.

Reaching down, Marissa swiped at a smear of milk on his lip; reflexively Jim reached out and sucked her finger into his mouth, laving it with his tongue. His hands continued to remove her panties then began to sweep up and push her skirt up, one hand working around to cup her ass. Releasing her finger he brought his mouth to her warm, wet center and put his tongue to better use. As he pleasured her, one hand moved to his pants and began to undo his belt and then the snaps, easing his zipper down as quickly as possible in order to release his straining erection.

"Jim, Jim," Marissa started chanting under her breath, her legs spread and his head firmly between them. "Yes, right there…yes… yes…"

He sucked her clitoris into his mouth and she exploded against him with a high keening wail. He held on until she began to shudder and twitch against him.

Tugging impatiently at his hair, Marissa drew him up so that he stood before her, taking his mouth in a sweeping kiss, the taste of her strong on his tongue. "Fuck me now, Jim. Please? I need you now," she whimpered, shimmying against him.

"Fuck yeah," Jim groaned, grabbing one of her legs and hitching it around his hip, as he dropped his pants around his knees. Lifting her slightly, he helped her balance on the short counter behind her as he entered in one easy stroke. He held still for a moment as they both relished the feel of him deep inside of her, then nothing else matter and he began to move, in and out, his movements short and forceful, then slow and teasing. Marissa wrapped her legs around his hips and held on, her nails unconsciously clawing at his shoulders, causing Jim to hiss and drive deeper.

It didn't take much longer and Marissa was once again spasming against him, her muscles clenching and milking him until Jim finally let go, his hips stuttering as he poured himself into her.

They stood together, Jim panting, Marissa humming occasionally as she ran her hands over his back and shoulders, needing to feel him.

"That was…" Marissa began breathlessly.

"Awesome," Jim finished, finally managing to lift his head from where it rested on her shoulder. They kissed softly, until finally Jim softened and slid out of her body. Grabbing the nearest thing – a napkin of some sort, Jim gently cleaned off Marissa and then himself before he did up his pants and straightened his shirt.

"Mmmmm," Marissa hummed as she kissed him again once she was fully dressed. "I'm going to go to the bathroom and… freshen up," she laughed softly. "Meet you at the table? I'm thirsty."

"I'll get you another drink and some water," he told her, kissing her again, before opening the door to the closet hesitantly. No one was around, so he ushered her out quickly.

He stopped briefly in the men's room to rinse of his face and check his hair, and then it was to the bar where he ordered another round of drinks. His legs were a bit shaky as he made his way over to their table and sat down heavily.

"Where the hell have you been?" McCoy snapped, looking over his slightly disheveled appearance. "And why is your face wet?"

Jim blinked slowly, staring at his friend with one eye closed, a silly smile on his face. "'Cause I just washed it."

"Why the hell would you wash your…" McCoy trailed off, his inebriated brain finally catching up. "Oh fuck you didn't…"

Jim nodded smugly.

"In the bar?" McCoy asked incredulously.

Jim nodded again.

McCoy shook his head in disgust. "I take it back – you haven't changed at all."

"Sure I have, Bones," Jim said, slapping him on the back and earning a glare in return. "This time I'm planning to take the same girl home with me and I'm not going to let her out of my bed until at least noon."

McCoy snorted into his beer. "Abby's going to need her before that; or rather she'll need Abby."

Jim paid for the drinks that the waitress dropped off and took a long pull on his beer. "I think I can take care of that. Don't want my daughter to get tipsy off all Marissa's drank tonight. What kind of father would I be then?" He winked at McCoy whose jaw practically hit the table.

"You… you? And…she let you?" he stuttered.

"Yep," Jim grinned widely. "And it was pretty hot." As if on cue he let out a small burp.

McCoy shook his head. "I don't want to know. Oh god, I really didn't need to know that. Ugh," he shuddered dramatically. "Bad enough seeing you two dance like you're having sex right on the dance floor. I really didn't need that image in my mind."

"Hey! We didn't have sex on the dance floor," Jim protested. "We had sex in the linen closet."

McCoy palmed his face in despair. "I'm never going to be able to look at Marissa again, damn it!"

"Speaking of Marissa," Jim said, looking around. "Where'd she go? She said she was just going to stop off in the bathroom to straighten up."

McCoy looked around and then bit back a groan.

"What?" Jim demanded.

"Over there," McCoy nodded with his head. "Your lovely partner is putting on a show with her best friend on the goddamn bar!"

"Shit," Jim said, suddenly reaching into his pocket.

"What?" McCoy asked, looking at Jim.

Jim tossed a scrap of fabric onto the table. McCoy poked at it briefly, trying to figure out what it was.

"Marissa's not wearing any underwear," Jim declared as he stood up and started to make his way to the bar.

"Well hell," McCoy said, recoiling from the fabric on the table. "They're getting one hell of a show then."

Jim made his way quickly back to the bar; part of him was amused by Marissa and Janine's flagrant display, the other part was furious at all the males staring up at his… his… just his, damn it! They were dancing with four other females, one of which was the Orion that had danced with them earlier. There was a crowd of men standing below watching the performance. One tried to grab the Orion and got a foot to his chest in response. The girls weren't necessarily dancing for the men, then. That was good.

Janine and Marissa were oblivious to the crowd around them, doing some sort of routine that they'd apparently done before. It was when Marissa did a large swirl of her hips and then squatted that Jim began to see red. There was a guy standing right next to the bar that was getting an eyeful and fully enjoying it with a lecherous grin.

Moving through the crowd, Jim grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.

"Hey!" the guy complained, shoving back at Jim. "There's plenty of room for everyone."

"Show's over, man," Jim told him. "Go find someone else to ogle."

"The shows free," the guy shouted back over the music, "and the girls obviously don't mind, so back off! What? You own one of them?"

Jim shoved his way in front of the guy and put a hand on Marissa's leg. She almost trampled on his fingers, but stopped as she recognized him. "Come on, Mariss," he called up to her, "time to come down."

"Ah, Jim," she pouted. "We're having fun," she spun around and moved against Janine, who put an arm around her waist to keep her balanced. "This is our new friend, Taleda," she motioned to the Orion. "She's a good dancer."

"That's nice," Jim tried to smile, but the guy was once again trying to look up her skirt. Trying to be subtle he elbowed him in the chest as he reach up for Marissa again. "Why don't you come dance with me? I got you another drink."

"Ohhh," she purred, squatting down in front of him, running her hands through his hair. "Is it one of the lovely pink ones? I love those. Tastes like candy."

"Yes, the pink one," Jim replied in exasperation, trying to tug her skirt down and block anyone's view. "You're not supposed to move like that when wearing a skirt, Mariss," he scolded, "especially when you're not wearing any underwear."

"I'm not?" she looked at him blankly. "I was earlier."

"Yes you were," Jim smirked.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You took off my underwear," she accused, pointing a finger at him and almost poking his eye.

Someone gave a wolf whistle and someone else pounded on his back in congratulations. Jim shrugged them off with a snarl and a glare. Really, it was one thing for Bones to know he and Marissa had had sex in the bar, everyone else didn't need to know.

"You didn't mind at the time," Jim told her, gathering her into his arms and sweeping her off the bar, not giving her a chance to protest. "You coming Janine?" he called up to their friend.

"Hey man, don't ruin the show!" someone called out.

"Screw you!" Jim called as he placed Marissa unsteadily on her feet and helped Janine off the bar. She wasn't much better off, but luckily McCoy decided to join the fray and took her arm in support.

Turning, he and Marissa ran smack into a tall, broad shouldered human. "Leave the girls be," the man told him in a deep voice. "What's it to you if they want to dance for us?"

"What's it to me?" Jim stared up at the giant incredulously, pressing Marissa behind him. "It so happens that this part of your 'show' belongs to me, so back off and let us pass."

"Don't see no ring," the giant said, crossing his arms and staring down at Jim. "You belong to him, girl?"

Jim shook his head. "Doesn't matter, she's mine so you can just fuck off. There's still girls on the bar for you to watch. Now move," he said in his best captain's voice.

For a moment the giant paused, probably caught off guard by Jim's sudden aura of command.

Marissa moved between the two men while they stared each other down. Hands on her hips she glared up at their living road block. "I'm his," she declared. "And he's mine. And any show I put on is for him alone," she declared, her words only slightly slurred. "So get out of my way before I do something you'll regret! I swear if you ruin our date I will not be happy. And you don't want to see me unhappy."

Jim had to smile at her fierceness, she barely come up to the man's chest, but she was forcefully poking him in the sternum and the man was backing away. He was even trying to hold back a smile of his own.

Holding up his hands, he backed off, bowing to Marissa and smirking lewdly at Jim. "Got a handful there, I see," he commented as Marissa pranced by followed closely by Janine.

"You have no idea," Jim rolled his eyes, following.


They ended up staying in the bar for another hour. Janine even convinced McCoy to get out on the dance floor, much to Jim's amusement. He wasn't the most comfortable dancer, even in his drunken state, but Janine didn't seem to mind.

Jim and Marissa stayed focused on each other, letting the music move them against each other. As one song ended, Marissa leaned into Jim, breathing heavily against his ear. "Are we going back to the ship tonight?" she asked.

"That wasn't part of the plan," Jim told her, holding her close against him.

"Good," she replied. "Let's get out of here."

"What about Bones and Janine?" Jim asked, glancing around for their friends.

"They're grown ups," Marissa told him. "They'll be fine." Grabbing his hand, Marissa pulled him through the dance floor until they found McCoy with Janine draped all over him.

"Janine!" Marissa grabbed her friend. "We're leaving. I got plans for Jim and I can't do them here."

"That's not what I heard," Janine laughed, wrapping her arms around Marissa and giving her a sloppy kiss on the check. "Love you, kiddo, go shag your sex god."

"Sex god?" Jim perked up at the words.

"Lord," McCoy rolled his eyes, "as if his ego isn't big enough."

Marissa just laughed and grabbed Jim's hand. "Come on Captain; let's go so I can have my wicked way with you!"

"Tramp!" Janine called after them.

"You taught me well," Marissa said as she spun around. Luckily Jim was there to keep her from falling over.

"Come on, Mariss," he said, guiding her to the exit. "Tell me more about my sex god status and what your wicked plans are for the evening."

Marissa just smiled at him knowingly and preceded him out the door, hips twitching suggestively.

"Well, all right then," Jim smirked to himself. "Follow that ass."


Jim woke the next morning with Marissa sprawled perpendicular across his body, her belly stacked on top of his, one of his hands resting on her ass. It had been one hell of a night, one of the wildest he could remember, and that was including when he was sleeping with anything that had tits and a pulse, as Bones so quaintly liked to point out.

He wondered what his crew would think of his 'little librarian' if they knew what she got up to on shore leave. For her quiet and reserved reputation she was quite the little adventuress when she wanted to be. Janine had hinted at this side on their visit to Star Base 94, but Jim had had no idea. He kind of liked her more forceful side as she used him as she pleased. He wanted to please her, and she definitely pleased him. It was a win-win situation to his way of thinking.

They had to go out more often. Or at least pawn Abby off on the crew once a month. She'd been very inventive in what she wanted to do to him, but being only human his body had given out eventually. Now he was currently tired and sore in all the right places. He hoped that she wasn't uncomfortable with what she had done and said.

"Ohhhh," Marissa moaned as she began to wake up.

"How you doing?" Jim asked, rubbing her back and bottom.

"Shhh, not so loud," she groaned.

"Sorry," he whispered with a smile.

Blearily she looked around, noticing her strange position. "How'd I end up like this?" she asked, pushing herself up on her hands and knees slowly.

"I have no idea," Jim told her, "but I kind of like it."

"My head," she mumbled as she sat back onto her haunches, falling slowly sideways so that her head rested on the pillow next to Jim's. "How are you not totally hung-over?"

Jim shrugged. "I've had years of practice and I didn't drink as much as you did," he told her. "Besides, I have body mass on my side."

"Sure, sure, just because I'm short…"

Rolling over, Jim wrapped his body around her prone form, his chin resting on her shoulder. "Them's the breaks. Can I get you anything? Bones gave me some hangover hypos before we came down."

"Oh blessed mother of relief," she sighed. "I love that man. Hit me with it."

"Sure, you love Bones," Jim pouted, reaching over her to the nightstand where he'd left the medicine. "I'm the one who's giving it to you." He armed the hypo, as he liked to think of it, and then pressed it gently against her neck. With a small hiss and moan from Marissa, he released the medicine into her bloodstream.

She lay there for a moment, her eyes closed as it rushed through her system, relieving her symptoms almost instantly. After a while she opened her eyes and looked up at Jim who was still hovering above her, a fond smile on his face.

Reaching up, she traced his eyebrows and cheekbones, caressing the stubble on his chin. "Just for the record," she told him softly, cupping his face and looking him straight in the eyes. "I loved you first."

Jim's eyes widened at her admission, stunned by the words that he hadn't believed would ever be spoken to him. And he believed her; without a doubt. A slow grin spread across his face as he nuzzled her hand. "That's good to know. I'd hate to have to kill my best friend."

Laughing, Marissa leaned up and kissed him. "What do you say we move this little party to the shower?" she asked. "My boobs are killing me and I think we could both use a good scrub down after last night. I'm feeling distinctly sticky in certain places."

Standing and holding out a hand, Jim pulled her off the bed. "Sounds like a good idea to me. Spock and Uhura aren't expecting us until after lunch, which gives us at least three hours. I'm sure we could manage a shower and maybe some breakfast in that amount of time."

"Just a shower and breakfast," Marissa pouted as she reached out to caress his semi hard erection.

"Damn it woman," Jim scowled in an amazing impression of McCoy, "I'm a starship captain, not a sex god!"

Giggling, Marissa pressed her face against his chest. "Oh that was too good. The next time he says something like that I won't be able to take him seriously," she continued to chortle. "Come on, lover boy," she grabbed his hand to lead him to the bathroom.

Jim stopped just outside the door, tugging on her hand. Turning back she looked at him questioningly, her head cocked to the side waiting for him to tell her why they weren't in the shower already.

Uncomfortably, he looked down at the floor, then at Marissa and then at a spot over her left shoulder. "Marissa, I…" he began hesitantly.

Stepping forward, she pressed a finger to his lips. "I know, Jim," she said, smiling at him softly. "I know."

"It… I… I do… you know?" he tried again. "I just never… I've never…"

Kissing him chastely to stop him from rambling, she looked up at him and smiled. "When you're ready you can say the words. Why don't you show me now?"

Smiling crookedly, Jim nodded. "I can do that." And he followed her into the bathroom.


"Jim, when you said you would be back after lunch," Spock intoned, trying to look down his nose disapprovingly but failing miserable because Abby was currently sprawled across his chest, as he reclined on the couch, "I assumed you would be here before Miss Abigail's nap. She did not enjoy taking another bottle and was most stubborn in not wanting to rest."

Jim looked at his first officer sheepishly, feeling guilty that Abby had been distressed by their absence. "Sorry Spock, something… came up," he couldn't help smirking, "and we ended up staying a bit longer than planned. You know what they say about assuming, right?"

Spock raised a condescending eyebrow.

"Never mind," Jim shook his head, not willing to make that joke when Spock was looking at him like that. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I promise next time we'll be back on time. I can take her now."

"I do not think so," Spock informed him.

"Excuse me?" Jim asked incredulously.

"It took much effort on my part to for Miss Abigail to fall asleep. She needs her rest. I will not disturb her now," Spock informed him. "I will bring her to you when she awakes."

"Okay," Jim drawled, backing out of the room slowly, "if you're sure."

Spock's raised eyebrow brooked no arguments and Jim beat a hasty retreat.

"Where's Abby," Marissa asked when he stepped into their quarters empty handed.

"Uh, well, I think Spock just told me to fuck off, she's sleeping," Jim told her with a strange expression on his face. "Not in so many words, but that was the gist."

Marissa bit her lip, trying not to laugh. "I guess we should get back on time next time," she said.

Jim shook his head, his expression still stunned. "I think Abby's spending too much time with Spock," he told her. "We should find someone else next time."

"Daddy's jealous," Marissa taunted.

"Am not," Jim countered, but then smile sheepishly. "Maybe I am. She was sleeping on him, Mariss. And he looked fine with that. It's like the universe is spinning the wrong way when a Kirk doesn't annoy Spock. It's just wrong!"

"Come on, Jim," Marissa said, towing him to their bedroom. "She's still totally a daddy's girl. And if she just fell asleep we've got an hour or so. I don't know about you, but I could use a nap."

Jim nodded, toeing off his shoes. "Sleep sounds good," he said before yawning widely.

They were asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow. It's not like they got a lot of rest the night before.

The End (of this part of their story)

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